Statement of purpose (SOP) sample for Environmental Science

Statement of purpose (SOP) sample for Environmental Science

Statement of purpose (SOP) sample for Environmental Science
Binay Poudel

It doesn't matter which country you choose to apply for your student visa; that could be the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or any other country; SOP is a mandatory application requirement.

A well-crafted comprehensive SOP plays a significant role in a successful study visa application for any country. This guide presents you a Statement of Purpose (SOP) sample for students looking to enrol on Environmental Science.

These are the quick tips you need to follow while composing your SOP for Environmental Science:

  • Mention when you developed a passion for your intended course Environmental Science.
  • Present your independent research and reasons behind choosing Environmental Science and Care, country and the university.
  • Mention your academic achievements. Also, do not forget to write about your projects, research papers and experiences.
  • Assert your career plans and how the chosen degree will help you achieve them.
  • Talk about your goals based on your home country.

Statement of purpose (SOP) sample for Environmental Science


I am delighted to introduce myself as <your name>, son of <father name> and Mrs.  <mother name>, born on [date], a permanent resident of <address> holding the passport number ***as a *** citizen. Since childhood, I  have always wanted to be out and about in nature. I hope to complete a Master of Environment at  <your applied university>. So that I can be benefitted from not only a degree but also a new style of learning with international standards, innovative methods of self-development skills and the ability to survive among the fittest.  

Family Background

Regarding my family member, I have a small family, including my father <name>  who run a company holding 100% share <compnay name> whereas my mother, <name> work as <..> in <...>. My sister, <name> work as a teacher in <..>. My parents know my hardworking nature and interest in pursuing further studies abroad. So, to enlighten my future, they are sponsoring me for my studies in Australia. 

Academic Background

I completed my 10th grade in [dae] with a GPA of 3.7 from  <school name>. I enrolled in <school name> to complete my intermediate level. On [date], I completed my 12th grade in the science stream with a GPA of 3.6. After exploring career options, I pursued my bachelor’s in environmental science. Thus, I took admitted in <university name> and studied an undergraduate where I secured a GPA of 3.1 in [date].  I appeared in the PTE examination on [date], securing an overall score of 75 with each band score 68.

Why not <home country>? 

<home country> Being a developing country, it lacks proper maintenance of the education system. According to my research about the universities and colleges of <home country>, they don’t provide proper education.  The main reason for me not to choose <home country> is that the education system of <home country> is based on a theoretical way rather than practical. The knowledge is very much limited and confined to books unsuitable for an international platform. However, <home country> universities are not globally recognized, and it isn't easy to match with degrees from abroad. Similarly, the science degree in <home country> holds no proper job destination. 

After completing my bachelor's, I started researching my further studies. I gathered enough information through the internet, my friends, siblings, and family. In my research, I found some universities providing courses such as Masters of Geology, Master of Physics at < university **>, <university **> etc. However, the seats are very limited, and it is not enough for the estimated number of students. These universities conduct very competitive entrance examinations, and many students lose year since they cannot compete in the harsh environment. Even if I get a degree from these universities, they will solely be base on theoretical knowledge and students wanting to broaden their knowledge and have more practical-based education skills for international colleges in developed countries like Australia,  the USA, Japan, Canada and other European countries.  

The lack of research facilities and skilled manpower without proper industrial collaboration in the universities in <home country> makes the education here attained primarily theoretical. There is less exposure to the real practical world after studying in <home country> compared to studying in a developed country with a growing economy and research-based culture. I concluded that if I am to study masters for the professional development with the proper modern education platform, I have to apply for overseas study. Studying abroad also helps me develop international professionalism and enables me to compete in the global market. For upgrading and improvement of my education in this critical phase, I intend to study the course in one of the finest destinations of study with a research-based culture that will only enable me to develop professionally and compete globally, which I  cannot ensure while studying in my home country <home country>.

Why not other countries?

I have also researched other countries like the USA, Canada, Germany, Japan and their universities offering this course through online sources like and various Facebook pages and attended seminars and education fairs. 

India also possesses a similar teaching practice as in <home country>, which is based on theory knowledge. But Australian University provides quality and updated courses. 

USA: Applying in the USA requires pre-enrollment tests like GRE or GMAT examinations, and there seem to be security issues too. That is why my parents are unwilling to send me to the USA. Apart from these, there are many visa rejection issues without proper reasoning. Also, the USA is one of the unsafe countries for international students. 

