Statement of purpose (SOP) for Counselling

Statement of purpose (SOP) for Counselling

Statement of purpose (SOP) for Counselling
Saru Niraula

It doesn't matter which country you choose to apply for your student visa. That could be the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or any other country. SOP is a mandatory application requirement.

A well-crafted comprehensive SOP plays a significant role in a successful study visa application for any country. This guide presents you with a Statement of Purpose (SOP) sample for students looking to enrol on Counselling.

These are the quick tips you need to follow while composing your SOP for Counselling:

  • Mention when you developed a passion for your intended course Counselling.
  • Present your independent research and reasons behind choosing Artificial Intelligence - Counselling, country and the university.
  • Mention your academic achievements. Also, do not forget to write about your projects, research papers and experiences.
  • Assert your career plans and how the chosen degree will help you achieve them.
  • Talk about your goals based on your home country.

Statement of purpose (SOP) sample for Counselling


I am pleased to introduce myself as [your name], a permanent resident of [address], which is the capital city of my country, [country]. I was born on [date] as the son of [father mother name]. My passport number is **. Describing myself, I am utterly extroverted in nature with a high interest in travelling to explore and discover something new. I have also always been passionate about music. I belong to a middle-class family. My mother and father work in the ** sector. They’ve always been my idols and my source of inspiration. They have been very supportive in every endeavour of my life. So, I was able to achieve this level, and I want to reach an even higher level. A post-graduate degree from a reputed college would equip me with everything I need to achieve my goals. And so I am happy and privileged to have the opportunity to present this Statement of Purpose briefing about myself and my reasons behind choosing **** for a Master's degree in Counselling to pursue my further studies.

Academic Background

Knowledge has always been my ardent wish which has unearthed me into this beautiful, sophisticated world with academic dreams and aspirations. Regarding my academic qualifications, I accomplished my School level in the year [date], scoring 96.8% from[school name]. From my early school days, I had a deep interest in humans and the overall aspects of being human especially psychology. Therefore, I enrolled in the humanities stream with sociology and mass communication as my major subjects at [college name]. I completed my grades 11 and 12 with first division scoring 78.67% % in the year [date]. As for my Bachelor's degree, I got admission to one of the most reputed colleges of [country], [college name]. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Literature in the year [date] with 79.21%. Due to the increasing demands and high level of competition for specialized and well-trained graduates, I feel that the only way to boost my career is by achieving an international degree. Education enlightens a person and is the only way to achieve success and excellence in any goal. For that, the next step was preparing for the English proficiency test, and I appeared in the Pearson Tests of English (PTE Academics) examination on [date] and secured an overall band score of 87(Listening: 84, Reading: 90, Speaking: 90, Writing: 84).

Reason for not choosing [home country]

After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I came to feel the necessity of Postgraduate studies in Counselling to achieve my future professional goals. My home country, [country name] is a developing country. The education system here still relies significantly on the primitive way of teaching. Students are taught with primitive and outdated lecture methods, and it is more focused on theoretical aspects rather than the practical orientation of the subject. This method does not go well with my chosen course of study, i.e. Counselling. The study and practice of counselling in [country] are much neglected and weaker than other courses in [country]. Even after knowing the teaching method in [country], I researched universities that would provide a degree in Counselling. I discovered ***University as the only university to provide Postgraduate studies in Counselling. After some more research, I came to find out about the limited seats for the study. I also came to know that the [country]ese education lacks global recognition and it has little value in the international market. I even consulted some friends and teachers, who suggested I study abroad. It took me quite some time to make up my mind. I also visited some institutions such as [college name]. The main reason for not having a degree in my nation is that our universities and institutions lack updated course information and practical knowledge. They are still under old management and teaching modules. The syllabus is not in pair with updated and all those necessary resources to achieve better results. Therefore, considering all these reasons, I have decided not to continue my further education in [country].

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Reasons for choosing Australia and not other countries?

