Statement of purpose (SOP) sample for Early Childhood Education and Care

Statement of purpose (SOP) sample for Early Childhood Education and Care

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Statement of purpose (SOP) sample for Early Childhood Education and Care
Saru Niraula

It doesn't matter which country you choose to apply for your student visa. That could be the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or any other country. SOP is a mandatory application requirement.

A well-crafted comprehensive SOP plays a significant role in a successful study visa application for any country. This guide presents you a Statement of Purpose (SOP) sample for students looking to enrol on Early Childhood Education and Care.

These are the quick tips you need to follow while composing your SOP for Early Childhood Education and Care:

  • Mention when you developed a passion for your intended course Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Present your independent research and reasons behind choosing Early Childhood Education and Care, country and the university.
  • Mention your academic achievements. Also, do not forget to write about your projects, research papers and experiences.
  • Assert your career plans and how the chosen degree will help you achieve them.
  • Talk about your goals based on your home country.

Statement of purpose (SOP) sample for Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care


To introduce myself, I am [your name], born on [date of birth], belonging to a small family consisting of * members: father (name), mother (name), brother (name) and me. I am an inhabitant of [address] carrying a [country] Passport (passport no. ****). A great interest in early childhood education and care leads me to pursue a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care for my higher education. Undertaking various researches and recommendations, I came to a conclusion of my own, choosing [university name] for my further studies. As per my view, parents support matters for the most part. My family is capable enough to sustain any the financial burden that might occur at any instant during my study. With such huge support from my family, I hope to be a successful professional in my desired field in the coming future.

Talking about my family and financial background, my parents will be supporting me financially during my study and stay in [applying country]. My father owns ** and my mother work as ** in **. My parents have always been my source of inspiration and my motivation as they are the ones who taught me about moral values and ethics since my childhood. Their endless encouragement and support have always inspired me throughout my life and helped me become a better person in society. My parents are always admirers of education and its importance in one’s life. Therefore, studying in [applying country] is a mutual decision of my parents and me. My parents are more than happy to assist me financially and emotionally to take my studies in Australia. They are content that I would be achieving an international degree from [applying country]; which has high value and would benefit me to seek a career of my interest in child care/childhood education and serve my nation. They have wished me to be a capable person who can do well for the people and society. In addition, I am determined to fulfil their wishes and bring moments to cherish for them. Every human on this earth has aims in their lives and I am no different from them. To grab the position, which I intend to, I will have to think out of the box and give out my best performance with creativity and innovation. Critical thinking is what is required most in today’s world. Moreover, I understand that this will not be easy at any point in time. In addition, I am ready to face challenges and have confidence that I can win the competition with my sincerity, honesty and sheer willingness.


Regarding my academic background, I completed my tenth grade from [school name] in [year] with first division. I have always been fascinated by the health and social care sector since my childhood. Therefore, I chose to study nursing and joined for a diploma in Nursing at [college name] affiliated to *** and completed the course in [date] with a First Division securing 91.32%. I got an offer for a job at a highly renowned hospital of the city, [ hospital name] and served there as a ***  from [date] to till date.


A child’s early experiences are lifelong determinants of health and well-being. Studies in neurobiology, neurodevelopment and early intervention show that the years from birth to school age are critically important for brain development. During this critical time, children develop the essential language and cognitive skills required to learn, develop their ability to manage emotions and stress, and learn to cooperate with others. Properly shaping the architecture of the brain in these earliest years of life has profound benefits in adult life. Many of the risks for the diseases of adult life (e.g. heart disease) are partly shaped by learning, coping, and decision-making skills set in the earliest years of life. These skills determine performance in the school system and set children onto life pathways that affect their health and well-being over time.

