Statement of Purpose (SOP) Sample for Nursing

Statement of Purpose (SOP) Sample for Nursing

Statement of Purpose (SOP) Sample for Nursing
Study info CentreFri Aug 13 2021

SOP (Statement of Purpose) is one of the most important documents while applying abroad, be it during the application process or the VISA. If you are aspiring to study Nursing in Australia or Canada or America, a well-presented SOP is a must. SOP helps you make a strong case in front of the university admission committee as well as VISA officer. 

Academic results and transcripts are in one place, but SOP is a document that helps your profile stand out by justifying your grades, elaborating your projects and experience and most importantly letting the concerned authority know about your future aspirations.  

This Bachelor of Nursing sample is made for a student who is targeting a university or college of Canada for a Bachelor of Nursing. Nevertheless, it goes way above that. You can also use this SOP as a sample if you are targeting the Bachelor of Nursing or Nursing Diploma program in Australia or any other country. 

This blog is a sample SOP for Bachelor of Nursing 

A little tip: While you are composing your SOP, don't completely base your Statement of Purpose on this sample SOP, rather compose one personalized SOP with your personal stories and experieces. 

Things to consider when writing SOP for Nursing

These are the quick tips you need to follow while composing your SOP: 

  • Clearly mention when you developed a passion for your intended course.
  • Present your independent research and reasons behind choosing the course, country and the university.
  • Mention your academic achievements. Also, do not forget to write about your projects, research papers and experiences.
  • Assert your career plans and how the chosen degree will help you in achieving them.
  • Talk about your goals based on your home country.

SOP (Statement of Purpose) for Bachelor of Nursing

I am ****, born on 3rd May 1999 A.D. I am a permanent resident of ****, Nepal. As I know, learning is a never-ending process so I want to broaden my knowledge and upgrade my academics by attending globally recognized institutes. So, I strive to pursue a Bachelor of Nursing or BSc in Nursing in Canada. I am the eldest children in my family of 4 that comprise my Father ****, mother *** and little sister ***. My father is an owner of a jewellery shop named *** . My mother is a civil engineer and a government employee. Even as a child, I was highly inspired to take care of people. My inclination towards health care and taking care of the needy was evident at a young age. Since I always wanted to work in a human health-related field and people who are in need of extra care, I decided to study Nursing and be a nurse.

Academically speaking, I did my secondary level education with 79% in 2014 A.D. from **** educational institute. Thereafter, I joined 3 years Proficiency Certificate Level in Nursing (PCL Nursing) which is a diploma course that teaches about the practicalities of Nursing, in *** college in Nepal. I passed PCL Nursing in Nepal with 84%. While studying nursing, I have learned to communicate effectively with patients and to provide care to people who are in need using standard principles and also learned about various disease conditions and how to manage them. I also got ample opportunity to conduct research, engage in community activities, teach nursing students by being a student teacher for two months and also provide guidance to them during their clinical placement.

After the completion of my final exam, I worked as a volunteer nurse in **** Hospital and also prepared myself for the Nursing License exam in Nepal. I got the certification of “Registered Nurse”  registration no *** offered by Nursing Council Nepal, in 2018 A.D. After that, I started working as a registered nurse in *** Hospital. I managed my work schedules and attended “Critical Care Training for Health Care Workers for the management of COVID-19” organized by the Nepal Medical Association on June 04 and June 05, 2021 A.D. Eventually, I wanted to increase my expertise and knowledge in the nursing field. 

For this, I began my research and I went through various websites, visited different educational agents in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. I took the IELTS exam and got a band score of 7: Reading: 7, Writing: 6.5, Speaking: 7, Listening: 7.5. After obtaining knowledge regarding different countries and their educational system from various sources, I decided to study in Canada because it is a favourable destination for international students to experience a world-class education system within a multicultural, safe and welcoming environment. Institutions in Canada offer a wide variety of courses and degrees, so international students can easily find the college/university and field that are right for them. The Canadian education system is excellent and ranks among the best in the world. Most study programs delivered by Canadian colleges and universities focus a lot on research and students get to engage in intriguing experiments and projects, meant to provide them with a complete study experience, based on innovation and forward-thinking. According to QS World University Ranking, three Canadian cities, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, made the list of the top 50 student cities. Canada boasts an enviable quality of life and offers safety, stability and respect for the rights of individuals and communities. Canada is one of the most multicultural societies in the world, with an excellent blend of language, architecture, festivals and foods adding to the cultural diversity. The crime rates, riots, violence, racial, disputes in Canada is much lower than in many other countries which makes it better. a peaceful and more welcoming place for international students. 

Initially, I started exploring Bachelor of Nursing options in my own country. There are only a few institutions that offer Bachelor of Nursing programs and these programs come with even fewer specializations. The Canadian education system has a more practical approach, has more infrastructures and a Canadian degree is globally recognized, unlike a degree in Nepal. These are the driving factors for choosing Canada over Nepal to pursue my higher education. Nepal is a developing country. In the education sector; there are not enough Universities that provide different courses as in Canada. Furthermore, the available courses and contents in Nepal are based on the traditional analogy. Moreover, lecturers and professors, though they have experience of many years, are also unfamiliar with the modern ways of teaching and subjects that are required by the students to keep them to date with the world. By doing a bachelor degree, I hope to boost my practice as well as the technical skill which we do not find in my country.

After deciding that Canada was the right country for me, it was time to select the most felicitous university for me. So, I looked into many Colleges/Universities that focus on Nursing Studies but didn't really satisfy my needs. Then, through some research and recommendations, I stumbled upon the bachelor of nursing courses. I shortlisted 3 universities and colleges and started to do comparative analysis. I made the comparisons based on factors dynamic course, reputation, relevancy of the course, place, duration and features. Out of all these Colleges, I applied for *** university mainly because it had all those factors mentioned above such as up-to-date and quality relevant subjects, flexibility, good reputation, and many features.

I strongly believe that getting enrolled in *** university for my bachelor program will provide me with all the necessary skills to practice within the Canadian health care system from highly experienced nursing faculty in an active learning environment. After the completion of my program, I will have an international degree in Nursing, which will increase the level of confidence, competitiveness and will add value to my resume to find out the best job later in Nepal and I will be more confident, career-ready and competitive enough to deal with the various task in my working environment in Nepal. So, when I return back to my country, I hope to find myself with more open doors to opportunities. I also think after the knowledge gained in the University, I will be able to do justice to my new job responsibilities. My aim is to work in different leading Health sectors as a Nursing Manager to uplift the health standard of the Nepalese people. As Nepal is a developing country, dedicated health professionals are essential for developing health. Well, when it comes to the salary benefits of a Nursing Manager, the salary is attractive which might range from RS.50000-70000 and even more in government hospitals.

After returning to my country, I can also work in one of the reputed firms such as UN agencies, WHO, NGO/INGOs, hospital and research sector and skilled people related to such sectors are lacking in my country. I am sure, I will be able to use my knowledge and skills learned from *** university wisely and effectively to develop my country in this particular sector. I also hope to open an advanced nursing home and provide quality care to patients is my long term plan.

I would be immensely glad and grateful if I am given the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Nursing. I would like to thank you for considering my application for further study in Canada. I state that the particulars mentioned above are true and correct in every detail and I am well-known about the rules and regulations of the Canadian Government that I must follow during my stay as an international student. I believe that I am a genuine student. 

Writing an effective SOP can be daunting. So, we have prepared this Statement of Purpose Template (SOP) | All you need to know! for you to help you compose an SOP.

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