UK: the UK is also an expensive nation their currency rate is 1GBP = 160.38NPR. The duration of a master’s degree in the UK is 1 year which does not make it on the same level of recognition as that of  2 years. 

Canada: Applying to Canada too requires pre-enrollment tests like GRE or GMAT examinations and the entry requirement is too high. Including these, the climatic condition of Canada is extremely cold, which is not favourable for me to adjust to. 

Germany/Japan: The living cost of these countries is high, and they have their native language. Due to the language barrier and high cost of living, I didn’t consider these countries. 

Considering all the factors like cost of living, quality of lifestyle, climate, fee structure, and quality of degree, I finally decided to study in Australia. 

Why Australia?

The sole reason for choosing Australia is its academic credentials and leading countries for environmental science. Australia has been one of the most preferred countries for international student and is currently the third most popular destination for international student in English speaking world which clearly reflect its popularity. Furthermore, among the 100 top universities of the world, seven of them are Australian Universities. Australian qualifications are recognized all around the world as it tends to promote practical learning and conceptual skills. 

Australia has always been the foremost choice for international students, especially Science students like me due to its availability of courses, affordable fees and living expenses compared to other countries. Choosing Australia means choosing a multicultural society as it offers a fresh and different perspective in the education sector mainly because it's dynamic and diverse. I want myself to gratify in an enriched cultural and lingual environment that would flourish me as a person with a better personality apart from one with stronger academic potential. Australia offers a  comprehensive range of simulators to aid in the teaching of key procedures and practices.  Simulation dummies are a valuable teaching resource sure to be a key part of any curriculum. 

Professionally designed to give the greatest realism in terms of material, movement, and response can give us more confidence. 

Australia has different Acts to protect the right of international students like ESOS, TPS (Tuition  Protection Service) which have been providing rigorous protection for international students. 

The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) framework protects the interests of overseas students and Australia's reputation for delivering quality education services by setting out standards, roles and responsibilities for education institutions that teach overseas students, as well as providing tuition and financial assurance for students. 

The Tuition Protection Service (TPS) is an initiative of the Australian Government to assist international students whose education providers cannot fully deliver their course of study.  The TPS ensures that international students can either complete their studies in another course or with another education provider or receive a refund of their unspent tuition fees. Australia has a well-established international education sector with over 1200 education providers delivering a high-quality education to international students.  

For many years now, Australia has been a world leader in protecting the tuition fees of international students studying in Australia on a student visa. Recent changes to the Education Services for  Overseas Students (ESOS) Act have further strengthened protections for international students by introducing the Tuition Protection Service (TPS). The TPS will assist us in finding an alternative course or getting a refund if a suitable alternative is not found. TPS assist international students in case their education provider cannot fully deliver their course of study. And the other act, education Service for Overseas (ESOS) protects the right of international students studying in Australia including the right to receive, before enrolling current and accurate information about the course, fees, mode of study, and their information. Hence, Australia has a modern and practical educational system where knowledge and research both ate emphasize upon through which I can overshadow my weakness and perform creatively. Also, students like me from <home country>  choose Australia because of similar climate, adaptation would not be much difficult. Many senior and batch mates of my previous university have been pursuing different careers and studying various courses in Australia and I have been receiving only positive feedback and admiration regarding the country and the system. In comparison with other countries like the USA, Canada, and India, I found Australia the best choice for me as my study point and I wish to pursue my master’s degree in  Australia. 

Why <your applied university>? 

Amongst all the universities here in Sydney,  <your applied university> has been my most favoured university as the course offered Master of Environment perfectly matches my expectation from master’s degree. The total of *** AUD scholarship grants for the study period made my option clear with this university.

The crucial factors that influenced my choice were location, tuition fees, scholarship opportunities and course coverage. I did research on a few other Universities based in Australia that offered a similar program as *** university which had Masters of environmental science with a fee structure of AUD *** per annum. The other University I did had thorough research was  Masters of environmental science which has the fees of AUD ** per year, I even had a deep interest in other similar programs as environmental science offered at the University of **,  Masters of environmental science at **, Masters of Bioethics offered at University of **  etc., the course content offered for these programs were much interesting however few of the programs were not designed for international students and few others were too expensive. 

Since <your applied university> has an outstanding reputation for its learning environment across various disciplines. It also allows international students from all countries to provide them with a united platform by offering more courses. No wonder it has a higher employment rate after completion of degree and cost is also affordable to study. <your applied university> is a leading  Australian university with an international reputation for academic excellence. 