It is said that Children need models rather than critics. The reason behind choosing Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care is I thought of being a childcare educator, a role model for them. I want to do something better for them. As I finished my diploma in Nursing and did some volunteering in [hospital name] to be involved in closely related issues regarding children with a variety of injuries, diseases or any kinds of disorders. Watching them, I felt pain in my heart and wished to care for them. Choosing this course for my career development is not a hasty decision. I had not thought to read this course since an early age but my interest grew as I became older and older when I could think for others rather than myself. 

Early childhood education plays a crucial role in children’s development. A key requisite for optimal healthy child development is secure attachment to a trusted caregiver, giving consistent caring, support and affection early in life. Coping skills are strongly influenced by how well children are “nurtured” during the early years of childhood. Spending one’s early years in an unstimulating, emotionally and physically unsupportive environment affects brain development in adverse ways, and leads to cognitive, social and behavioural delays. Evaluation of quality early learning and care provision before the age of 5 years has found that it is associated with improvement in a range of educational and social measures, some of which have been documented many years after the care. In one of the studies, the Perry Preschool Project followed participants up to 27 years of age and showed that the people from the preschool group were more likely to have advantageous social outcomes such as high school graduation, employment, fewer arrests, higher earnings, and owning their own home than those who did not participate in the program. These findings have been confirmed by multiple other studies.

An Early childhood education degree is a chance to learn about the specific tools that help young children love learning something that will benefit them the rest of their lives. The first five years of a Child's life are pivotal to their long-time and I want to be part of it. I really want to interact with students in creative ways so I will benefit from an early childhood education program because it often focuses on Hands-on learning experiences rather than instructions. I will learn and develop about the history and culture of childhood as well as the major theories of social, emotional and cognitive development. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the important relationships between parents and me as well as the relationships between me and other community leaders. This 4-year Bachelor degree will make me able to work with parents to help them teach their children at home. At the same time, I will also be able to manage relationships with community members to find the best resources and opportunities for students.


So, to pursue my further study, I started searching the universities and colleges here in [home country] which offer courses in early childhood education and care. However, to my great surprise, I found no universities or colleges offering such courses here in my home country. As I have chosen Early Childhood Education and Care for my further studies, this course requires modern facilities and a globally recognized degree, which is not available in Universities and colleges of [home country]. Only short training courses like Montessori, Diploma and non-academic courses in Childcare centres are available in [home country]. 

{provide some website links that you research visit here you can find more information related to course in your country}

I do not think only taking short courses will qualify me enough and fulfil my dream to get a degree in early childhood education and care. Therefore, I have decided not to study here in [home country]. I do have multiple options abroad for this course and hence would like to carry my education of Early Childhood Education and Care abroad.

Furthermore, there are other challenges in the education system of [home country]. For instance, courses are limited and in a lot of cases, courses have little or no anticipation. Theoretical knowledge and cramming are given more emphasis than a practical one. Course content follows an old and unrevised syllabus where teaching methodologies are exam-oriented. Not only this, [home country] lacks a Central online support system for educational service. Apart from this, the 6 days long hectic classes crowded with hundreds of students over here in class adds more difficulty to learn the subject matter. A limited number of seats, lack of advanced paraphernalia required for upgraded education, lack of properly managed academic calendar and most importantly short of internship opportunities are some satiating reasons, which demotivated me to study in [home country] and obliged me to pursue my further studies in other countries than [home country]. 

Therefore, I thought about getting an International degree, which will provide me with more opportunities. Thus, I talked with my parents that the course I want to study is not available in my country. Despite the stereotype of society, my parents fully supported me as they have been doing until the date to pursue my Bachelor degree abroad. So, with the support of my family, I started taking PTE classes and on[date], I appeared for the PTE Examination scoring an overall 77 where I scored 74 in Listening, 74 in Reading, 77 in Speaking and 80 in writing respectively. 

After that, I started an offer application to [university name] for Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care for [date] intake and received the Offer Letter. Then, I was delighted and thus began to prepare the necessary documents.


