Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Canada

Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Canada

Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Canada
Suman PoudelMon Aug 16 2021

Before you dive deep into the contents of the SOP, you should know what is SOP in student visa. The statement of purpose, often discussed as SOP, is the students’ mirror to the admission team and the visa officer. In spite of the submission of all your academic, English proficiency and financial documents to the visa officer, SOP is the mandatory document. This article will provide you with the tips about how to prepare SOP for Canada student visa. 

Aspects such as gaps, shifting towards different courses, work experience, financial sources and so on are required to be explained in the SOP. 

In the context of Canada, you should submit the SOP during the two stages. Firstly, when you apply for the Letter of Offer to the college and finally while submitting your visa documents to Canadian Immigration. Point should be noted that the hypothetical and misleading SOP may lead towards offer rejection in the first place and even if you are granted the offer, there is a high chance of visa refusal. Visa officers could refuse the visa even without conducting the telephonic interview. Thus, construct your SOP in a genuine and honest way and do not give misleading information.

Canada student visa SOP word limit has not been definite. However, you can compose your SOP between 600-700 words limit. If your SOP is content loaded and precise, this word limit will be sufficient for a successful visa application. 

Things to consider in SOP for Canada University and college admission:

  • Starting with academic and family background explain how the interest for the particular chosen course grew inside you. Talk about your passion about the intended course without exaggerating it.
  • Provide the reasons for choosing that college or the university. Here you can talk about the student support services they provide, unique course structure, affordability of the fees, Scholarship opportunities (if you've gotten any) and so on. It is recommended comparing your chosen education provider with at least 4-5 others.
  • Do not forget to mention the reasons for choosing Canada over other countries. Here, you should present your understanding about the Canadian educational system, the student support services they provide, multiculturalism, international recognition of the course and so on. Compare Canada with some of the major study destinations as well.
  • If you have education gaps, always compose an additional paragraph and explain in detail about it. If you have work experience, provide the things you learnt during your tenure and what motivated you to continue your study again.
  • Finally you should also mention your career goals. Explain how studying a particular course in Canadian college will help you to achieve your dream career.

SOP for Canada student visa requires a little more complexity than the college. Apart from the above mentioned points you should extend your SOP by adding the following paragraphs:

  • Talk about your finances in detail. In this paragraph, you should talk about your financial sponsors, sanctioned educational loan or shown bank balance and so on.
  • While mentioning the reasons to return back to your home country, do not forget to point down the specific reasons for doing so. Always mention your personal, economic and social ties in your home country.
  • You are recommended not to make your plans for applying for permanent residency in Canada after completion of your course. As a genuine student, your future goal should be the completion of the chosen degree and develop your career in your home country.
  • Talk about your understanding about the visa conditions that apply to your visa subclass.
  • Always remember that your SOP should reflect all of your personal circumstances. This is the reason why every SOP is unique.
  • SOP should not be plagiarised. The highly plagiarised SOP may lead towards the visa rejection as well. Thus, write your unique SOP in your own words reflecting your own personal circumstances.

Lastly, do not submit your SOP hastily. Take time. First, make a sample draft of SOP for Canada student visa and keep on amending it until you think it is error-free. Keep on checking the government’s policies for international students, official websites of the universities to get correct facts and figures which will help you to strengthen your SOP.

If you are having a hard time developing an SOP, check out this Statement of Purpose Template (SOP) | All you need to know

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