Statement of purpose (SOP) for Law

Statement of purpose (SOP) for Law

Statement of purpose (SOP) for Law
Tn Aryal

It doesn't matter which country you choose to apply for your student visa. That could be the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or any other country, SOP is a mandatory application requirement.

A well-crafted comprehensive SOP plays a significant role in a successful study visa application for any country. This guide presents you a Statement of Purpose (SOP) sample for students looking to enrol on the law.

These are the quick tips you need to follow while composing your SOP for law:

  • Mention when you developed a passion for your intended course, law.
  • Present your independent research and reasons behind choosing law and Care, country and the university.
  • Mention your academic achievements. Also, do not forget to write about your projects, research papers and experiences.
  • Assert your career plans and how the chosen degree will help you achieve them.
  • Talk about your goals based on your home country.

Statement of purpose (SOP) sample for law


I <your name>, feel gratified to introduce myself as a diligent LLB. Graduate knowing Law from <home country> with a mindset to pursue my further education in one of the renowned universities, The <applied university name>, Australia, with the ultimate goal to learn valuable skills and knowledge and accomplish my professional career goal back in <home country>. In this scenario, I have written this statement of purpose to demonstrate my academic and professional background so far, my reasons to choose <applied university name> and my future career goals.

Family Background

To introduce myself briefly, my name is <your name>. I was born on [date}. I am a permanent resident <address>, <home country>. I completed my Bachelor's degree in faculty of Law combined (LLB) in [date]. After completing my Bachelor's studies, I worked as Legal Officer at <company name> from [date] to now. I plan on pursuing a Master of Laws (LLM) with a student visa to Australia.

Talking about my family members, I belong to a nuclear family, including my father, mother, elder brother and myself. My father, <father name>, is a manager at <company name>, my mother, <mother name> is a government school teacher at < company name>. My brother runs a company <name>, and he is CEO as well. I truly feel blessed to have such an encouraging family who has always given the utmost priority to my education and has always supported and motivated me through all the steps of my life.

Academic Background

In regards to academics, firstly, I attained schooling at <school name> located at <address>, securing a GPA of 3.33, first division in grade 10th in the year [year]. Secondly, I pursued high school at <college name> and completed in [date] with a GPA of 3.1. After that, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of Law at <university name>, with a GPA of 3.5 in aggregate from [date]. 

Reason for not choosing my home country <country name>

Since I studied various subjects concerned with Law in my undergraduate programs, such as Financial crimes, Contracts, Organized crimes, Company Law, and many other courses where I came to learn that Law is a vast and more comprehensive perspective course, so I decided to gain depth knowledge of all aspects of Law and planned to study masters specializing in it. During my study course of bachelor and my working period as a Legal Officer, I gained an interest in subjects related to Money laundering, white-collar crimes, Cryptocurrency, etc. Due to this, I wanted to pursue my Master's in-laws consisting of these subjects. Though <home country> has a long history of education and many institutions provide master's degrees such as: <colleges name in your home country> and so on, which provides Masters courses, LLM in Business Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights, International Law, but none of the master's courses provide the subject that I am intrigued by. 

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Likewise, if we look at legal practice and successful lawyers thriving in their career in <home country>, many of them have internationally recognized degrees from prestigious universities abroad. And also, big organizations tend to give more preference to students with an international degree than those with <home country> degrees. This is because even having the same faculty degree, the <home country> graduates only have theoretical knowledge. Still, international graduates will know international legal exposure, global culture, and accurate, practical understanding. Studying in <home country> can provide me with the LLM degree but will not provide the qualities crucial to becoming competitive in the actual work environment. These reasons explain why I do not want to continue my education here in <home country>.   

Reason for not choosing other countries

I started to search for International Post Graduate study in Law. Initially, I looked up to USA, UK, Canada and Europe, which are also chosen by many other <home country> students. Still, for me, the drawbacks outweighed those countries' positive aspects. I gathered information from various education fairs as well as from different websites. 

I rejected European countries from my list because many of those countries required us to learn their native language, which will be more time-consuming, and we cannot be perfect at their language even I worked hard to learn it. Since learning English in childhood, I have prioritised countries with English as a native language.  In regards to the USA, the admission and visa process of the USA takes a longer time as compared to Australia. Also, I found that one to two minutes of the oral interview is the basis for a visa which is quite unsatisfactory because I cannot present myself in those two minutes. Now, highlighting Canada, its weather condition is unsuitable for <home country>, as we are not used to extreme temperature changes back home. Similarly, in the case of the UK, everyone is aware of many unexpected shutdowns of educational institutes, ultimately damaging the future of many students.

Hence, by comparing the countries mentioned earlier, I decided to pursue my further education in Australia, as it is considered a safe destination in terms of personal safety and security, well-maintained infrastructure, low crime rate and high standard of health with a quality of life along with the quality of education with practical learning.