Australia is one of the most desired and popular destinations for international students after the USA and UK that provide world-class education, regularly featured in the global ranking. About 8 Australian Universities are listed in the top 100 in the latest world university ranking. Australia's education system is mostly practically based, which is the main reason international students choose Australia.  The main reason for choosing Australia for my undergraduate studies is due to the lack of the subject in my country and to gain international exposure that will add value to my qualification. The global interaction and learning experience will also help me gain my professional and academic objectives. The Australian degree is globally recognized and it is one of the safest, vibrant and diverse countries. Unlike countries like the UK and USA where crime rates are increasing day by day. 

 The climatic condition of Australia is quite similar to my home country unlike countries like the UK, USA and Canada where weathers are dramatic and chilly most of the year. Furthermore, Australia is a culturally diverse country with a large number of international students from all over the world where Melbourne is in the second position and Sydney is in the Fourth position. Even the living expenses are less expensive than countries like the UK, USA and Canada. On the other hand, the language barrier is the most common problem based on international students in European and Asian Countries. Since Australia is an English speaking country which secures the language barrier of international students. I also found out that the Australian government has also formulated the ESOS Act (Education service for overseas students) to secure international students' rights. It also has many policies to help its students like Tuition protection Schemes (TPS), Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), and Australian qualification Framework (AQF.  The duration of the degree provided by Australians is suitable for students. After my research, the course and campus I choose are [university] which is located in western Sydney as Australia provides many facilities to overseas students to improve their qualifications. So I think Australia would be the best-suited country for me to pursue my higher education.


When choosing the location in Australia, I especially prefer to go for Sydney, as Sydney is the largest, oldest, and most beautiful and world’s most multicultural city. It is the capital of New South Wales and situated on the southwest coast of the country. According to QS Best student cities for 2018 (, Sydney is one of the world’s best cities for international students, beating 91 cities to the coveted ninth spot. According to the well-being of international students in the city of Sydney 2018, the majority of students (88%) responded that they would recommend Sydney as a place to study ( With hot summers and gentle, mild winters, Sydney’s temperate climate is favourable especially for Asian Students like us to adjust with the climate that is similar to my country. It will not be too difficult for us to find a part-time job during our studies, as there are many attractive work opportunities. After our hard work at study, we can immerse ourselves into many interesting activities in Sydney-for example, sightseeing, shopping, joining entertainment activities and enjoying a diverse spread of food culture. 

Furthermore, there are numerous recreational centres and shopping malls. We can experience not only Australian Festivals and events but also festivals from China, India, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Poland. This will be a great chance for international students like us to soak up the culture. As well as being an Australian financial and economic hub, Sydney is the home of beaches. There is an abundance of breathtaking landscapes in Sydney that we can explore and enjoy like Sydney Harbour, Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo, Darling Harbour, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower, Luna Park and much more. Sydney has been listed of the top livable cities in the world; according to the Economist intelligence unit (EIU). We can have peace of mind when studying with a high quality of life. According to the Economist intelligence units 2016, global liveability survey on 140 cities in the world, Sydney is the world’s second friendliest destination. Thus, keeping all these things in mind, I have chosen Sydney as my study destination.

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After choosing Australia as my study destination, finding a better and affordable institution was a difficult job as there was a wide range of institutions available. I wanted to pursue my degree in a reputed institution for which I carried independent research on multiple options available. The research showed institutions like [college names]. Almost all the colleges mentioned here provided only the Vocational Educational Training programs lacking a higher degree with fees ranging from AUD ** to ** annually. Among them, I found [university] only a government university, which offered a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education in Sydney. In addition to this, there were a handful of universities, like [universities name] that offered Diploma to degree programs in Early Childhood Education and Care, but the programs offered by them were quite expensive with high entry requirements. 

Also studying directly at a university in such a unique program makes it difficult to adjust to their environment. Universities are huge in themselves with their vastness whereas colleges are small in size that makes a big deciding factor to choose a university or a college.  Therefore, after carefully considering factors like fee affordability, proposed intake and interactive learning experiences, I have decided to continue my education at [university].

