Best IELTS Preparation Classes in Nepal

Best IELTS Preparation Classes in Nepal

Best IELTS Preparation Classes in Nepal
Rojina Raut

IELTS should be one of the most heard terms for someone willing to go abroad for higher studies. You might also have researched the IELTS, IELTS course, IELTS syllabus, IELTS fees, IELTS practice, IELTS classes and so on. 

To add to the list of everything you need to know about IELTS, here we will reflect on some other essential things you must be careful of while preparing for IELTS.

What is IELTS? - A quick overview 

The International English Language Testing System, also known as IELTS, is the world's most popular English proficiency assessment. If you belong to a non-native English country and wish to go to an English-speaking country for study, work or migration, you must demonstrate your English language proficiency.

Most universities, colleges and academic institutions in Australia, the USA, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland recognise IELTS certification.

IELTS evaluates your English language ability in four categories:

  1. Listening
  2. Reading
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking

Your skills in each category are assessed and given a band score of 1-9, from non-user to expert user. Your overall IELTS band score is based on the average score of each part of the test.

Preparing for the IELTS exam

Acquiring an IELTS certification might seem to be just a fulfilment of the visa or admission requirement to many. But it adheres to your life skills while in a foreign land. 

Nevertheless, you will be at that particular place to study. And all you can hear and speak at your college is English.

Having an acceptable level of proficiency in English will enrich your learning experience by easing understanding and both ways of communication. Additionally, it will also boost your confidence to socialise, thereby also opening other professional avenues.

Again, you need not sit for the IELTS exam right away. There are IELTS preparation classes that help you test, practice and sharpen your English skills.

Even if you have a higher level of English, you should not forget that you still need a score that certifies your capability. 

We understand you all wish to improve your English language skills and achieve a specific score. Most of the classes are 4 to 8 weeks long and might extend if you need additional practice in specific categories.

However, how long you need to take the classes or prepare entirely depends on your present ability. 

Best IELTS preparation classes in Nepal

There are many IELTS preparation centres across Nepal. You may see billboards hanging with advertisements of those that claim to be the best. Your friends and relatives might even come forward suggesting one or two. This might be pretty overwhelming and confusing for you.

Below we suggest some things to consider while choosing the best IELTS coaching centre for you in your area.

  1. Ensure that the IELTS tutors are trained, highly qualified and have good teaching experience.
  2. Class sizes make a crucial difference in IELTS preparation. In small class sizes, you get attention and have more practice time.
  3. See if they provide enough reference and practice materials/IELTS preparation books- cost-free.
  4. Check if they designate enough mock sample tests on areas you lack.
  5. Past IELTS result history could also be a significant benchmark.
  6. Systematic review and feedback from tutors are other things not to be missed.
  7. Location and class timings might be vital if you are a job holder.

Before getting into classes offered at coaching centres or even starting to prepare yourself, being familiar with the IELTS test format and its module is inevitable. Moreover, IELTS is available on paper and computer. Therefore, getting acquainted with the medium you opt for is equally important.

If you are reluctant or unable by any chance to enrol on physical classes for IELTS preparations, you may even start preparing by yourself at home. There are online platforms where you can take up both live and online classes at your convenience. 

Preparing IELTS with LEARNSIC

The top in the list of online IELTS preparation classes is Learnsic in Nepal. Learnsic is a virtual learning platform serving you with online classes on IELTS. As you know, learning online saves you time while allowing you to learn within your comfort zone. 

Moreover, Learnsic could be your best choice at this time. In most cases, the cost for IELTS preparation classes ranges between NPR 5,000-10,000.

Some online platforms, including Learnsic, offer scholarships based on your earlier academic performances and record. 

What Learnsic offers

  • Live interactive and online classes
  • High-quality study materials
  • Doubt-clearing sessions, quizzes and mock tests 
  • Q&A sessions with the experts/tutors and frequent review of learning progress
  • A unique community platform for learning to discuss and solve your doubts
  • Live classes based on a daily study plan, updated study material prepared by experts
  • Flexible learning sessions 

Registering for the IELTS examination

It is recommended to start preparing for the IELTS at least 2 months before your test date or plan to book a test date two months later once you begin preparing.

No restrictions exist on how many IELTS exams a student appears in or the prescribed eligibility criteria. However, it is wise to check the eligibility criteria set by the university or college to which you are willing to apply. 

To appear for the IELTS exam, you must register online or offline. You must register online via the British Council’s official IELTS registration page

You will have a choice of the nearest test centre as well.

You can also book your test at the British Council. In both cases, you need to make sure you have a valid passport at hand. 

The IELTS registration fee/IELTS exam fee in Nepal

IELTS Exam Fee in Nepal (NPR)

IELTS Test Type


IELTS on paper -in the centre (Academic and General Training)


IELTS on Computer- in the centre (Academic and General Training)

IELTS test in Nepal

The British Council Nepal offers IELTS tests in 6 official locations across Nepal-Biratnagar, Birtamod, Butwal, Chitwan, Kathmandu and Pokhara.  Currently, IELTS on paper tests is conducted in Biratnagar, Birtamod, Butwal, Chitwan, Kathmandu and Pokhara, while IELTS on computer tests is held in Kathmandu only. 

IELTS Test Schedule

The IELTS test's listening, reading and writing sections are generally conducted and completed on the same day. For the Speaking test, you can choose a slot that can be taken on the same day or 3 days before or after the actual test date. 

If you are prepared well, you will get a good IELTS score leading you to your dream destination abroad. IELTS is about practising tips and techniques for solving the lessons.

Therefore, you are required to choose the best IELTS preparation platform or coaching centre with experienced tutors. 

100,000+ students achieved their study abroad dreams with us.  Start your journey today.


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