Statement of Purpose for Hospitality Management

Statement of Purpose for Hospitality Management

Statement of Purpose for Hospitality Management
Suman PoudelMon Aug 23 2021

SOP is arguably the most important entity for a successful visa application. 

Although this statement of purpose sample for Tourism and  hospitality covers most of the areas, we strongly recommend the applicants to construct a Statement of purpose by representing their own unique personal circumstances and in their own words. 

You should know that only presenting a superior level of English proficiency does not guarantee your student visa. Rather,  SOP should express your genuine research and match your English proficiency score. 

Remember, even the minor difference in the name of the intended course can make a remarkable difference in the career plans, targeted employers and the expected salary. For instance, the statement of purpose sample for undergraduates in business administration varies from the SOP sample for undergraduates in business information systems. 

If you are having a hard time developing an SOP, check out this SOP guide. 

Things to consider when writing SOP for Hospitality Management

These are the quick tips you need to follow while composing your SOP: 

  • Clearly mention when you developed a passion for your intended course.
  • Present your independent research and reasons behind choosing the course, country and the university.
  • Mention your academic achievements. Also, do not forget to write about your projects, research papers and experiences.
  • Assert your career plans and how the chosen degree will help you in achieving them.
  • Talk about your goals based on your home country.

Statement of Purpose(SOP) Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality management

I am [name of the applicant], born on [birth date]. I am a permanent resident of [address of residence] with a small sized family consisting of my grandfather, father, mother, younger sister and me.

Regarding my academic qualifications, I completed my SLC (School Leaving Certificate) from [name of the school],in 2016 with a GPA of 3.75(out of 4) under the Board of Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education. After that I joined [name of a college] management faculty with Hotel Management as a major subject. I completed my 10+2 education with an aggregate CGPA of 2.88 (out of 4) in 20##.

Similarly, I attended the IELTS exam on 13th September, 20## and scored overall band score of 6 with individual band score of listening 6.5, reading 6.5, Writing 5.5 and Speaking 6. With this academic and English proficiency, I am planning to pursue my undergraduate degree, Bachelor Tourism and Hospitality Management from [name of the college].

Though my preferred course is provided by the colleges and universities here in Nepal, the existing education system led me to choose abroad studies to pursue my career. The education system in Nepal focuses on theoretical aspects rather than the practical aspects. But when working in the real world, only theoretical knowledge is insufficient to stand as a competent professional.  Nepal is a beautiful country rich in naturally outstanding landscapes. Being a famous tourist destination, the hospitality industry needs to maintain international standards, so the skills and knowledge gained here will turn out to be insufficient and become incompetent in professional career. My country does have colleges and universities but they are in few numbers and the quality of education does not match with international standards. This is also an undeniable fact that the lack of varieties of courses and less number of universities act as an obstacle for further education in Nepal.  Similarly, the available courses are also not flexible and updated and they are taught with the same curriculum for many years. Moreover, I want to gain a degree which can be recognized worldwide and holds an international exposure. It is my dream to get internationally recognized degrees and serve my nation and people with my knowledge and experience.

Nepal being a naturally gifted country there is always a queue of international tourists visiting. However, the hospitality services which are provided to them are average except for a few industries. I will be enhanced with the multicultural experience by studying in international universities in collaboration with international students where I can know them and observe them closely which will also help me up to some extent and be a plus point in gaining knowledge about them and also help me in my future career . Thus, my main motive of going abroad to study for a Bachelor in Hospitality Management is solely to gain world class education so that I can be skilled in the hospitality industry.

