Best BBA Colleges in Nepal

Best BBA Colleges in Nepal

Best BBA Colleges in Nepal
Nikita Shakya

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) is one of Nepal's most sought-after bachelor courses for management students. Plenty of colleges provide Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) programs in Nepal under the affiliation of TU, KU, PU and so on. 

In addition to the colleges affiliated with universities in Nepal, there are also colleges affiliated with universities abroad (USA, Malaysia, India, UK, etcetera) providing BBA degrees in Nepal

The subjects in the Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) program are composed so that students will be prepared for a career in business and entrepreneurship after completing their undergraduate studies. 

Many Nepal students inclined towards business and management might wonder, “Which college is best for BBA in Nepal”?. You might want to keep reading this article if you are one of those students.

The top 10 BBA colleges in Nepal are: 

Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM)

As the name suggests, Kathmandu University School of Management is a KU-affiliated college in Nepal that provide management-related degrees, including BBAMBA and EMBA. 

KUSOM was established in 1993 and is located in Balkumari, Lalitpur. KUSOM promises good management and instils leadership quality in students by helping them work on their communication and interpersonal skills in addition to the course and curriculum. 

This management school provides 2 BBA programs- BBA marketing and BBA Finance and Banking. Other bachelor's courses offered at KUSOM are; Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM), Bachelor in Business Information System (BBIS), etcetera. 

Companies and leading industries highly desire the graduates of KUSOM. 

There is also a provision of the Juddha Bahadur Scholarship which provides a partial or full waiver to one or more deserving students. 

Apex College

Located in Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Apex College is, hands down, one of the best colleges in Nepal for the Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) program. Besides the regular BBA program, Apex College offers innovative variations to BBA like Bachelor of Business Administration in Travel and Tourism (BBA-TT) and Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI).  

Apex College is affiliated with Pokhara University (PU). It highly believes in the application and practical-based study approaches. So, Apex College conducts several leadership programs, case studies and surveys to help students thrive. 

To enrol in the Apex College BBA program, students must present all their academic documents, appear in an entrance exam and present in a personal interview. 

Shankar Dev Campus

Shankar Dev Campus is located in Bagbazar, Kathmandu and provides students with a 4 years Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) program. It is the best government college for BBA in Nepal. 

BBA in Shankar Dev Campus is famous for the excellent learning experience, timely exams, assessments and results, quality education, practicality, high placements and low tuition fees. 

Nevertheless, one must compete in the CMAT exam and demonstrate eligibility to be considered for application to Shankar Dev Campus. 

In addition, Shankar Dev Campus also provides Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) and Bachelor of Information Management (BIM).

Purbanchal University, School of Management (PUSOM)

Purbanchal University, School of Management, is located in Biratnagar, Nepal. It offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM), M. Phil in Management, and Master of Business Administration (MBA). 

PUSOM hopes to generate dynamic, capable and energetic graduates ready to take on any challenges and develop to the country’s development. 

The career prospects this degree opens up for students are corporate manager, international manager, banker, entrepreneur, etcetera.

Islington College 

Islington College was established in 1996. The 4 years Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) program at Islington College prepares students for a career in investment banking, management consulting, research and development, financial analysis, etc. 

The academic program related to business administration provided by Islington College is-  Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing with international business, Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance with international Business, and Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business. 

It offers these courses in partnership with London Metropolitan University, UK. 

Islington College is accommodated with modern computer labs, seminar halls, a library, discussion rooms, learning zones, etcetera. 

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Ace Institute of Management

Ace Institute of Management is affiliated with PU and was established in 1999. The undergraduate business program provided by Ace Institute of Management includes a BBA and Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI). 

In addition to the BBA program, Ace Institute of Management also offers MBA and EMBA programs. This college often brings out leading managers and industrialists of Nepal for guest lecturing to keep its students motivated. 

Ace has demonstrated promising results and graduated from the Ace Institute of Management, which has depicted a reasonable employability rate. 

Furthermore, this institute focuses on individual-centred teaching methods for the overall development of every student. 

ACE paves a path for students hungry for knowledge and success. 

DAV College of Management

DAV College of Management is a private college affiliated with TU which offers a BBA program. DAV commenced providing BBA and BBS programs to students in 2003.

DAV conducts soft skills development, workshops, surveys, industrial visits, ad extracurricular activities for the overall development of the students. 

DAV college also offers business-related degrees like a Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) and a Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS).  Students must appear and score at least a passing score in CMAT to be considered for application to DAV college. 

The DAV college also has provisions for scholarships for academically sound students.

The up-to-date curriculum, dedicated IT department, seasoned faculty members and teachers, library, modern classes, etcetera make DAV college a top BBA college in Nepal.

Birgunj Public College (BPC)

Birgunj Public College is a business college affiliated with Tribhuvan University and Purbanchal University. The BBA and MBA program at Birgunj Public College is affiliated with PU. On the other hand, BBS, BIM and MBS program is affiliated with TU. It is situated in Panitanki, Birgunj. 

BPC believes in innovative education, research, networking and overall growth. To achieve this, BPC has an education management policy, up to developing curriculum and college infrastructures, etcetera. 

The idea of BPC is “Teaching is not a profession but a mission”

King’s College

King’s College was established in 2009. It provides comprehensive health insurance of full coverage to BBA and MBA students. The programs at King’s College are affiliated with Westcliff University, California, US,

King’s College has several excellence hubs like King’s Incubation Centre, Empowerment Academy, Executive Education Centre, TechLAB, Mentorship Pathway, Center of Research and Development (CERAD), etcetera. 

The overall purpose of these organizations is to assist King’s College in achieving its mission and create highly competent individuals ready to take on any professional endeavour. 

King’s College offers placement and internship programs to students in Nepal's top-notch companies and banks. The graduates of King’s College are recruited by famous institutions of Nepal like Mega Bank, NMB Bank, Hotel Annapurna, Bhat-Bhateni supermarket and so on, 

Kathmandu College of Management (KCM)

Kathmandu College of Management is another BBA college in Nepal. It was the first college in Nepal to provide BBA.

KCM has provided BBA in partnership with SIAM University of Thailand since 2014. 

 It was established in 1997 and is situated in Gwarko, Lalitpur. KCM has modern labs, seminar rooms, parking lots, an expert team, etc.

It offers BBA marketing, BBA Finance and Banking to students. 

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