Statement of purpose (SOP) for Food Science and Nutrition

Statement of purpose (SOP) for Food Science and Nutrition

Statement of purpose (SOP) for Food Science and Nutrition
Meena Tamang

It doesn't matter which country you choose to apply for your student visa; that could be the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or any other country; SOP is a mandatory application requirement.

A well-crafted comprehensive SOP plays a significant role in a successful study visa application for any country. This guide presents you with a Statement of Purpose (SOP) sample for students looking to enrol on Food Science and Nutrition.

These are the quick tips you need to follow while composing your SOP for Food Science and Nutrition:

  • Mention when you developed a passion for your intended Food Science and Nutrition course.
  • Present your independent research and reasons behind choosing management and Care, country and the university.
  • Mention your academic achievements. Also, do not forget to write about your projects, research papers and experiences.
  • Assert your career plans and how the chosen degree will help you achieve them.
  • Talk about your goals based on your home country.

Statement of purpose (SOP) sample for Food Science and Nutrition


The knowledge gained from childhood is that everyone should be healthy, and to be healthy, everyone should be aware of nutritious food. A quote by Hippocrates, “The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food.”, has inspired me and has added fuel in choosing Bachelor in Food Science and Nutrition as my subject for further studies. 

I, <your name> (Passport No: <number>), a permanent resident of <address>, come from a developing country where ** of the total population are unaware of nutritious food and oral hygiene. They are unaware of what eating healthy food means and its significant role in keeping one’s health in good form. People in my country lack proper knowledge of such a crucial subject and hence have significant health issues and are risking their valuable lives. These facts have also barged me to undergo such a topic for my further studies. They would add excellent value to my knowledge to help my country's rural population and build a healthy, nutritional nation. 

When the girls my age were busy planning weddings for their dolls, I dreamt of eliminating people's problems in resolving their health-related issues due to my country's lack of proper healthcare and knowledge, especially in rural areas. As I grew, I realized healthcare facilities were not just an issue; lack of nutrition knowledge was also significant for people not being healthy in my country. This is also a reason I wish to undergo the subject of my choice for my further studies. The aim I carried since my early childhood helped me concentrate on my studies, and my experience during my dentistry practice fueled my commitment towards achieving my aim. The sense of responsibility towards mankind and my aim made me a hardworking student since my school days and also generated a love for science.


My knowledge gateway, my school <school name>, has been close to my heart. My school has been a great source of inspiration, as my academic knowledge started from here. Being one of the most hardworking students, I was a student who always kept my studies with utmost priority. My studies were never put up for compromise, neither by me nor by my parents. I achieved a GPA of 3.5, first division with distinction in my grade 10. As the first milestone of my life, this was a very satisfying achievement for me, and to start making my parents proud of me.

Coming from a family that believes in simple living high thinking, I always believed that success would never come to you without you having a proper aim and urging you to earn it. From achieving a distinction and ending a fruitful journey to my schooling, I never looked back.

I still remember my first visit to a dentist for my tooth extraction, and his comforting words, “I help people lead healthy lives by giving them healthy, bright smiles” was how I was fascinated to pursue dentistry right after my schooling. My dentist's words to comfort me inspired a girl who wanted to help people lead healthy lives. Also, the fact that dentists were doctors who weren't always rushing and could enjoy quality time with their families was another exciting factor for a family person like me to join the profession. Hence, as soon as I completed my schooling, I joined Dental Hygiene to pursue further studies. 

Competing amongst hundreds and thousands of students applying to get a seat in one of the finest colleges in <country name>, <college name>, securing a seat for myself proved to be another landmark. The happiness and belief in me could be easily seen in my parents’ eyes, which has inspired me to perform better at each level of my life. Joining college was an excellent opportunity to pursue my studies in Dentistry and to help people lead a healthy life, which was my childhood aspiration. It was like diving into an ocean full of resources without limits to gaining knowledge. During my dental course, I got many chances to participate in different workshops that helped me gain practical knowledge and better understand my academics. My academic journey has undoubtedly been commendable, with me securing a GPA of 3.3 in my Dental Science, and it would not be unfair to call myself a hardworking and career-focused person.  

