Statement of Purpose (SOP) sample for Master in Data Science

Statement of Purpose (SOP) sample for Master in Data Science

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Statement of Purpose (SOP) sample for Master in Data Science
Study Info CentreFri Aug 13 2021

No matter whether you choose USA, Canada, UK, Australia or any other country for a Master in Data Science or MS in Data Science, SOP for MS in Data Science is a mandatory application requirement. 

SOP for a Master in Data Science has a heavy role in getting you admission to your desired universities. Other than that, well written and comprehensive SOP also helps you get scholarships, stipends and VISA to your dream country. 

This guide presents to you a Statement of Purpose (SOP) sample for students who are looking for a Statement of Purpose for Masters in data science pdf. 

If you are having a hard time figuring out the statement of purpose for your study abroad process, do check out this Statement of Purpose Template (SOP) | All you need to know

Things to consider when writing SOP Data Science

These are the quick tips you need to follow while composing your SOP. 

  • Clearly mention the point of time you realized your passion for the subject and what you have done to further prove your case.
  • Mention strong reasons behind choosing the country and the university.
  • Write about your academics, but don’t dwell entirely on them. Instead, write about your projects, research papers and experiences.
  • Mention about your future plans and how the course you are planning to study will help you in achieving them.
  • Talk about your goals in your country,

Master of Data Science SOP sample

I am *********, an Indian student hereby composing my statement of purpose student visa application. I come from a small family that comprises my parents and a little sister. My father is serving as an Operations Manager at ******** and my mother is a lecturer at **** University. 

I completed my School level in 2012 by securing 81%. I completed my Higher Secondary Education from ****** College, Delhi, India in 2014 with 72%.  

I was always fascinated by how things are made. So, I decided to prepare for engineering and cracked the entrance exam. Shortly after, I enrolled in a four-year computer engineering in ***** Engineering Institute. 4 years down the road, I passed by my bachelor’s with 74% without any backlogs. During my undergraduate degree, I learned about data mining algorithms, big data,  and database management. I realized that this is where my passion lied and was left wanting to learn more. I gave TOEFL and scored 100 (Speaking: 24 Writing: 25 Listening: 26 and Reading: 25  ) 

Besides my regular studies, I was able to sharpen up my programming and data skills during my internship at **** IT Company in Delhi during the final semester of undergrad. As a result, even before receiving my bachelor’s degree, I was selected by ***** company. through campus placements and I joined **** company in November 2018 as an Associate Data Engineer. I started as a junior data engineer and built my path into a mid-level data engineer with multiple expertise in database domains, languages like Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Data APIs, ETL tools etc. I have been gracefully following my duties in my company for the past two years.

Other than the academics, I have participated in the different events conducted by the school and colleges, be it speaking events, code jams, technological events etc. During my bachelor’s, I took part in different coding events of innovative themes. I, with my teammates, also got the tag of the best idea in the event. 

Even in the company, I actively took part in presentations, interactions with clients and always strived to achieve better. After working as a Data Engineer for more than two years with tasks involving programming, development of software, and database management, I have realized the importance of growth in the IT field, which is necessary for me to expand my expertise and further study. I collaborated with other team members and also worked alone according to the demand of the situation to produce the deliverables. 

The IT field is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing fields in the world with countless opportunities. Data Science is one of the IT fields with the most potential and has managed to capture my utmost interest. My curiosity and enthusiasm to study more about data science have always been a huge driving force for my career.

Every individual has that tendency to go for the subject that is rising and trending. Data Science enables users to make informed decisions and better predict future outcomes. India is not unfamiliar with the use of Artificial Intelligence and data intelligence in several private and public sectors. After receiving the Data Science degree, I will be capable of marking myself as a Data Analyst and rank amongst the top personnel who are nurturing cloud technology in my country. I want to study an application/ course-based program rather than a research or thesis-oriented degree and I am certain that this Master of IT in data Science course will provide me with an overall experience on distributed data and its practical usage. 

There is a limited number of options for a Master of Data Science in India. Where many  Canadian Universities rank in the top 100 for the Data Science program, sadly the same cannot be said about the data science program here in India. Other than this, the Master of Data Science is a rather practical subject that should be updated with modern technology. In developing countries like India, the data science curriculum is still not to the point. Furthermore, the available courses and contents in India are based on the traditional analogy. I also didn’t find professors who were doing similar research as my project. Irrespective of the program, the quality co-op programs, internships, and access to state-of-the-art facilities is something I cannot hope to get in my home country. The Canadian soil possesses a strong reputation of developing professionals and entrepreneurs who are making a global impact and I look forward to finding my own instincts in an international setting. 

My research into the education systems around the world revealed that the universities in Canada are some of the best universities that provide a rich quality of education. By extension, a degree from a Canadian university is considered of great value to employers around the world, especially in India. Finally, I would be able to learn global standards in data utilization and become aware of the competition worldwide, which will facilitate me to make a significant contribution to my company. I want to come back to India and work in a data-oriented and cloud-based company so that I can gain the widest range of experience possible in the short term. With a degree that would be valued by Asian companies, I am certain of securing a tempting position in my current office and other big tech-oriented Indians Enterprises. I have done enough research and discussions with friends and experts before taking the decision for higher studies in Canada. I am convinced that the program will prepare me for successful career growth in the field of data analytics in India. To sum up, this choice of choosing Canada for further studies is taken after countless nights of thoughts, considerations and research.  I always wanted to continue my studies for my professional growth, in spite of the fact that I was well placed and working in one of the reputed companies. I was continuously seeking graduate options from early 2020 for several destinations including the U.S, Australia, and Canada. After researching from a different perspective, I firmly believe this is the right time and Canada is the right destination for my next step of the study.

Additionally, I also believe that Canadian Universities are more affordable in regards to those in the U.S and Australia. I am also aware of the supportive policies put in place by the Canadian Government that are favourable to international students. Welcoming policies and friendly people assure me that my time in Canada will be safe, secure, and extremely fruitful. Starting from health care to security, Canada takes all the necessary measures to promote the safety of its students and even the people around them. I wish to interact and know the multicultural environment and learn as many perspectives as possible. 

After deciding on Canada, I started researching the universities offering the Data Science program in Canada. As I am seeking to upskill my career goals in the data-centric domain, this post-graduate degree from **** University will place me with the right kind of erudition, diversity, and professionals in order to forward-hone my goals in the long run. During my research, I figured that the Data Science course is the most advanced and latest course added to Canadian Curriculum and is only available in a few Universities, **** Universities being one of them. The Master of Data Science program at **** University is focused on utilizing big data technology for unstructured data to help guide executive, management, and industry decision-making, which will be a great addition to my career experience here in India. Moreover, the final semester will enhance all learning outcomes through a co-operative education work term or applied project, which is one of the major factors for my application to this University. There are a number of renowned and seasoned professors in this program and a number of projects relevant to my own are being carried out by the professors of this university. 

The quality of education will also make me ready for the highly competitive job market. The practicum part of the curriculum is a huge factor that motivated me to apply for this course. Reconciling our practical training with business practice is a must in this field and the course provides just that. 

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