Reasons for choosing Australia

I ultimately chose Australia to pursue my master's degree over Canada, the UK, the USA and other European nations due to several educational facilities and non-educational circumstances like favourable climate, safety and so forth that this country has to provide to international students, as finally, the border restrictions have come to ease. 

I had an opportunity to visit Australia with my family and stayed there for around 10 weeks on a Tourist visa on the [date]. I got to experience the lifestyle and the dynamic environment with energetic and friendly people from around the globe. Just like you would know the taste of the whole cake by tasting only a piece of cake, in the same way by staying in Australia for a few weeks, I got to feel what my life would be like as an international student if I chose Australia as my future destination for my post-graduation study. 

Furthermore, every student dreams of studying in Australia because of its practical learning practices, renowned degree, availability of technologies, extensive research working environment, and diversity of education. A national policy called Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) ensures uniform and recognized progression for study. In addition to AQF, Australia also practices the ESOS (Education Services for Overseas Students) Act which is specially designed to ensure the standards for international students studying in Australia. This legislation, amended in 2000, delivers regulatory requirements for education and training institutions through the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). 

Australia is a fantastic destination to study due to the aspects mentioned above. After considering all this favourable information, I have decided that Australia is best for my education.

Reason for choosing Sydney, NSW

After deciding on Australia, I started looking at different cities. Sydney enchanted me with its geography, culture, environment, river and museums. The public transport and infrastructures are affordable. Also, looking into various reports published after research, I found that Sydney was recently ranked as one of the best student cities in 2022 by QS World University Rankings. Sydney is also recognized for its world best ranked educational institutions, and it is not very hard to find casual work for extra money as an international student, as it has numerous cafes, restaurants, marts, etc. The other reason for choosing Sydney is that my elder sister resides in Sydney, which will allow me to be near my family, even though I am far from my home country.

Why <applied university>

Among various universities like the University of ***, *** University, University of ***, University of *** and several others, I choose <applied university name> after researching and analyzing the research findings. I looked at major factors like quality of education, course structure, course duration, location and climate, and fee structure. Some universities have comparatively higher fee structures, some had lengthier or very shorter course duration, some were in unfavourable locations and some universities reviews are not well satisfactory.

I personally look over the reviews of existing students of *** university over the Internet and I am glad to find out that they were quite satisfied with the education provided by the university. <applied university name> is known for quality education, personalized care given to the students by the professors, student's mentors, modern technologies and equipment, as well as student support services. All these facilities will be very effective and helpful for me to pursue my master's degree effectively. <applied university name> provides all the facilities I expect from my educational institution.

Furthermore, the professors and teaching experts in <applied university name> are industry experts and highly qualified in their fields. Learning in a classroom from talented instructors providing one-to-one attention to students is an opportunity to learn effectively for me. <applied university name> recently ranked *** in the 2022 QS World University Rankings. Hence, I can also gain the opportunity to do some research work as a student.

Besides those factors, weather condition also significantly influences choosing <applied university name> as my destination. I found that in Sydney, on average, the temperature ranges from 20-26 degrees Celsius in summer and 9-19 degrees Celsius in winter, which is quite similar to the weather of my home country <home country>. I also discovered that the LLM degree provided by <applied university name> features subjects I am interested in. It has varieties of subjects to choose from, which was quite unlikely on other universities. 

Reason for choosing Master of Laws (LLM) for further study

Law has always attracted me from an early age and has guided our day-to-day activities since the beginning of human civilization. Studying law at my bachelor's level made me understand more about law, its theories, its necessity, and its practicability. I learned that law is a vast and broader course, and I just studied a slice of the cake. There is much more to be learned in the Legal field. As it infused me with more curiosity to learn about Law, I decided to pursue a Master in Law (LLM) with a dream of becoming an expert, qualified and learned lawyer in the Legal field. The LLM degree will provide me with training and guidance in legal and research aspects, critical analysis, and develop my skills in the understanding and applicability of law, which is vital in my coming days for being an expert and competitive person in the legal field. 

LLM course is of 1 year, in which students must complete at least 48 Units of Credit to graduate with the LLM degree. There are courses available to choose from for students to specialize in the following areas:-

  • Chinese International Business & Economic Law
  • Corporate, Commercial & Taxation Law
  • Criminal Justice & Criminology
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Environmental Law & Sustainable Development
  • Human Rights Law & Policy
  • International Law
  • Media, Intellectual Property & Technology Law

Alternatively, students can complete a generalist program by choosing courses across specializations. During the study period, the university also provides an option to choose to take an internship program. The internship will help me gain practical experience in the legal field, which will boost my skill, knowledge, communication skills and confidence. 

I firmly believe that LLM will develop my practical and theoretical knowledge along with my professional abilities to become competitive in the real legal world as a learned lawyer in future. LLM graduates, especially those with an international degree, have lots of opportunities here in my home country <home country> in various sectors like private sector, government sectors as well as in different national and international organizations in the position of Legal Advisor, Researcher, and Legal Officer, Master of Laws is a path to achieve my success in future, so I choose this program.