Currently, Australia has become one of the top destinations among Nepalese students for their higher education. So, I researched about the educational system and all other aspects and came up with some findings. Australia has one of the best and progressive education systems. In terms of global ranking, Australia is ranked as the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world, remaining only behind the United States and the UK. Similarly, Institutions in Australia also offer a wide variety of courses and degrees with over 22,000 courses across 1,100 institutions, strong education, infrastructure, and having 7 out of top 100 universities in the world. So, international students planning to complete their graduate level and post graduate level can easily find the school and field that are right for them. In addition to that, the degrees that we get from Australian colleges and universities have a global recognition. Graduating degree from Australian universities are highly sought after, due to the impressive international reputation of the Australian education system where they provide a unique kind of education and a learning style with the use of modern tools that encourage one to be innovative, creative, independently, confidential and so on, which are the key qualities for any individual which can easily draws anyone's attention towards them in today’s competitive market. The Australian Government's role is one of the main factors that attract international students in Australia. During my research, I came to know that the Australian Government is responsive towards the student's right. Australia has established the ESOS(Educational services for overseas students) Act in 2000 which secures the rights of international students. Also, low crime rates are resulting in Australia to be a safe destination for students like me.

Some of the features why I choose Australia are:

1. Cost of Living: Australia’s standard of living is amongst the highest in the world. Living expenses and tuition costs are comparatively lower in Australia than they are in the United States and United Kingdom. International students are able to work part time while they study allowing them to offset their living costs. There is also the possibility of scholarships which can help to lower the cost of studying in Australia for International students.

2. Diversity of Education: Institutions in Australia offer a wide variety of courses and degrees, so international students can easily find the schools and fields that are right for them. Students can choose between universities, vocational education and English language training. 

3. Technology: One of the most appealing aspects of Australia is its technology and quality of scientific research. Australia is known for technology and innovations. Students studying in Australia are innovative and technical.

4. Multiculturalism: Studying in Australia not only provides quality education but also the multicultural experience. This helps students to be familiar with the rest of the world’s language and culture.  

Apart from Australia, I researched about other destinations such as Canada, UK and USA. However, various factors lead me to choose Australia. The cost of living in the USA and the UK is higher as compared with Australia. Canada is also one of the preferred destinations for higher education but the processing is too long for a student visa. Also, the year-round extreme cold climate of Canada made me exclude it from the list of study destinations for the interest of my subject. Alternatively, the climate of Australia is similar to that of Nepal. Similarly, European countries are also well known for quality education but the high living cost and the need for learning their native language is the reason for not choosing Europe. Meanwhile the teaching style of Australia too varies from them. Thus, I am willing to excel my career from Australia which would help to achieve my goal. So I am motivated solely for my brighter upcoming career and objective that I am very excited to commence my education journey from Australia. Therefore, I choose to study in Australia to get qualitative education in the field of hospitality industry.

Choosing an institution is an important decision for anyone’s career dreams. With around 43 universities in Australia, there were plenty of choices and I felt quite difficult on choosing an appropriate institution because I had never travelled overseas and got no relatives in Australia, thus, I did research based on my academic and interested course in many Universities in Australia before selecting [your chosen college].  

Established in [year], [your chosen college] is a premier education provider based in Melbourne, Victoria and with a global presence and today it still prides on offering a diverse range of qualifications, short courses and consulting services across many fields. It has students from all over the world, from many different cultures and backgrounds. Every year, it helps between 40,000 and 60,000 students pursue a passion, develop their potential, and kick-start their career. With approximately 800 international students from more than 50 countries and territories, [your chosen college] is a great place for international students to study in Australia. [your chosen college] is a thriving center of learning, sharing, and exploration. [your chosen college]offers a wide range of courses and services to support students studying as an international student. It currently offers over 1400 programs with a range of diverse courses available to International students. It delivers education to people, businesses, and community groups with many different needs, interests, and backgrounds. Its qualifications range from certificates I to IV, diplomas and advanced diplomas, even associate, bachelor and master degrees. It’s vocational and higher education qualifications are nationally accredited and internationally recognized. [your chosen college]offers both Vocational Education and Training (VET) and higher education courses. It offers many learning pathways from Certificate to Diploma level or even a Bachelor or Master degree. Pathways give students the options to reach their study goals. Plus they could gain two qualifications at the same time – a diploma and a degree. Its courses are generally shorter in length and tend to be more hands-on and practical than other university courses. Students will learn in modern facilities, including real and simulated environments, and meet people from all over the world. It’s vision is to be community educators, for industry, work and life.

