Statement of purpose (SOP) sample for Business

Statement of purpose (SOP) sample for Business

Statement of purpose (SOP) sample for Business
Rojina Raut

SOP is arguably the most important entity for a successful visa application. 

Although this statement of purpose sample for Business covers most of the areas, we strongly recommend the applicants construct a Statement of purpose for business studies or a statement of purpose for business administration or any other relevant degrees by representing their unique personal circumstances and in their own words. 

You should know that only presenting a superior level of English proficiency does not guarantee your student visa. Instead,  SOP should express your genuine reasons and match your English proficiency score. 

This SOP has tried to incorporate the complexities of previous visa refusals, study gaps, work experience, etc. Remember, even a minor difference in the name of the intended course can make a remarkable difference in the career plans, targeted employers and the expected salary. For instance, the statement of purpose sample for undergraduates in business administration varies from the SOP sample for undergraduates in business information systems. 

Remember, this is not the statement of purpose sample for a business plan but the statement of purpose sample for business studies. 

Things to consider when writing SOP for Business

These are the quick tips you need to follow while composing your SOP: 

  • Mention when you developed a passion for your intended course.
  • Present your independent research and reasons behind choosing the route, country and university.
  • Mention your academic achievements. Also, do not forget to write about your projects, research papers and experiences.
  • Assert your career plans and how the chosen degree will help you achieve them.
  • Talk about your goals based on your home country.

 Let’s begin the SOP along with the format. 

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SOP Sample for Business

I am ###, a permanent resident of ####, Kathmandu, Nepal. I aim to study for a Master Of Business (Research). Because of the globalized need for excellence in education and business, I felt I had to pursue a Master of Business(Research) from #### University, Australia, after completing my Master in Nepal.

There are only 3 members in my family: My parents and myself. My father has run his school for a long time. Thus, this is our family business. My mother is a cheerful housewife. 

As far as my education history is concerned, I completed my S.L.C.(School Leaving Certificate) from #### Public school with 61.28% in 2004 and my intermediate level in science with major subjects Physics, Chemistry, Maths from #### High school securing 74.8% in 2007. My parents have always done business. However, the impact of this came to me later on. Gradually I was also pulled towards the business world. Though I got consistently good marks in science, later, I thought I should continue my family’s legacy. After I completed my BA(Bachelor of Arts) with a Major in Economics in 2011, securing 66.79% from  #### Campus, Kathmandu. Eventually, I joined the Masters in Business Studies (M.B.S.) in the same college and completed my master's in 2014, securing 69.2%.

Since then, I have worked as a coordinator/director in our school. I wanted to time the school better by introducing new methods. I wanted to gain business ideas through international visits and exposure. I decided to attend a conference #### college/university, which will be held in Melbourne, Australia. Unfortunately, I have declined a Business visitor Visa. I continued to flourish our family business later. As the days passed, I felt I needed more technical knowledge and new approaches to compete and succeed. Thus, I decided to join an entire two-year course for a Master of Business(Research) in Australia, which would be far more convincing in achieving excellence in Business. Then I appeared in the IELTS test on 12 February 2020  and obtained an overall 7 with no band less than 6.5.

After completing my Master of Business Studies in 2014, I started my career in the school as a coordinator/director and am working there to date. My work was to coordinate between management and teaching staff, assist in the recruitment of teaching staff, help students find appropriate stations based on their career objectives, orient new training supervisors and business mentors, review and complete training agreement and training plan with each student, training supervisors and parents, observe students at work, hold conferences with students and parents, ensure that the training supervisor provides consistent, practical guidance and supervision by the student’s training plan, use appropriate evaluation instruments to measure student achievement of competencies on the job, resolve any problems that arise between the student and the training supervisor, arrange for needed adjustment of any misplaced students, follow all policies and laws relating to work-based training.

The motive of my Master of Business(Research) is to gain advanced knowledge and management of organizations that can enable me to compete nationally and internationally, overcome challenges and remove boundaries to handle complex situations holistically and build interpersonal skills and leadership potential.

Master in Business(Research) graduates are expected to develop critical analytical skills in dealing with complex issues systematically and creatively and communicate clearly to various audiences. This course is ideal for a school coordinator/director seeking professional development or wanting to enhance career opportunities and improve employability. As the school/education sector has been a significant economic partner of our country, it needs to be furnished and led by a good character with enough international exposure and education. This course has all the ingredients to fulfil a business person's leadership and management skills. The course consists of 8 core units, each holding 6 credit points. The first year (two semesters of 12 weeks each) is followed by 1 year of master research thesis holding 48 credit points. The first four core units are compulsory with organizational behaviour and leadership, leadership theory, organizational learning and change, stewardship and governance. This holds 24 credit points. The fifth one is the compulsory ethics unit which holds 6 credit points. The sixth, seventh, and eighth are compulsory research methods, research methodology and data collection, research proposal, and literature review. It holds 18 credit points. The last two semesters (24 weeks) are the one-year Master’s Thesis. And to qualify for the award of the Master of Business (Research), a candidate should accrue 96 credit points through satisfactory completion of all the subjects/units given above. The total tuition fee is AUD$51,250 for two years.