Now talking more on [university], It is the largest education providing institute owned by the government having 130 affiliated campuses all over the state and enrollment of about 400,000 students each year. In addition, It is comparatively much affordable than the other colleges and universities in Australia. Each year, [university] welcomes more than 3,500 international students from around the world to study at their campuses. Established in 1883, it has been providing education and training for more than 120 years.[university] has a huge range of study options with small class sizes and has a long history with a reputable and internationally recognized qualification. [university] courses combine theory and practical experience so one can be equipped with physical skills as well as theoretical knowledge. It provides help and support for all study-related needs to their students and has a friendly staff that help them to settle in quickly to Australia including finding part-time work. As a government-owned institution, [university] is 100% financially secure. [university] teachers are dedicated, supportive and friendly; use up-to-date teaching materials and equipment, have educational and industry qualifications with good experience. Every [university] campus has a dedicated International Student Coordinator to assist the international students throughout their study experience. It also has student association membership which provides opportunities for social and recreational activities with local students, Libraries, Childcare facilities, Tutorials, Careers advice, Helps to find a job, resume writing and preparing for a job interview, Counseling for study and other personal matters and Cafes.

As the largest vocational and skills training provider, [university] has established sector-based Industry Liaison Units (ILUs) responsible for connecting with industry so that the trainers and assessors deliver the most up to date training that is relevant to current trends and to improve the organization’s skills and productivity. The courses at [university] are fully industrial based and course structures are very attractive. Course structure covers almost every aspect of computer science that will assist me to develop my overall computer-related technical skills. Another reason for choosing [university] is that the courses here in this college are job oriented and will lead me to better job opportunities after the completion of my study. Similarly, It is located at the heart of Sydney so there is easy access to trains, buses and other public means of transportation. Therefore, taking into mind the academic achievements of [university] with industry experts and proven history, I have decided to study higher education at [university].


The Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care at [university] is a four-year professional degree that qualifies me to work as a teacher in preschools and long daycare as a four-year trained teacher, as well as preparing me for employment in other parts of the children's and family services sector.

As well as practical core units, I will undertake a work placement each semester, which will allow me to apply what I have learned in a real workplace setting. I will study child development and pedagogical practices, welfare, ethics, diversity and social justice. During work placements, I will have the opportunity to test your theoretical understanding in a real workplace.

To be particular, the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care requires me to complete 40 subjects and 320 credit points. The course includes eight work-placement subjects, one each semester. The work placement subjects do not attract tuition fees or credit points but must be passed in order to complete the degree. 

  • Nutrition, Health, Safety and Wellness 
  • Professional, Cultural and Academic Practice 
  • Holistic Child Development 
  • Play and Documentation 
  • Professional Experience 1 and 2
  • Health and Physical Wellbeing 
  • Creativity in the Early Years 
  • Children’s Self-Identity and Family Contexts 
  • Sustainability in Early Childhood 
  • And some more


The reason behind choosing this course is my thought of being a childcare educator; I could do at least something for their betterment. I have chosen this course for my career due to the growing demand and my personal interest in this sector. As we know, today’s children are the pillar of tomorrow’s world; I want to be an able engineer to construct that pillar. As an increasing number of mothers are in the workforce and most children now attend a child care facility on a regular basis, it has become important that young children from all backgrounds should have access to high-quality childcare and early education. I believe this course can help one to be in a leadership or management role in the childcare industry. This course will help me to learn complex skills regarding childhood education theory. This includes how to foster cognitive, physical, social language and communication development. This course is focused on how to design, implement and evaluate programs and care routines, as well as working in partnership with families to provide appropriate care. I have an aim to develop the child care sector which can help train and make awareness so that we will be able to minimize child mortality and to make positive thoughts in their primitive age which will secure the children's future. I learned about the importance of care of children and its other various aspects by going through several websites, reading magazines and journals and asking the teacher and people holding degrees in their respective fields. Another inspiration I got was from the child health-related movies. After all these, I made up my mind that I will pursue my undergraduate course on early childhood education.

