What is PTE?

What is PTE?

What is PTE?
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Pearson Test of English (PTE) assesses the candidates' written, spoken, reading and listening skills to ensure that they can study with a clear understanding of the universal language, English, in the international context. 

PTE is an alternative to other English proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL. 

It is the world's leading computer or tests centre-based English test for study abroad or immigration purposes. You will come across tables, summaries, extracts, and several more objects in your daily life. 

PTE Academic Exam is scored on a scale of 10 to 90, where 10 is the lowest, with increments of 1 point. The score showcases the person’s ability to read, speak, understand verbal instructions and write the English language.

There are two types of PTE: Academic and General. PTE Academic is the most well-known test of the two and is accepted by many universities, colleges and schools as proof of English proficiency. The PTE General test, however, is not accepted by immigration bodies and is only intended for vocational purposes.

PTE test format

PTE-Academic Exam is divided into four modules: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. While the Speaking and Writing modules are combined in one session, Listening and Reading have separate sections. 

There are twenty types of question formats, ranging from MCQs to essay writing, reading out sentences to choosing a proper word. The total time allotted to complete all the tasks is 3 hours.

Speaking and Writing

As the name implies, the Speaking & Writing test examines candidates based on their spoken and written skills. It also assesses your speaking, listening, and writing skills, which means you must pay great attention in Reading, Listening, and Writing. 

Your speaking skills will be judged based on questions you are asked to respond to. It begins with the Personal Introduction and consists of six other small sections. The time allotted to complete this section is 77 to 93 minutes.


This section of the PTE exam contains passages and questions based on your reading skills. You’ll have to read the instructions carefully before answering each question. The section allows you 32 to 41 minutes to complete it. It depends on how you manage all the sections within the time limit.


Your listening skills are tested in this section and are split into eight parts. The time allotted to complete the tasks in this section is 45 to 57 minutes. It is designed to assess the candidate's ability to understand spoken English. The students must ensure they hear the audio file played carefully and retain what they heard.

How can I book the PTE exam?

To book PTE Academic, visit the official PTE Academic website and create your Pearson account (once you complete the registration process, you will receive an email within 48 hours from Pearson with your login details).

Then, search for your nearest test centre and select a suitable time and date. After selecting all your details, make payment and finalize your booking.

What do I need to take in the PTE exam?

You must bring an acceptable ID, most preferably your passport. They will ask for a digital photograph, and your signature, scan your palm, and assign you a locker to check in your belongings. Also, make sure you arrive 30 minutes before the test starts.

When will I receive my PTE results?

PTE Academic Results are usually available online within two working days from the test date, and you can access the result from your PTE Academic student account. First, you will receive an email with instructions about accessing the results online within five working days.

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