XYZ University is one of the most innovative and dynamic universities in Australia. It has a wide range of support programs for International students. The university provides students with activities and events such as social and cultural excursions. XYZ University is focused on student-centred learning, providing greater flexibility, more opportunities for practice and deeper engagement with subject material. The qualification of XYZ University is internationally recognized. XYZ University also has a reliable and reasonable fee structure for International students.

Moreover, it has the most significant number of surveying students in Australia. With a student population representing over 90 nationalities, the University is the most multicultural in Australia. My chosen university is ranked high, especially in my field of study. The University provides students with face-to-face instruction and real-life experiences. It meets my expectations both financially and academically. After my Secondary Level Examination, I visited various Consultancies, and they suggested to me different Universities. I compared several Universities with XYZ University. Some of the universities I compared were CDE University Darwin, ABC University Sydney and EFG University Adelaide.  I was doing a lot of research on the internet, browsing websites, comparing courses, reading brochures and handbooks and researching cities and locations. Then, in conclusion, I found XYZ University best, considering its facilities and resources. XYZ University has a good reputation among international colleges. I was surprised by its five stars rating in the student satisfaction survey. It has an award-winning library as well. The graduates from XYZ University are doing great in their field. Also, the degree provided by Australia has high value and accreditation worldwide. It is recognized almost in every corner of the world and ascertains tremendous career opportunities for students of Nepal. Another motivation factor is the education system is reasonably practical and research-oriented rather than theory-based. I believe that XYZ University will prepare me well for any challenges I may face in the future.

 Australia is one of the English-speaking countries which has been the most comfortable language for Nepalese students besides our mother tongue. Australian universities and colleges provide quality education in an affordable range. Australia has been the top priority for international students and is regarded as an education hub by international students. The main reason I want to study in Australia is the international recognition of its degree.  I got information about the education system there with the help of websites such as and There is a national Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) ( AQF is a flexible framework that accommodates the diversity of purposes of Australian education and training at present and future. It helps each individual's lifelong learning goals progress through education and training and gain recognition from international associations for their prior learning and experience. There are laws for international students like ESOS (Education Service for Overseas Students) framework 2000, which protects the right of international students in every aspect, like the right to receive information about the institution and institution’s agent, the right to know about the refund of courses.

Similarly, the quality maintained under CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for International Students) ensures that international students get the same standard of education as Australia does from other countries and institutes. Furthermore, the TPS (Tuition Fee Protection Service) system ensures that the students get a refund of the amount they have paid if the course is not completed or the universities cannot complete their commitments. The Australian government also invests more than 200 million Australian dollars per annum in international scholarship awards, supporting students to afford the education cost in Australia. Likewise, the Post Study Work (PSW) visa, which helps students gain work experiences related to their course, enhances students to gain more experience they can apply for in their homeland, which also attracted me towards Australia. 

Moreover, Australia has seven of the top 100 universities in the world. There are over 2000 education courses across 1100 institutions. Australia has the third-highest number of international students in the world. It has 5 of the 30 best cities for students based on student mix, affordability, quality of life and employer activity. Australia brings the best education services and facilities. Employers all over the world recognize, accept and value Australian degrees.

On top of that, Australia has produced 15 Nobel Prize Laureates till now. Thus the Australian education system focuses on theoretical knowledge and fosters practical-based learning that encourages students to be creative and work independently. It is a country with a safe environment for students to study, live and travel freely. While selecting the course abroad, my primary concern was language, cost, quality, recognition, degree output, admission prerequisites, security concerns, and immigration policy.

(Tips: This is one of the most important paragraphs of your SOP. The case officer closely analyses the reasons you present for opting for Australia as your study destination. It is highly recommended that you compare Australian educational aspects with a few other countries and give the reasons for choosing Australia over other countries.

Please visit for detailed information about Australian education, facts, figures, etc. )

The course Master in Business(Research) is not available in Nepal. With a minimal number of universities in Nepal, they follow traditional ways of teaching and are mostly theory-centric rather than practical. From a higher business perspective, it plays a minimal role in leading towards poor performance. Also, the studies are hit by various political agitations, and classes seldom run smoothly. It may take several years sometimes to complete a degree. Thus for this specialized course, I decided not to study in Nepal.

My father runs a private school, so I must take care of the school after he retires. The only purpose of studying abroad is to gain business excellence. He has been working since 1981, and there is every reason for me to support him and fulfil his dream of making the institution top-ranked. With more than 800 students in the school, financially, we are a sound family with a profit of around RS 2.5 million every year. Apart from this, I must be here with my family. My only aim is to complete my studies and return home with a degree to enhance the modern era of business and education together. Apart from my plans, being the only child of my parents, it is my responsibility to take care of them in their old age. I am the only support of my parents. 

I, at this moment, declare that the above-furnished information is accurate and correct to my knowledge.


(your name)


If you have difficulty developing an SOP, check out this Statement of Purpose Template (SOP) | All you need to know

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