Cost Of MBBS In UK For Indian Students: Tuition Fees, Living Costs & Other Expenses

Cost Of MBBS In UK For Indian Students: Tuition Fees, Living Costs & Other Expenses

Cost Of MBBS In UK For Indian Students: Tuition Fees, Living Costs & Other Expenses
Mandira Pangeni

About MBBS in the UK

Studying MBBS in the UK is a smart choice because it is regarded as the second-best country in the world for medical research and the second-highest recipient of medical Nobel prizes. The UK attracts interest from medical students worldwide because it has top medical institutions with top-notch facilities and technology. A Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery, sometimes known as MB ChB or MB BCh at various UK universities, is comparable to MBBS in the UK. In the UK, the MBBS program lasts five to six years. Most British medicine programmes include a six to twelve-week optional phase that gives students a chance to pursue coursework at institutions other than their home medical university.

Many students take advantage of this opportunity to learn about various cultures and experiences related to medicine practised and viewed worldwide. After completing the course, whether you work in the UK or elsewhere, you will have the chance to earn a generous salary because of the prestigious British degree that bears your name.

In addition, medical students are permitted by UK institutions to gain work experience while they are studying. This article will explain the procedure if you want to study MBBS in the UK. We have provided Indian students with all the necessary information to pursue an MBBS in the UK.

Let's start!

Why study MBBS in the UK?

Studying MBBS in the UK is an excellent choice for students because it is one of the top nations for education. However, why should one select MBBS in the UK? Those who want to become doctors should study MBBS in the UK for the following reasons:

  • More than 45 of the institutions included among the top 600 medical schools in the world are located in the United Kingdom (QS News Ranking 2022-23).
  • Doctors in the UK often earn 67% more than workers in other health and medical fields, making it a lucrative career choice.
  • Medical professionals' salaries have increased along with the demand for their services, giving students a wide range of employment alternatives.
  • The top medical schools in the UK have close relationships with domestic and international medical communities. International students will have more placement and career opportunities as a result.
  • The UK provides a 67% greater income range than other nations, enticing international students to pick the UK for their MBBS.
  • The UK's MBBS tuition is reasonable. The cost of education ranges from £22,000 to $52,000. International students who want to study medicine but are on a restricted budget may think about the UK.
  • The UK offers a variety of scholarship opportunities that aim to fund this education better to assist international students in realising their dreams of studying MBBS there.

Where Can I Study Medicine in the UK?

The medical universities in the UK are well-equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and boast eminent professors to deliver the best academic and practical education possible. These institutions' designs enable students to participate in academic and practical activities. Medical students can also talk with patients to better understand the ideas they teach in the classroom. For MBBS academics, a precise combination of theoretical and practical knowledge and research opportunities are required.

Cost of MBBS in the UK for Indian Students

The top medical schools in the UK that offer the MBBS to Indian students charge the following annual tuition rates:


Course & Duration

Annual Tuition Fees

University of Oxford

BM BCh Medicine/ 6 years

£22,879 (INR 21.63 Lakhs)

University of Cambridge

MB BChir/ 6 years

£52,000 (INR 49 Lakhs)

University College London (UCL)

MBBS/BSC Medicine/ 6 years

£39,363 (INR 37 Lakhs)

Imperial College London

MBBS/BSC Medicine/ 6 years

£45,640(INR 43 Lakhs)

The University of Edinburgh

MBChB Medicine/ 5 years

£27,456(INR 25 Lakhs)

King’s College London

MBBS Medicine/ 5 years

£30,266(INR 28 Lakhs)

University of Glasgow

MBChB/ 5 years

£47,900(INR 45 Lakhs)

University of Manchester

MBChB/ 5 years

£26,616(INR 25.17 Lakhs)

Newcastle University

MBBS Medicine and Surgery/ 5 years

£33,600(INR 31.78 Lakhs)

Queen Mary University of London

MBBS Medicine/ 5 years

£39,363 (INR 37,23,667)

Eligibility Requirements to Study MBBS in the UK for Indian Students after 12th

Following the 12th grade, Indian students must meet a few eligibility requirements to study MBBS in the UK. Let's look at the typical criteria for MBBS admission in the UK:

  • A-Levels: International students are eligible for A-Levels offers. They must possess AAA in mathematics, physics, biology, or chemistry. Any A-level combination of three science subjects is acceptable. It requires a general 10+2 chemistry and biology grade of at least 80% for Indian students.
  • General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE): International students must get a 7 or an A in mathematics at the GCSE level or higher. In addition, a 4 or a C in GCSE English or an equivalent grade is needed. Ensure the essential disciplines are covered, including arithmetic, science, physics, chemistry, and biology.
  • English Language Proficiency: You must take and pass an English Proficiency exam if English is not your first language. The following are the approved exam results:
  1. IGCSE- Grade B or Second language- Grade A
  2. IELTS- 7.0
  3. PTE-65
  4. Cambridge English- 185
  5. International Baccalaureate Diploma- Score of 5
  • Medical Entrance Exam: According to the requirements of the chosen college or university, applicants must pass the UK MBBS entrance exam known as the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) or BioMedical Admission Test (BMAT).
  • Visa & Passport: To study MBBS in the UK, students must also have a current passport and student visa for the country. Check the university's official website to see what is required for the program you want to enrol in. You may start using UCAS to submit applications to the institution when ready.

Scholarships for MBBS in the UK

There are many scholarships available for international students to study MBBS in the UK. The best scholarships for undergraduate medical programs are listed below.

Scholarship Name

Awarded To

Hull York International Medical College Scholarship

Students studying medicine at Hull York Medical College

Benefit- Covers 1/4th of the tuition fees in the UK during the first two years.

John Abernethy Scholarship

Students to pursue MBBS / BDS programs at Queen Mary University of London

Amount/Benefit- £5,000 for each of the five years of the course

King University Scholarship

Students are pursuing Bachelor programs in medicine at King’s College.

Amount/Benefit- Partial Funding, applicable to all University-offered Courses

Education Future International Scholarship

Students for Bachelors and Masters programs

Amount/Benefit- Only available to Indian students who apply for all courses and with partial funding

Brunel University London International Excellence Scholarship

Pursue Bachelors and Masters courses

Amount/Benefit- Application for any courses from any international countries with partial funding.


After receiving my medical degree in the UK, can I further my education?

Of course, becoming a doctor is a great career choice, but earning an MD, MS, or PG will expand your knowledge and boost your professional skills in the same field. The postgraduate programs offered by UK colleges have all received approval from the MCI in India. If you complete an MD-MS degree in the UK, you can practice medicine in the UK and India. To pursue a PG or MD, students are not needed to take any admissions examinations. The only need is a 7-band IELTS overall score. Both PLAB 1 and GMC registration are optional.

How much does an MBBS in the UK cost?

For overseas students, the average cost of an MBBS in the UK ranges from £27,000 to $54,000 per year.

How can I enrol in a UK MBBS program?

You must apply to a college that provides an MBBS program. Submit all supporting documentation, including test results, academic records, SOPs, LORs, and more, and then watch for the verdict.

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