Bachelor in Film Studies in Nepal

Bachelor in Film Studies in Nepal

Bachelor in Film Studies in Nepal
Prashant Thapa

The bachelor in Film Studies (BFS) degree in Nepal is one of the cheapest film studies courses in the world. 

This 4-year undergraduate degree offers a range of professional skills in production, post-production, screenwriting and direction, cinematography, sound design, and acting.

Graduates who complete the bachelor of film studies in Nepal often find opportunities to work with private companies of film industries and government bodies in their documentary works.
Further, film studies graduate in Nepal can also pursue careers in several areas, such as direction, screenwriting, studio production, camera operation, and film editing, among others.

Recently, BFS colleges in Nepal have also introduced internship programs allowing students to gather practical knowledge and build connections within the filmmaking fraternity in Nepal. 

Why study Bachelor in Film Studies in Nepal?

Bachelor in Film Studies in Nepal is one of the few courses in Nepal that integrates theoretical understanding with independent research and practical skills. 

Further, this program has hands-on experience and an excellent opportunity to interact and learn from experienced film industry personnel. 

Other than these, here are a few reasons why you should consider studying BFS in Nepal:

  • Bachelor in Film Studies in Nepal is the cheapest film studies course in the world. 
  • This course offers various career opportunities such as starting a business, freelancing for agencies, collaborating with creative industries for film promotion, story development, media research, film festivals, media education, advertising and film curating and programming.
  • This course equips you with essential skills to act, write, direct, and produce different media content, including documentaries, movies, and advertisements.  
  • It opens up opportunities to study abroad to pursue higher degrees in film studies or other disciplines, like MA in any subject.

Admission Procedures for Bachelor in Film Studies in Nepal

Please find below the admission criteria for the BFS course – eligibility, entrance examination, and required documents.  


  • Applicants interested in pursuing a BFS degree must have a +2, PCL or any equivalent degree in any discipline from a recognised institution with a minimum aggregate of 40% or 2.0 GPA.
  • Most film programs cover digital photography and editing courses. So, students with computer skills have an advantage over those without. 
  • Applicants who passed Class XI, waiting for Class XII results can also apply for provisional admission. However, for formal registration,  they must present proof of passing the Grade 12 examination within 15 days of the result publication.
  • Non- Nepali with  +2, PCL or any equivalent degree in any discipline from a recognised institution with a minimum aggregate of 40% or 2.0 GPA can also enrol for this course.

Entrance examination 

For admission, applicants must pass the university's entrance test. The entrance examination comprises three phases.

  • Written test
  • Oral test
  • Personal interview

Required Documents to Apply for Bachelor of Film Making Courses in Nepal

While applying for admission, candidates must have to submit the following documents:

  • Accurately filled and signed admission form.
  • Photocopy/ copy of certificates of SLC and +2 or any intermediate level equivalent to it.
  • Character certificates issued by the academic institutes last attended.
  • Two recent passport-size photos.

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Major Subjects in Bachelor in Film Studies

Bachelor in Film Studies offers 5 integral specialisations – direction and screenplay writing, acting, cinematography, editing and sound designing. 

All five subjects are mandatory in the first year. From the second year, you can choose to major in one of the following:

  • Direction and screenplay writing

Direction and screenplay writing focus primarily on overseeing film production's artistic and technical elements as a director. With an emphasis on originality and variety of screenwriting and directing styles, tones and techniques, this course helps students enhance their visual storytelling skills. 

Upon completing BFS majoring in direction and screenplay writing,  students will learn to examine various texts and films and take charge of a film’s narrative through powerful imagery.

  • Acting

The acting course aims to provide students with thorough training in professional acting. It involves acting fundamentals like movement, singing, voice, research, and personal/ professional development skills. 

Upon completion of 4 years program, students will have adequate practical and theoretical knowledge to start as a professional in a wide variety of media, including theatre, television, film and radio.

  • Cinematography

Cinematography focuses on understanding and modulating camera movement, placement, composition, and lighting. The course provides complete knowledge of filmmaking’s technical and creative demands, including creating the look, lighting, colour, and framing of every shot in a film.

 Upon completing the course, students will gain comprehensive skills in using different types of equipment to produce images that act as a powerful tool for narrating the story.

  • Editing

Editing is a crucial process in filmmaking. This process involves blending images and sounds to connect viewers emotionally to the story. This course covers editing essentials such as rearranging different video sections and creating transitions between scenes using various techniques and software for video editing. 

Upon completing BFS in editing, students acquire knowledge of filmmaking's technical and aesthetic aspects. Moreover, it broadens their professional scope to work as video editors in various industries, corporations, post-production films and more.   

  • Sound recording and design

Sound recording and design courses seek to provide technical knowledge on sound and its creative uses in a movie. Some of the significant elements of this course include music, dialogue, sound effects, ambient noise, background noise and soundtracks. 

Upon completing this 4 years undergraduate degree, students will learn to produce, design and synchronise sound professionally using various devices and software used in sound designing. 

Bachelor in Film Studies Colleges in Nepal   




Courses offered

Course duration


Oscar International College

Sukedhara, Kathmandu 

Tribhuvan University


Bachelor’s Degree in Film Studies (BFS)


Nepal Film Campus

Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Tribhuvan University


Bachelor’s Degree in Film Studies (BFS)


Kathmandu University - Centre for Art and Design


Kathmandu University


Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies (BMS)


Fee structure of BFS in Nepal


Fee Structure

Oscar International College

5-6 lakhs

Nepal Film Campus

Information N/A

Kathmandu University - Centre for Art and Design 

5, 33,000

Job prospects

Bachelor in Film Studies graduates can pursue various technical, creative or theoretical careers. You can opt for careers in Art, Design & Culture, Compositing, Motion Design, Animation, Cinematography and Film editing.

Other options in the industry include:

  • Film critic
  • Production Assistant
  • Screenwriter
  • Film director
  • Film theorist
  • Film/television/video producer
  • Social means manager
  • Runner, broadcasting/video/film
  • Public relations officer
  • Program researcher
  • Software specialist
  • Media planner
  • Information officer
  • Magazine journalist
  • Broadcast journalist
  • Advertising account executive
  • Market researcher

Employers include:

  • National and international broadcasters such as Amazon and Netflix, and more
  • Movies
  • Different production companies
  • Publishing and media houses, newspapers and film magazines
  • Advertising, PR and marketing companies
  • Multimedia and digital design companies
  • Different educational institutions (teaching and academic research)

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Other Filmmaking Short-Term Courses 

Besides BFS, those interested can also enrol for short-term diploma courses in filmmaking and cinematography. Some of the institutions providing diploma courses are listed below.  



Courses offered

Fee structure

Special provision

Everest Film Academy

New Baneshwor,


Diploma courses in Acting, Direction, Cinematography, Visual editing and Sound


35000 discount for females

Kantipur Film Academy

Thapa Gaun,

New Baneshwor,


Diploma in Film writing and Directing (1 year)


25,000 discount to females in the last instalment

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