As a result, I chose [your chosen college] because of its course structure, fees, facilities, cost of living and so on. Then I came in to conclusion that [your chosen college] is most favorable for all those in terms of provided courses fee, because I can complete my Bachelor in hospitality management with in around AUD 48030 for three years which kind fall in to my budget as well has this institution provides equal and best facilities like other ones.

Hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Hotels, events, travel and tourism, luxury services, food services and other related segments fall under hospitality management. Among all these sectors, travel and tourism are the largest contributors to the world economy. Hospitality management, as the name suggests, is the study of the hospitality industry.

Ever since I was young, I have remained attracted to the world of hospitality management. During my school days, I got a chance to visit different tourist sites. From there an image was set up in my mind and I started dreaming about being involved in the tourism sector. Later completing my SLC (School leaving certificate) level exam, I immediately joined +2 level in Management faculty with Hotel Management as my major subject. During those 2 years of study, I further gained knowledge and little idea as well as about the scope and its importance in the context of Nepal. I felt that being a naturally gifted country Nepal has not made any significant progress in the sector of tourism. We have not yet utilized the resources available in front of us and it’s due to the lack of manpower having knowledge about the tourist, tourism and hospitality. With the hospitality industry becoming omnipresent, a large number of jobs are generated every year. Hence, there is increased demand for hospitality management professionals. The growing popularity of the hospitality industry has made it a promising option for the career of students like me.

After graduating from Bachelor of tourism and hospitality management, we can seek professional management positions in a range of tourism and hospitality operations including. Some of them are:

  • hotels and resorts
  • clubs and gaming operations
  • restaurants and catering
  • tourism destination planning and marketing
  • tourism policy development
  • ecotourism
  • visitor management
  • tourism retail management
  • tourist attractions and theme parks
  • conference and event operation
  • Holiday counselor

Completing a Bachelor isn’t the end of my educational journey. After successful completion of my bachelor degree in hospitality management and experiencing further knowledge in this field, I will return to my home country to fulfill the dreams of contributing to the hospitality and tourism industry of Nepal. As mentioned above, the amount of tourists entering Nepal is increasing rapidly. Domestic tourism has also flourished rapidly. As per World Trade Organization (WTO) finding, one tourist creates jobs for 12 people directly or indirectly. A major source of foreign currency earnings, travel and tourism business has been contributing to the Nepalese economy.

Firstly, I will work as a food and beverage manager or a front office manager in different star level and chain level hotels such as  Hyatt Regency hotel, Crown Plaza Soaltee, Annapurna Hotel, Radisson Hotel and so on. I will also be offered a handsome salary range from (NRS 1, 00,000- 1,50,000) per month which is good income for any Nepalese family depending upon the nature of organization. I will have the potential to assume more responsibility that may enhance my knowledge and confidence to lunch out and to bring much improvement in the field of hospitality management in Nepal by applying my knowledge and skills I learned during my course of study in Australia. After working for a few years and understanding the market strategy I also have a dream to start a hotel and travel agency with all the skills and experiences gained so far and I’m sure as a result of my hard work I will definitely achieve my dream. I also have my responsibility towards my country and the society. Moreover, I am confident enough that studying in Australia will help me give international experience to the customers and compete in the competitive business environment. And gradually with the demand I will be enlarging the investments in this hospitality sector.

As all my family members and relatives are in Nepal, I cannot just stay abroad being far from them. As my parents are getting older day by day, as a responsible son, I must take care of them.

At last but not the least, as being a genuine and laborious student, I assure you that I will finish my intended course in the proposed duration under all the visa conditions and will return to my own country after the completion of my course and work in the field of hospitality applying the gained skills and knowledge. So with all these I took forward to study for a Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management in [your chosen college] and be a part of a reputed and successful institute in Australia.


[name of the applicant]

[email address]

[contact number]

If you are having a hard time developing an SOP, check out this Statement of Purpose Template (SOP) | All you need to know

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