<your applied university> is consistently ranked in the top ** of universities in the world by its performance in international rankings such as The Times Higher Education, QS World University  Rankings, and the Academic Ranking of World Universities. It is consistently ranked among the top Australian universities for the quality of its teaching, research, graduate employment rates and student experience. <your applied university> provides an inspiring study environment whose main campus is located about **. 

<your applied university> readily offers scholarships for deserving students, including AUD  ** per year scholarship for South Asian Students. But the University of ** and University of ** do not offer scholarships as <your applied university>. This too was an incentive for picking <your applied university>. 

I have wanted my higher education in Environment for a long time and <your applied university>  offered the same course. While the university of ** offers a course named Master in Global Science and  Management whose course structure and outcome are completely different from that of <your applied university>. Thus, its course structure does not merely focus on the particular subject that is Master of Environment. Likewise, ** University course structure contains subjects like Skills in  Science, Advanced Chemistry, Scientific Communication Skills but does not have the specialized course “Chemical and Biomolecular Sciences Innovation” and the course structure does not match my specific interest. 

The University is aesthetically pleasing. It is spread over an area of **-hectare. Its park-like campus houses state of art facilities which will help students make the most of their time at  <your applied university>. I am intrigued by <your applied university> Library. It is said that the rich libraries feature high-tech robotic cranes that deliver students their books in minutes. <your applied university> champions sustainability and aims to be “ecologically viable”.  

Beyond academics, <your applied university> offers unique programs like Professional and Community Engagement (PACE) that allows students to go out of their usual lecture halls and place them in the heart of their chosen careers. Global Leadership Program is designed to provide unparalleled opportunities to enhance study experience by helping us develop valuable leadership and intercultural skills. Others feature like careers fairs, diversity, campus hub and almost unanimous acclaim of the university by past and present students on their online reviews encourage me to apply at <your applied university>.

100,000+ students achieved their study abroad dreams with us.  Start your journey today.

Why Master of the Environmental Science?

My graduate education at <university name> has provided me with a comprehensive background to theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to apply geological,  agricultural, animal, biological, botanical, ecological, environmental, and Zoological problems.  However, I wanted to grab a degree that would come along with blended learning like Master of  Environment. Master of Environment includes issues such as environmental degradation,  pollution, climate change and species extinction, which are some of the major concerns of our time. This multidisciplinary degree will provide the skills and knowledge needed to evaluate the social and biophysical drivers of environmental change so that a graduate will be equipped to seek innovative solutions to issues emerging around human-environment interactions. 

Key features 

  • Learn how to manage human activities to protect and enhance the environment for future generations. 
  • Taught by world-leading senior academics at the forefront of their disciplines with expertise ranging from environmental planning to in-the-field environmental management. 
  • This degree combines scientific learning with understanding the social mechanisms that can be used to address complex environmental problems. A strong focus on practical work in the field and modern laboratories will foster your problem-solving ability, collaboration skills and cutting-edge scientific research knowledge. 
  • This degree is accessible to those without prior scientific study at the undergraduate level. 

A course may comprise three zones: Foundation, Core, and Flexible. 

Future Carrer Plan

After graduation, I will return to <home country> with esteemed professional experience. I will then utilize my knowledge and skills to revolutionise the education field here. Being a  developing country, <home country> has a high scope of career opportunities in the environmental field. I am committed to grabbing those to contribute and reform <home country>. After completing my master’s program, I plan to return to <home country>. Still, then through the website, I learned about the Post Study Work (PSW) visa, which allows graduates to work in Australia temporarily after completing their studies, which the Australian Government offers. After completing the degree, I expect to get a PSW visa, which will strengthen my knowledge of the field. It will provide real work experience and allow me to enhance my skills related to organizational and management practices. Only because of the PSW opportunity, I am planning to work in Australia for 2 years to gain international experience otherwise, I would have returned to <home country> after completion of my studies. 

During the PSW period, by working in Australian companies my knowledge and skill will get enhanced so I will get better job opportunities in terms of post and salary in <home country>. I will look for jobs in Australia through various portals such as, etc. 

After my master’s and PSW, I will return to <home country> as Various Offices as a government office, <company name>, <company name>, <company name> are always in need of expertise and professionalism with the international degree. 