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Why Australia?

After trying to research the best courses offered in the related subject of my interest, it was heartbreaking to find out that there are less than a handful of courses in my country that were related to the subject I aimed to pursue, Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition. It was so pitiful to know that my country still lags in providing quality education in such subjects with proper practicals involved, and few colleges adapted to the international level education system have limited seats available. Hence, after several references and referrals, I learned that Australian universities have become an ideal place for higher education studies, sought by many prospective international students. Apart from offering the best quality education, the universities in Australia have heartily accepted international students and have always made sure that they pursue their education in a peaceful and multicultural environment. 

Considering these circumstances, I started researching destinations that best suit me to pursue my studies. I researched over 20-25 colleges in various developed countries like; the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. I found vast differences in all the provisions for international students in each country. I found the USA a little unsafe recently due to issues of racism, which were heartbreaking. The UK, however, was very expensive in terms of the living and fee structure. Canada was unsuitable for me due to its climatic conditions. I found Australia to fit me in every aspect. First, the climate here was almost the same as in my country. Second, the fee structure of the universities in Australia is reasonable. The living expenses for an international student are affordable too.

Why Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition?

As I learned about the different scopes of dentistry during the last year of the program, Food and Nutrition attracted me very much. Also, during my 4 weeks of professional field practice, my interest in the subject had already grown even more profound as I realized the first and foremost major factor for a person to be healthy depended upon what s/he eats. After completing my program in Dental Science, I got an opportunity to work for < company name>. During my association with the dental clinic, I encountered many unhealthy patients because of their eating habits, which was also a significant reason for their unhealthy oral hygiene. Coming across many situations and patients, my slowly growing interest in Food and Nutrition urged me to apply for the same for my further studies. Hence, I have decided to broaden my knowledge of Food and Nutrition for further studies. 

While researching the subject, the course is rated 5 stars for skills development in Health Services & Support in Study in Australia-Study Info Centre Guide. I believe after the completion of the course. I will be able to build essential skills and knowledge about the role of food and nutrition in human health and illness prevention, food composition knowledge and cooking/culinary skills, novel food product design, the role of food and nutrition in the performance of the body during various activities, and an understanding of food and its impacts on the human microbiome, which will surely help in my aim of becoming a nutritionist.

Also, the pandemic has made me realize how people in the field of science are valued. From doctors and nurses who have been the fighters at the frontline to the scientists who have been continuously working to produce vaccines to cure this deadly disease. This has also fueled my interest in science and made firmer points about how I must change the world and my country by serving the field. To achieve my aim of a better education, my parents fully support my decision to apply to Australia for my further studies since my country lacks education for subjects. Not to forget their endless efforts to support me in everything I ask for. They have accepted my decision to go abroad for further studies and will sponsor me throughout my course.

Why Perth and <your applied university>?

While researching universities and cities in the country, Perth has attracted me powerfully. The internationally recognized qualifications gained in Perth had higher turnover for a rewarding and successful career. WA’s education system is recognized around the globe as one of the best. The State’s practical approach to education, guided by teachers who are experts in the field, was another factor any international student would look forward to. Also, Perth offers one of the highest standards of living in the world and yet is more affordable than many other study destinations. Another fact that attracted me was that international students receive a 40 per cent discount on all public transport, and buses within Perth’s city centre are free. Also, reading that Perth is famous for its cultural diversity and that people of more than 200 different nationalities live, work and study in WA, speak over 170 languages and practice over 100 religions generated a sense of safety for an international student like me who is travelling abroad for the first time and also my parents. 