Australia is well known for quality education, and students who study in Australia have been very successful in their careers. The universities in Australia provide a wide range of courses to international students. The teaching methodology is a blend of practical and theoretical education. I think studying in Australia is one of the most convenient ways to develop and empower myself, as it is a country with one of the largest international student populations. Also, I know the ESOS ACT, which was merited in 2000. This is an act that governs the fundamental right of international students. It enables us to access correct and accurate information about course fees, study modes and other information from our institution and our institution agent before enrolling. Also, I am familiar with OSHC policy. In this policy, we are required by the Australian government to join overseas health care, which is a private health insurance scheme administered by Allianz Global Assistance. The OHSC entitles us to free hospital covers and 85% of standard doctor’s fees.

The education system of [country] is more theoretical, taught in primitive methods. There are no practical skills involved in the course. Since all the students are taught the same course in all the years with the same analogy, the competition gets fierce, resulting in a lack of jobs for young individuals. When compared to countries such as the USA, UK and Canada, I chose Australia because the degree provided by Australian universities is globally recognized. More than half a million students from over 100 countries come to Australia for higher education, and I will also get an excellent opportunity to interact with them. It is also tough to live in Canada as the temperature goes under –30 degrees Celsius, whereas the climate of Australia is the same as in [country]. Besides the climate, Australian people have a good reputation for being friendly and Australian cities are clean and safe places to live. Australian universities fall in the top world university list.

I have always wanted to have a career in Counselling. I want to be the best among the best and help the people. I researched various universities and colleges around the world. I also researched the USA, UK, Canada and Thailand as my options. Still, the tuition fees for postgraduate studies in counselling is 15,000 to 30,000 UK pounds which is very expensive when converted into[country] currency. There are some factors like; climate, expensive living costs, unaffordable universities and colleges, political scandals and security measures some of the significant factors that disappointed me. This is why I could not choose any country other than Australia as my best option. I found Australia as the best destination since it is an English-speaking country where international students are less likely to get problems in communication. The Australian government provides more than 200 million AUD in scholarships every year to international students, making it easier for them to come to Australia and feel the difference in the quality of education highly offered by Australia. Studying in Australia is a good investment for students like me because we can get theoretical and practical knowledge with a world-renowned degree accepted worldwide.

Although there are a few good institutions and universities in [country], it is pretty challenging to get admission to those due to limited seats. Also, educational programs in [country] only focus on theoretical knowledge and lack in providing practical knowledge and experience from the field, which I think is extremely important to be successful. Moreover, Australian universities and colleges tend to promote practical learning, giving the students a lot more space to improve, be creative and carry out their projects, which would help us academically and later in the bigger world. Also, according to the world economic forum 2017, two cities in Australia fall under the top 10 safest cities in the world, and the USA isn’t even on the list. Furthermore, Australian education provides refund facilities if the course provider cannot provide the course. Therefore, I find Australia the best destination to further my studies.

Why Sydney

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales (NSW), is one of the most populated cities in Australia. It has also been recognized as one of the most livable cities in the world. Along with top high-quality education, vast career opportunities and world-class degrees, it is rich in natural beauties, culture, fashion, technology, business and many more. It is a beautiful city with parks, sporting venues, scenic places and beaches, including the famous Bondi Beach and many other beaches. The most iconic structure Sydney Opera House is also located here. Apart from this, Sydney is also Australia's economic and financial hub. Every institution in Sydney is highly reputed and prestigious. They are committed to providing high-quality education to students and bringing the best out of them. The natives of Sydney are warm and welcoming, and the presence of people from different countries and cultures will help the students adjust to each other. Sydney has an excellent public transport system with a comprehensive network of train, bus and ferry services, aeroplane links, sightseeing buses and taxi services. And the climate is favourable with warm summers and cool winters with rainfalls. Thus, a beautiful city with many places to visit, friendly people from different cultures, institutions providing high-quality education, a favourable climate with tons of transportation means, valuable opportunities, safety, hospitality and the positive attitude of the natives towards the international students led me to choose Sydney as the best destination for my further studies in Australia.

