Bachelor of Computer Engineering in Nepal

Bachelor of Computer Engineering in Nepal

Bachelor of Computer Engineering in Nepal
Study Info CentreThu Aug 19 2021

Bachelor of Computer Engineering in Nepal is a 4-year computer science course that is spread over 8 semesters. There are more than 15 institutions in Nepal (inside and outside Kathmandu) offering this course in affiliation to Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, Kathmandu University and Purbanchal University. 

Bachelor of Computer Engineering aims to produce skilled human resources who can help in the development of Nepal’s technological aspect. This degree obtained from Nepal is revered all over the world and the aspirants can pursue a career as well as a further degree in Nepal as well as abroad. 

In this blog, we have tried to cover the important queries of students related to a bachelor of computer engineering degree in Nepal like Bachelor of Computer Engineering fees in Nepal, Scope of Bachelor of Computer Engineering in Nepal, Bachelor of Computer Engineering in Nepal courses and so on. 

Eligibility criteria to study Bachelor of Computer Engineering in Nepal

The admission requirement to study Bachelor of Computer Engineering in Nepal is rather stringent for TU affiliated institutions. 

For those who wish to study the undergraduate computer engineering program in TU colleges, the following requirements need to be met-

  1. Students need to pass Intermediate Level/ +2 in Science with mathematics as a subject with a minimum of 45%. 
  2. Students need to appear on the IOE Entrance examination and secure a minimum of 40% (which is a passing score). Students need to bring a minimum of 40% to study any engineering at TU run engineering institutes. 

Additionally, to study bachelor of engineering at Kathmandu University, Purbancal University or Pokhara University affiliated colleges as well, students need to meet certain requirements. 

IOE Entrance Examination

The famous IOE entrance examination is appeared by more than 10,000 students every year. The exam comprehends 5 sections- Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Engineering Aptitude. 

The test used to be paper-based initially but now it is computer-based. The entrance examination is quite strenuous and students need to prepare both physically and mentally for the exam.

Different institutes like PEA and SEA offer Engineering preparation courses. These courses are 3 months to 1 year long.  These courses cost from NPR 12,000 to NPR 25,000 depending upon the length of the engineering preparation course and institute you choose. 

Syllabus of Computer Engineering Colleges in Nepal

This is the syllabus of Engineering for the TU affiliated computer engineering program at the undergraduate level. For the other courses as well, the syllabus is more or less some. 

First Year First Part

  1. Mathematics I  [SH401]
  2. Computer Programming [CT401]
  3. Engineering Drawing I [ME401]
  4. Engineering Physics [SH452]
  5. Applied Mechanics [CE451]
  6. Basic Electrical Engineering [EE451]

First Year – Second Part

  1. Mathematics II [SH451]
  2. Engineering Drawing II [ME451]
  3. Basic Electronics Engineering  [EX451]
  4. Engineering Chemistry [SH403]
  5. Fundamental of Thermodynamics  & Heat Transfer [ME402]
  6. Workshop Technology

Second Year – First Part

  1. Mathematics III  [SH501]
  2. Object-Oriented Programming [CT 501]
  3. Electrical Circuit Theory [EE 501]
  4. Theory of Computation [CT 502]
  5. Electronic Devices and Circuit [EX 501]
  6. Digital Logic [EX 502]
  7. Electromagnetism [EX 503]

Second Year –  Second Part

  1. Electrical Machine [EE 554]
  2. Numerical Method [SH 553]
  3. Applied Mathematics [SH 551]
  4. Instrumentation I [EE 552]
  5. Data Structure and Algorithm [CT 552]
  6. Microprocessor [EX 551]
  7. Discrete Structure [CT 551]

Third Year –  First Part

  1. Communication English [EG604SH]
  2. Probability and Statistics
  3. Computer organization and Architecture 
  4. Software Engineering
  5. Computer Graphic 
  6. Instrumentation II 
  7. Data Communication 

Third Year – Second Part

  1. Engineering Economics [CE 655]
  2. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design [CT 651]
  3. Artificial Intelligence [CT 653]
  4. Operating System [CT656]
  5. Embedded System [CT 655]
  6. Database Management System [CT 652]
  7. Minor Project

Fourth Year – First Part

  1. ICT Project Management
  2. Organization and Management [ME 708]
  3. Energy Environment and Society
  4. Distributed System
  5. Computer Networks and Security
  6. Digital Signal Analysis and Processing
  7. Elective I
  8. Project I

Fourth Year –  Second Part Syllabus

  1. Engineering Professional Practice
  2. Information System
  3. Internet and Intranet
  4. Simulation and Modeling
  5. Elective II
  6. Elective III
  7. Project II

The options for Elective I are: 

  • Data Mining and Warehousing
  • Web Development/ Technology
  • Advanced Java Programming
  • Avionics
  • Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
  • Rader Bio-Medical Instrumentation

The options for Elective II are: 

  • Agile Software Development- CT 76502
  • Networking With IPV6
  • Advanced Computer Architecture- CT 76504
  • Big Data Technologies- CT 765 07
  • Optical Fiber Communication- CT 765 01
  • Broadcast Engineering- EX 765 03
  • Wireless Communication- EX 765 04
  • Database Management System- EX 765 06

The options for Elective III are: 

  • Multimedia System- CT 785 03
  • Enterprise Application Design and Development- CT 785 04
  • Geographical Information System- CT 785 07
  • Power Electronics- EE 785 07
  • Remote Sensing- CT 785 01
  • XML: Foundations, Technique and Applications - CT 785 05
  • Artificial Intelligence- CT 785 06
  • Speech Processing- CT 785 08
  • Telecommunication- EX 785 03

Computer Engineering Colleges in Nepal

Numer of Engineering and Techn colleges in Nepal offer Bachelor of Engineering degrees. 

