How to choose a University and Course in Australia?

How to choose a University and Course in Australia?

How to choose a University and Course in Australia?
Rosmit Gyawali

Once you’ve decided to study in Australia, you’ll probably lookout for one or two courses and universities through recommendations from friends or family, considering those that align with your long-term career goals.

Choosing the best university and course is a prime concern for international students. 

 But it’s not that simple; it’s a massive career decision as you’ll spend many valuable years of your life and a lot of money learning the course at your chosen university. So, it would be best to emphasise doing proper research and seeking guidance before deciding.

Here are some important points we think you should consider:


Consider the prospects of your study field in the city you’re travelling to. If you’re considering the hospitality sector, cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne flourish in the hospitality field and provide you with the most exposure.

 Also, you’ll need first to decide what city you want to live in and then consider studying at universities close to your place or far away. Location plays a vital role because you don’t want to spend your entire day travelling from home to university and back home, as this would be tiring and costly.

The world ranking of the university as well as the course

You might want to look at the university's world ranking and the course you plan to study before beginning your application process. 

Graduate Outcomes and pathway opportunities

Always be aware of the outcomes of choosing a course and university after you graduate because there’s intense competition in the market, and employers are continually looking for skilled graduates who can bring extraordinary talent and skills to their organization. 

Choose study programs that allow you to gain real-world experiences and prepare you for your dream career. In short, consider those universities/courses with a high graduate employment rate and earning potential after graduation. 

Choose a career path that lets you grow professionally and academically, so consider the courses with different pathways available to upgrade your academic qualifications and enrich your career prospects.

Research academics and lecturers

Make sure you research the universities you’re considering, including comparing the academics and course structures of two or more institutions. Then, dive in a bit deeper by comparing the subjects your chosen course provides in the universities you’re comparing. 

Choose the one that offers subjects that you’re interested in. We know that academic quality and faculty go hand in hand. Look out for the faculty in the related departments and learn more about them. 

Prestigious universities have some of the best lecturers, so you won’t have to worry about it, but we recommend taking a good look at the teaching faculty. 

Cost and entry requirements

Australian Universities offer world-class education, some have very high entry requirements, and some are expensive to study. 

You should always consider your budget while choosing universities. You will be spending thousands of dollars on your degree, so do your cost-benefit analysis and make the most out of your investment. Choose the one that best fits your budget. 

Some institutions have high entry requirements; make sure you check the entry requirements before applying, as there is no point applying to an institution whose requirements you can meet; you will just be wasting your time and energy.

Choosing a university and course is a massive decision in your career. Please consider and carefully weigh all these crucial factors by taking them one step at a time until you finally decide. 

Check out other blogs on the best courses to study in Australia and some best universities for international students in Australia. 

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