Choosing a particular career line is a crucial decision, hence, every aspect of the career one is about to choose should be thoroughly understood. It demands proper planning and understanding rather than bringing unexpected outcomes. So, one must be careful while making decisions as one wrong decision can negatively affect the career path. Keeping this in light, I took almost 2 months to explore different courses and came up with a decision for Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care as it best suits my interest and I believe it will make my knowledge in the subject more empirical and specific. I have always been keenly interested in Childhood Education and Care Study. Childhood studies develop specific skills and knowledge, around the subject of how children learn and develop. We can further our learning through realistic field experience. This placement enables us to consolidate our skills under the supervision of qualified practitioners, which assists us to be work-ready after graduation.


  • Deconstruct the complexities of early childhood professional theory and communicate their own educational philosophies.
  • Recognize welfare issues and the importance of health safety and nutrition, and gain a strong underpinning foundation in promoting the wellbeing of children.
  • Analyze and apply early childhood theory and contemporary findings and viewpoints.
  • Construct learning environments where diversity is celebrated, social justice is upheld and learning potential is valued and realized.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to professional excellence through self-directed and ongoing professional development.


Early childhood education is encouraged for the healthy development and nurturing of all these important foundations, and trends show that parents are increasingly recognizing this. As [home country] is slowly marching forward in early childhood education and implementing its policies, the need for experienced educators and tutors is also on the rise. Since the ***s, [home country] has witnessed a continuous increase in investment to improve the accessibility of children to quality education. To date, more than *** Early Childhood Development Centers (ECDC) has been established to benefit more than one million young children annually. However, there are no such courses or degrees related to early childhood care here in [home country] and thus, there are not many qualified tutors also to teach this course. Therefore, I want to be one with an Australian degree and an Australian Experience to teach in early childhood education and childcare. In [home country], accessibility and affordability of ECDC vary across socioeconomic groups. Children living in remote locations and from poor economic conditions often lack access to quality education. So, my aim is to address this problem of social justice. After being a Childhood educator, my preferences will always be for children of remote areas and from poor economic conditions.

By gaining a degree in this field, I will make efforts to bring changes in my country however small. As [home country] is very underdeveloped in this education, gaining real-life experiences from Australia in Early childhood care will be fruitful for me as I can implement them back here in [home country]. After completing and gaining experience in this field, I will return to my country and serve to bring a smile to the needy faces. This course will help to build a career as a Child Care Educator and provide me with a wide range and scope of different career alternatives like Early Childhood Child Care Coordinator, Early Childhood Teacher, Early Learning Centre Manager, Education Advisor and Reviewer, Policy Development Officer and Curriculum Designer. The initial salary that I will be getting will be ***  to *** monthly, which will have an obvious increment over my job duties and performance. I can seek opportunities in private and government organizations like the Ministry of Education, Montessori’s Training Centers, Education Institutions or NGOs and INGOs like ***, *** and many more. Working with these organizations will provide me with an international level of exposure and learn their working practices, styles and creative, unique methods. This will be a plus point for my career growth. 

Furthermore, being able to become a good researcher on the issues related to childcare and education will be an additional advantage. There is nothing better at the end of the day to see an innocent smile of a little kid. I here in [home country] can find numerous opportunities for employment and my confidence of mine is backed by my research like:

{provide some research site}

I really want to bring changes to my country. So, I will take as much effort as I can after a few years of experience in related fields because I believe if we want to change then change first must come from within us and one person can really bring change to the country.