Amongst the many universities in the country, I researched the leading universities and colleges offering my choice of course. First, I came across the University of ***. The university was located in **. The course fee offered by the university AUD*** was higher, excluding my living expenses. Also, <city> seemed to be expensive for international students. The following university I researched was the University of ****. The university was located in Melbourne, and the total course expense was AUD ****. This seemed somewhat reasonable, but the living expense in the city was on the higher side and almost as it was like living in Sydney. While in a dilemma, my friend’s cousin, currently residing in Sydney, suggested that I apply to universities in Perth. Perth sounded very reasonable for international students, and while researching universities in the area, the <your applied university>, Perth, best fitted me. The university has more than *** students and *** staff from across *** countries. The university's teaching techniques were another factor that made me choose it for my future endeavours. The cost for the completion of the total program was AUD ***. Also, the university is ranked as the best university in the country. 

Financial Support:

To achieve my aim of better education, my parents fully support my decision to apply to Australia for further studies. They have heartily accepted my decision to go abroad for further studies and have taken the responsibility of sponsoring me throughout my course duration. 

Well aware of the financial abilities that are to be met by an international student who plans to study in Australia, I will be fully sponsored by my parents for my education and living costs during my stay in the country. My parents have applied for an Education Loan from <bank name> to cover my tuition fee and expenses for the 1st year in the country. Also, funding me would not be a problem for my parents, as my parents have a regular source of income. My father, <name>, works as a <company name> manager, and his annual income is NPR ****. Whereas my mother is a registered nurse and works at < hospital name>, her annual income is ***. My parents are working and have already saved enough funds for my education and living costs in Australia. Hence, sponsoring me would not burden my parents as they are financially secure with a regular income of *** backed up with suitable property in major cities of Nepal. 

Future Plan and Purpose to return home:

People who head to developed countries for higher education must realize that it is high time for them to return and utilize their knowledge on factors that would help our country develop. Hence, choosing to gain a higher degree from a different land would add value to meet my aim to see my country as a developed, healthy nation, as there are few educational resources to complete the subject of interest in my homeland. 

After completing my course in the stipulated time, I would return to my country and first be associated with an I/NGO as a nutritionist, as many organizations are working for nutrition programs in rural areas. Many nutrition-based programs such as …, …, …, and … would be my major priority. Being associated with such programs would help me understand the situation of the rural population lacking nutritional habits. Earning a degree in such a program will add value to my resume to get through such reputed organizations where I can bag prominent positions such as Program Manager, Country Director, or even Project Head. These positions in the organizations mentioned above are prestigious, offering attractive salary packages with additional facilities for the staff and their nearest family members. A Project Manager earns a starting pay cheque of ****. The degree I earn from Australia and working for such organizations would help me gain ample knowledge and experience to pave my path towards my long-term goal of establishing an organization of my own 5 years from now, which would help the rural population to gain knowledge over the miracle of nutritional food for their healthy living. 

Apart from mastering my aim, I would also want to head back to my country for my parents, who have never thought twice before shedding a single drop of sweat into investing in me and what I have achieved. After achieving my degree, I would return to help my parents raise my little sister. Not to forget, I also want to be an example for my sister to work hard and achieve her dreams like her older sister. 


It would not be unfair to address myself as a deserving candidate to get a chance to enrol myself in this reputed institution as I come from a family of solid ethics of hard work, which is also shown by my academic results and my PTE result overall of 78 scorings. I am well aware of the student visa conditions Sub-Class 500 in Australia, which are:

  • I need to maintain a minimum of 80% attendance in class as my family is sponsoring me.
  • I am allowed to work not more than 40 hours per fortnight except for vacation periods.
  • To pass, I should get 50% marks in each subject.
  • Until 6 Months of enrollment, I cannot transfer or change to other universities or colleges.
  • According to Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), I need health insurance until I stay in Australia.
  • Involvement in any criminal activity is strictly not permitted.
  • If I change the address or contact details, I must inform the University/Department of Home Affairs (DHA) within 7 days.

Further, if given a chance to enrol in the reputed institution, I would leave no stone unturned to prove myself worthy of the opportunity given. I would also complete my studies within the allocated time and return to my country to achieve my dream. 

Yours Sincerely,

<your name>

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