These are the best bachelor of computer engineering colleges in Nepal. 

Government Computer Engineering Colleges in Nepal

  • IOE, Pulchowk Campus (Constituent campus of TU)
  • IOE, Thapathali Campus (Constituent Campus of TU)
  • IOE, Purbanchal Campus (ERC) -Constituent Campus of TU
  • IOE, Paschimanchal Campus (WRC) -Constituent Campus of TU

Private Computer Engineering Colleges in Nepal

  • Kathmandu University- School of Science
  • Kathmandu Engineering College- Private Computer Engineering College affiliated to TU
  • Everest Engineering and Management Colleg (Affiliated to Pokhara University)
  • Nepal College of Information Technology- Affiliated to Pokhara University
  • Advanced College of Engineering and Management (Private Computer Engineering College affiliated to TU)
  • Himalaya College of Engineering (Private Computer Engineering College affiliated to TU)
  • Acme Engineering College- Affiliated to Purbanchal University
  • Nepal Engineering College- affiliated to Pokhara University
  • Kathford International College of Engineering and Management- Affiliated to TU
  • Kantipur Engineering College- Affiliated to TU
  • Khwopa Engineering College- Affiliated to TU

Fee structure of Computer/ Software Engineering in Nepal

The cost of studying Computer Engineering in Nepal differs from college to college and university board to university board. 

For the government engineering college to Constituent campus of TU like Pulchowk campus, Thapathali Campus, WRC, and ERC, the tuition fee of Bachelor of Computer Engineering is the same. For the regular students (regular students means the students who are fully funded), the cost is just about NPR 15,000 for 4 years of Study. For the paying students, the fees as about Npr 2,80,000 for 4 years of study. 

Likewise, for the private engineering colleges affiliated with TU, the fee structure of computer engineering ranges from NPR 8 Lakhs to NPR 13 Lakhs for 4 years of study. 

For engineering colleges affiliated with Pokhara University and Purbanchal University, the tuition fees range from NPR 6 Lakhs to NPR 10 Lakhs for the total course. 

Finally, the bachelor of computer engineering in KU costs about NPR 6 Lakhs for 4 years of study. 

Computer Engineering courses in Nepal comes with decent scholarships. The topper of Each Computer Engineering is waived off entire tuition fees. Additionally, other than the topper as well, some of the best performers of the class are partially waived off the tuition fees depending on the provision of college. 

 Note: The above-mentioned fees are for students of Nepal. For foreign students, the tuition fees are generally higher than the above-mentioned fees. 

Computer Engineering Scope in Nepal

Thanks to the flourishing field of computer science and Information Technology, Computer Engineering has tremendous scope in Nepal. Computer Engineering is one of the highest-paid professions in Nepal. 

The computer engineering graduates can earn anywhere from NPR 20,000 per month to NPR 2 Lakhs per month. While this is an average range, there are computer engineering professionals who earn around 3 Lakhs per month in Nepal with experience of about 5 years. 

 Computer Engineering graduates can find jobs in IT companies, data companies, health sectors, education sectors, etc. You can engage in governmental as well as non-governmental jobs in Nepal. Each year Nepal government opens up job opportunities at the officer level for computer engineering graduates.

Other than the governmental organizations, there are a number of private companies offering jobs for computer engineers. 

Some of the most popular employers for computer engineering in Nepal are: 

  1. Deerwalk Services Pvt. Ltd. 
  2. CloudFactory Limited
  3. Javra Software
  4. ebPearls Pvt. Ltd
  5. LogPoint
  6. Leapfrog Technology
  7. Doc Sumo
  8. LIS Nepal
  9. Verscend Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 
Computer Engineering Jobs in NepalComputer Engineering Salary in Nepal per month
Web DeveloperNPR 20,000- NPR 50,000
Back end DeveloperNPR 30,000- NPR 1,20,000
Data EngineerNPR 35,000- NPR 1.5 lakhs
Machine Learning EngineerNPR 35,000- NPR 1.2 Lakhs
LecturerNPR 32,000- NPR 60,000
Software EngineerNPR 25,000- NPR 150,000
Mobile App DeveloperNPR 20,000- NPR 1.5 Lakhs
Database ManagerNPR 35,000- NPR 1.5 Lakhs
Project EngineerNPR 50,000- NPR 2 Lakhs

If students wish to study for a master in a similar field after they are done with their bachelor, students can pursue a Master of Computer Engineering at Kathmandu University, MSc in Computer System Engineering and Knowledge Management at Pulchowk Campus, M.Sc. in Computer Engineering Specialization in Data Science and Analytics, M.Sc. in Information and communication engineering, M. Sc. in Technology and Innovation Management etc. 

Besides this, students can also go to countries such as USA, UK, Finland, Dubai, Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to pursue a career or continue their study after completing of Bachelor of Computer Engineering in Nepal

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