The Society for Conservation Biology in <home country> has actively taken an initiation towards preserving **one-horned rhinos, *** Bengal tigers, and a good population of Asiatic elephants, gaur, red pandas, and more within the ** per cent of forest area and other areas of this tiny country.  <home country>’s results have not been obtained easily, SMART (Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool)  patrolling, GPS (Global Positioning System) and GIS (Global Information System), and drones, among other technologies, have been deployed to scientific research the outcomes of wildlife conservation. I plan to come up with various other ideas for preserving and conserving these resources.  

After returning to my country, I am targeting to work in the following companies which are prominent in different sectors like <company name>, <company name>, <company name> as a position like <position>,<position>,<position>.

Financial Arrangements

My parents will sponsor me for my Australian studies. My father, <name>  generates an annual income of ***. Similarly, my mother <name>has an annual income of worth *** and my sister <name> annual income of  ***. All total annual income of my family is ***, equivalent to ** (exchange rate 1AUD = **). 

Balance of **, which is equivalent to AUD** (AUD 1 = **) has been maintained in the saving account of my father at Bank of **. And has a fixed deposit of ** (AUD **) at the same bank. My father also owns the land and building in <home country>, which values approximately *** (approx. in  AUD **). Having all these sources of income, I  can assure you that I can stay there without any financial difficulties and can confirm that my sponsors can finance my education, living and travel expenses during my study periods in Australia. 

Return of Investment

Suppose my family is investing a good amount of money in me. So, for example, if we end up spending ***/- for my tuition and living expenses, I can earn this money back in 6 years. Table 1 displays my estimated calculations based on me getting the minimum salary level. For the period of the next 6 years, the standard increment percentage in my field of work is applied to showcase how much I can earn in 6 years’ time frame. During my research for the salary package, I found that the minimum salary package of an international degree holder starts from  **/- and goes up to **/-. 

1ST Year Starting Salary: ***/- per annum (approx. in AUD **)

2nd Year salary after appraisal @ **%:  ***/- per annum (approx. in AUD  ***/-)

3rd Year salary after appraisal @ **:  ***/- per annum (approx. in AUD  ***/-)

4th Year salary after appraisal @ **:  ***/- per annum (approx. in AUD  ***/-)

5th Year salary after appraisal @ **:  ***/-per annum (approx. in AUD  ***/-)

6th Year salary after appraisal @**:  ***/- per annum (approx. in AUD  ***/- )

Total Amount  ***/- (approx. in AUD  ***/-)

In 6 years, I will accumulate approximately  ***/- (approx. in AUD  ***/-).  Hence, I place my return on investment at a target of 6 years for the date I join a reputed company upon returning to <home country>.  

Incentives of return to my home country

As a <home country> I citizen, working for my country and its people is my prime duty. I have been taught from a tender age that mother and motherland are superior to heaven. So, as I have mentioned earlier, I wish to work for my country as a qualified person. With the help of a wide range of knowledge and skills that I will gain from studying in Australia, I believe that I can help the people of my country live a better and healthy life. I have always been a brilliant student since my school days and my prime intention is to complete the courses with excellent academic results and with international work exposure. 

As growing up in a caring family, as one of the most loved ones in the family, it would be a  nightmare for me to stay away from my home, but it is our misfortune that we have to choose abroad study to gain higher education still as I am cheerful and an enthusiast person. I always look for the brighter side and think of serving my country. Staying with my family always brings a smile to my face. As I have a clear vision and goal, I do not intend to stay in Australia. This international degree will fetch me great opportunities back in my home country to earn well while living with my family. Our hierarchical property is in  <home country>, which must be looked after during my parents’ golden age. Thus, I genuinely intend to return to my own country. 

Visa Obligations

I am very much aware of Student Visa Subclass 500 and its conditions. I am clear on international students' tuition fees, living expenses, and work permits. 

  • I must maintain at least 80% attendance. 
  • I must maintain a 50% pass grade throughout the study program. 
  • I must maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of my student visa. I must notify the education provider/DHA in writing within 7 days of arrival in Australia about the residential address and any change to that address in Australia. 
  • I must maintain payment of Tuition fees by the census date of each term in which I am enrolled to study. 


Therefore, it would be a great pleasure if I got to be a part of Australian education on a Temporary Student visa. It will be a great platform to bring out the best of me. I will be a qualified professional after completing my studies in Australia which I can utilize after returning to my home country. Being a sincere and genuine citizen and student, I ensure that I will return to my motherland once I finish my course. I appreciate your time and look forward to the positive consideration of my desired educational plan in Australia. 

Yours Sincerely, 

<your name>

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