My family is my strength and my weakness. The main reason to come back to [home country] is my family who has always supported me throughout my life and facilitated me with every means necessary to accomplish the goals that I have set forth. My parents have done so much for me from raising me up and sponsoring my academic journey. It is my responsibility to take care of my parents and be their backbone in their old age. My parents have encouraged me to follow my dream and make a name of my own in my career. My parents have encouraged me to do what I love regardless of what other people think. I believe nothing can repay what they have done for me since my childhood but I have promised them that I will be by their side when they need me most. After all, Family is not only important but it is everything.

It is said that Mother and Motherland are truly greater than heaven. It is my motherland [home country]; which will force me to return to my own country. Being a patriotic person, I do care and love my country, [home country]. There is much more to do for my country as a responsible citizen. My country, [home country] is an overall package of beauty, diversity, history and on top of that, unity among people. It is my duty towards my country and my people to grow in any possible way. Moreover, I want to utilize the skills and practical knowledge that I gained from an international degree for the betterment of the educational standard of my own country. After completion of my under graduation, I would like to be involved in the child health education field in my own country. [home country] is a developing country. What matters the most is one's thoughts along with skilled manpower. After completion of my study and experience from Australia, I will join a job in my own country. What I will learn from Australia professionally will be needed more in my own country than in Australia. Even if I can bring a small difference in my country, I will be the most satisfied. In addition, I am a responsible and normal person who does care about my family and country. I really want to do something innovative and creative for my society and make my parents proud. For me, my identity is my country and my family and it is the reality. Undeniably, I cannot run away from my reality.

In addition, after getting a degree from Australia I can earn a basic salary of***  to *** annually, whereas I can earn a basic salary of *** to *** annually if I get a degree from [home country]. Therefore, an international degree has great value in [home country]. After having 4 to 5 years of experience I can surely earn up to *** annually. This will help me return my investment and keep my family happy. Hence, I will definitely return to [home country] after the completion of my intended program.


My parents will be supporting me financially while I study and stay in Australia and also has arranged the fund of *** through the Education Loan *** from *** Bank and have a bank balance of *** in the same bank. Regarding my financial sponsor, my course and living costs in Australia will be sponsored by my parents as they believe that investing in education never gets wasted. They have a regular annual income of **** from different sources. Moreover, my parents have enough property with very good market value here in [home country]. Therefore, I want to assure you that my parents are financially strong and genuine enough to take all the responsibilities of my expenses whilst I study in Australia.


I am fully aware of the terms and conditions for international students for living and study in Australia, I promised to be abiding by the values, rules and regulations such as:

  • I need to maintain satisfactory (80%) attendance in my course as per the education provider.
  • I can work up to 40 hours per fortnight and unlimited hours during my scheduled course break.
  • I must score at least 50% in each subject to pass.
  • I must maintain an overseas student health cover (OSHC) policy for the full duration of my visa.
  • I must notify DHA/college within 7 days if I change the address/contact details and so on.
  • I must maintain enrollment in a registered course that is the same level as, or at a higher level than the registered course for which I was granted a visa.


The course of Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care will definitely be a guideline for me to achieve my future career aim. The knowledge and skills that I will gain from {university} will help me tackle the practical difficulties in my career profession. Henceforth, I am sure that my curiosity and research skills will enable me to succeed in the greatly claimed program to become a successful professional in my home country. Eventually, I deeply believe that the excellence of my course, along with my capabilities and motivation, will help me to attain my destination. I also assure you that all particulars given above are true and correct in detail. Indeed, every talent needs an opportunity and platform at the right time to shine. If the right time passes, the talent will only be wasted. Therefore, I strongly believe I have the talent to make it to the greater stage if given an opportunity.  I promise I will complete my further studies without violating any rules and regulations of the Australian Government. I would be pleased and grateful to you for your kind consideration and cooperation. Hence, I would like to assure you that my visit to Australia would be solely for study purposes. I would be grateful to you for your kind coordination and consideration for getting me an opportunity to obtain my degree from the renowned institution of Australia.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration, anticipate a hopeful response.

Sincerely Yours,

Your name

Passport No.: 


Cell No.:

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