Reasons for choosing ***College as an education provider

Since childhood, I have been interested in the psychological aspects of humans. I have always wanted to help people and give back to the community. So, counselling is my best career path to attain my personal goals. I want to attain the highest level of education and place myself in the line of opportunities. My fundamental reason for choosing this subject of study is my passion for reaching the zenith in my chosen field and attaining perfection in anything I undertake. After choosing Australia for my further studies, I researched the most suitable city. There are many famous and developed cities in Australia, such as Melbourne, Queensland, Brisbane, Perth etc. However, I chose Sydney because it has the most favourable environment for international students like me. So, I started researching universities and colleges in Sydney through the internet that provided Postgraduate degrees in Counselling. After much research on many universities and colleges, such as ***University, ****University, I came across [college]. I researched and got a lot of information by browsing on the official website of [college], i.e. ** I found that [college] is committed to providing the same high standards of admission and tuition to Australian and International students. It is a self-accredited authority registered by Australia’s national regulator of higher education, the Tertiary Education and Standards Policy (TEQSA). This college also meets the ESOS requirements as a registered Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) provider in Australia. All courses in this college are Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) complaint. Here, I will be studying 16 core units. I also found out that according to the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) results, [college] stands above the majority of universities across Australia for student experience. Located in [address] with easily accessible transport facilities and good climatic conditions, [college], compared to other institutions, is a perfect pathway to enter my career and achieve my goals. Besides all such reasons, the comparatively low fee structure of [college] for my course of study (i.e. *** AUD for Post graduate diploma in Counselling and ** for Master of Counselling) convinced me to choose [college] for my further studies.

Reasons for choosing master in Counselling

Choosing what you want to do for the rest of your life is crucial. I found Counselling as my career for which I felt at home. In simple words, counselling is guiding to help people navigate life’s challenges. It is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education and career goals. In modern times, people are too busy, maybe because of their work, family or education. People don’t have time to assess their condition and problems, so they keep increasing and affecting other aspects of their lives. In such situations, counselling helps people/clients identify goals and potential solutions to problems which cause emotional turmoil; seek to improve communication and coping skills; strengthen self-esteem; provide behaviour change and optimal mental health. I believe the need for counsellors is increasing with the fast pace of modern times.

Such are a few reasons I decided to choose a Postgraduate diploma in counselling leading to a Master's degree. Counselling can profoundly impact the lives of individuals, families and communities. Postgraduate study of counselling will give me tools to navigate emotions and understand the causes and effects of problems of everyday people, through which I will be able to help those in need and people struggling with problems. The study will prepare me for various counselling-related positions within the mental health sector. For example: in NGOs, private and government sectors, schools, etc. I plan to advance to a Master of Counselling after my postgraduate diploma in counselling. And I also know that the Master of Counselling degree in [college] is a PACFA-accredited course (PACFA-Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia) and ACA accredited course (Australian Counselling Association). I am also aware of the courses I will learn there during my studies. A postgraduate degree in counselling gives graduates the education and credentials necessary to embark on a successful and rewarding career. The opportunities are great as there are many different fields for counsellors upon graduation based on personal interests and goals. For example, one could be a counsellor for the armed forces helping men and women returning from overseas adjust to civilian life. I choose to work as a counsellor for children working in child abuse helping children overcome abusive ordeals. Such are the reasons why I have chosen a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling, leading to a Master's degree. With a Postgraduate degree in counselling, I'll be able to make a career in which I can help people live better lives.

After completion of the study

I have applied for a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling, leading to a Master's degree. From my research from several sources, I have found Counselling has a vast scope and high-paying job opportunities in current markets of my home country and overseas. The fast pace of modern times has significantly affected countless people's psychological aspects, causing problems that call for counsellors for solutions. So, I believe Counselling is one of the best career opportunities in modern times. A postgraduate Diploma in Counselling leading to a Master's degree in [college] will provide me with the advanced knowledge, skills and experience I need to become a specialist in this field. I will learn about interpersonal skills, theories, and ethics required in counselling. With a Postgraduate degree in counselling, I can work in several specialities within the counselling psychology field, including career and school counselling, mental health counselling, substance abuse counselling, etc.