Future Career Plan

After completing my LLM degree, I will return to my home country <home country>, and utilize all the knowledge and experiences gained in Australia by working as a Lawyer here in <home country>. <home country> is a developing country with numerous market opportunities but lacks a competitive and skilled workforce. Various law firms like:<companies name>. I am aiming in such top tier law firm or *** in any of the post of Legal Officer, Legal consultant, or Researcher, where they provide a handsome salary of not less than *** per month with other facilities and incentives like health insurance, accommodation allowances, travelling bonus as well as vehicle facility.

With practical skills learned from <applied university name> with an internationally recognized degree and internship program, I will be regarded as a valuable asset if this <home country> marketplace in future. There would be enough chances for me in my home country to serve the nation and excel in my career as a lawyer. I have a desire to represent yet protect my country. For this purpose, I need to stay updated and learn how a developed country like Australia operates their educational institutions and return to my country and make amendments as per its requirement.

After gaining some years of experience in the legal field here in <home country>, I have a plan to establish a Law Firm here in my country which does not only provide legal advice, and legal services of prosecuting and defending clients but also provide pro bono services. In our country, many people have been a victim of injustice and have been wrongly convicted due to a lack of proper representation of them in court as a result of unawareness and enough funds. I want to mitigate this problem by gaining the right knowledge and experience and help by providing pro bono services. Hence, I have a goal to fulfil in <home country>. Also, I have my family here in <home country> to motivate me and help me with my life, so I want to return to my country and prosper in my career with my family alongside me while I shall also serve my country in its legal matters.  

Reason to return to home country, <country name>

Being a developing country, there is a wide range of opportunities in <home country> in the field of Law. I have always wanted to contribute to my country since childhood. My desire to develop the nation will bring me back to <home country>. Many people have been migrating out of the country for settlement but I, as a proud <home country> I citizen, believe that it is our responsibility to bring positive changes in our country.

My family is another main reason to return to <home country>. My whole family is in <home country>. I have respect and love attachment to my family and country. My family has always supported me financially and emotionally throughout my life. Parents support their children in order to fulfil their dreams, needs and desires. So, it is my responsibility to take care of them, make them happy by fulfilling their needs during their old age by enjoying culture and tradition, visiting places and relatives. I need to support them financially and emotionally and love them as they love me. 

The education and knowledge I will attain from completing Master of Laws (LLM) in the University of *** will greatly help me to shape my career and make a name for myself in <home country>. Youth like me if given the opportunity to study in a University like the University of *** and a country that has excelled as much like Australia, will not only help me in my personal career path but also help to shape my own country <home country> with the knowledge and education gained there, after my return. And I would definitely aim towards the career prospects and to fulfil my goal of establishing my own law firm and providing pro bono services to victims who are to receive justice. I hold a complete love and faith for my home country so after completing my LLM degree, I have a root desire to return back to my own native land and earn a life of being a respected person. I believe that I am a genuine student visa applicant for Australia.

Financial arrangements

My parents are going to be my sponsor for one year and I assure you that I belong to a sound financial background and a very supportive family which shall not hamper my study or stay in Australia during my course. My father, mother and brother will fund my study and living expenditure while I am in Australia. Overall we have an annual income of ***. In addition to this income, my parents have sanctioned an education loan for me from *** to cover my expenses in Australia. In addition to this, my father owns land with a valuation of **** based on a valuation report done by engineers. My sponsors are financially strong and mentally prepared to fund me during my study in Australia. Heartily thanks to all my family members for contributing so much of their effort to my education by understanding the essence of education in today's world. So, I assure you that there will not be any financial difficulties in the future during my study period in Australia.   

Aware of Australia Student Visa conditions

I want to state that, I am fully aware of the visa circumstances, and mentally prepared to obey all obligations, under the higher education visa system SSVF (Simplified Student Visa Framework) Student Visa Sub-class 500, which are:

  • International students like me should provide evidence of Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) in order to commence the course.
  • I need to maintain a minimum of 80% of attendance in college throughout the study program.
  • I can work 40 hours per fortnight on a part-time basis during my study.
  • I must score a minimum of 50% pass grade throughout the study program.
  • I need to maintain Tuition and OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) up to date for the total duration of the study.
  • I am not allowed to change education provider until 6 months upon enrollment.
  • I need to notify the university/ Department of Home Affairs (DHA) about my residential address or contact details within 7 days of arriving in Australia and after that if any changes occur within a week.


I am aware that in violation of any of these visa as mentioned earlier conditions, a visa may be cancelled and I have to return to <home country> before completing my chosen course. I promise that I will abide by Australian laws and not break student visa conditions. I look forward to the opportunity to pursue my academic career in <applied university name> and expand my knowledge, skills and wisdom which will have great significance in my home country <home country>.

(I with this declare that the information mentioned above by me is true with known to my knowledge)



<your name>

<Passport no>

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