After completing my course, I also plan to join for a PhD. Then after, I will return to [country] with an international degree and experience for promising career opportunities. Most people in [country] still have some negative perspective towards going to counsellors to solve their problems. I want to be a specialist in this field so that I can change the perspective of people in my home country. [country] lacks good counsellors, but I want to aid in this field with my study course. I can also work for different national and internationally reputed NGOs and INGOs. So, I want to study in Australia to hone my skills, and I will return to my motherland to utilize those unoccupied opportunities and contribute towards the development of my community and nation. Besides all such reasons to return to [country], the main reason is my parents. Being the only child, I am responsible for looking after my parents, as all my achievements were only possible due to their love and support. So, with the high-quality education and experience, I gain from studying in Australia, I will return to my home country, [country], to seize the opportunities that lie here and contribute to developing my community and this field.

Financial Background

My parents are my biggest supporters and motivators. Without their support, I could not have achieved everything I have achieved in my life. I am grateful to be blessed with such a supportive family. Along with my parents has always supported my education financially as well as emotionally ever since my school days and he looks forward to supporting me in my further studies as well. To graduate from a well reputed college and to see me become a successful person in life has always been their dream. While studying in [country], they sponsored me for my studies. My family was happy about my decision to pursue a Postgraduate diploma in Counselling leading to a Master's degree from [college], Sydney. Considering my income and financial capacity, my family will be sponsoring for my entire studies and stay in Australia. My father, [father name] , works as managing director in a*** and gets an annual salary of **** which is equivalent to ****/-AUD. Similarly, my mother works as a manager and gets an annual salary ***. 

Additionally, we own plenty of cultivable land and collect an average sum of ***, which is equivalent to ** annually through different forms of agriculture. Thus, the total annual income my family ** .The amount is calculated at an exchange rate, **** . I want to assure you they are financially strong and capable enough to take care of me during my stay in Australia. Therefore, I look forward to embarking on a new educational experience in Australia through [college].


I feel that a Postgraduate diploma in Counselling leading to a Master's degree in [college] shall be the most logical decision for my Academic goals and towards my career as well. I hope I fit in your image as a promising student. All the expenses regarding my education fee, living expenses and any other expenses will be easily covered by my family members. My family has always been supportive of my education and career. I want to assure you that after the completion of my studies, I will return to my country to contribute with the knowledge and experience I gain from Australia. I do not have any intentions to prolong my stay, and I will comply with the Australian government’s law as an international student during my stay in Australia. I am applying for a student visa (subclass 500) to study for a Postgraduate diploma in Counselling, leading to a Master's degree after fulfilling all GTE criteria. I have confidence that the respected officer of the Australian High Commission will consider me as a genuine temporary entrant and a genuine student and allow me to acquire quality education from Australia which will have high significance after returning back to [country], both to me and to the country as well.

Student visa subclass 500

I abide by all the rules and regulations of the Australian Government and will abide by the student visa conditions. I have a clear understanding that breaching any conditions may result in cancellation of my visa.

Following are some of the conditions:

  •  I must maintain a good attendance, i.e. minimum 80% and progress in my course as required by the college.
  •  I must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance (OSHC) during my stay in Australia.
  • I must not work more than 20 hours per week.
  • I must inform the college within a week of my change of residence or contact details.
  • I must not involve myself in activities that are disruptive or threaten Australian Culture during my stay.
  • I must not be involved in ·any activities that are disruptive to, or in violence threatening harm to, the Australian community or a group within the Australian community.
  • I cannot change the course to the other lower level.
  • I cannot change college, if required, before one semester of studies upon enrollment.
  • I must notify the college if I change my education provider within seven days of receiving the electronic confirmation of enrolment certificate or evidence of enrolment.

Yours sincerely,

[name of student]

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