Master of Business Management (MBM) in Nepal

Master of Business Management (MBM) in Nepal

Master of Business Management (MBM) in Nepal
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Master of Business Management in Nepal is a 2-year theoretical course. It encompasses foundations of human resource management, managerial accounting, organizational behaviour, Global economy, Supply chain management etc. 

It covers the course of banking, entrepreneurship and financial management. This course was introduced by TU in Nepal. 

Admission Requirements for Master of Business Management in Nepal

To be eligible for admission to MBM Program in Nepal, students must meet the following minimum requirements: 

  • Pass atleast 3 years of Undergraduate degree (bachelors degree) in any discipline with a minimum of 45% in Bachelors level.
  • Students should have completed a minimum of 15 years of education.

Furthermore, the student also needs to appear on the admission test and successfully pass the 4 admission tests to get enrolled in the Master of Business Management program in Nepal. 

  • Written Test

This test comprises of Verbal section and Quant Section (just like the GRE/ GMAT tests). The written test is 3.5 hours long.  

  • Group Discussion

Group discussion scrutinizes the leadership, logical and analytical skills of the applicants. 

  • Individual Presentation

In this step, applicants give their position and views on the assigned topic in front of the judging panel.

  • Personal Interview

In this final test step, MBM applicants need to go through a personal interview that examines their inspirations, goals, aptitude, attitude and communication skills. 

MBM Application Process

Students need to fill the application form by logging in their personal information and academic records. You can get this form manually from the CDM reception (make sure to go within office hours) or you download it from

The application fee is NPR 1,500 which you need to submit to Nepal Limited Bank (account no. 04500100099012000001) in the account of CDM

After correctly filling the form, you need to submit the form to the CDM (along with all the academic records, transcripts and certificates from before, citizenship and the voucher of the paid application fees) within the specified deadline. 

MBM Course subjects

MBM program in Nepal has 4 semesters with core Master of Business Management courses subjects as below: 

Master of Business Management first year

MBM 1st semesterMBM 2nd Semester
Emerging Concepts in ManagementGlobal Economy and International Business
Statistics and Computer-assisted Data AnalysisFinancial Management
Managerial Accounting and ControlMarketing Management
Managerial EconomicsHuman Resource Management
Organizational BehaviorOperations and Supply Chain Management

Master of Business Management second year

MBM 3rd SemesterMBM Fourth Semester
Business Research MethodologyBusiness Environment and Corporate Governance
Sectoral Management ElectiveStrategic Management and Leadership
Concentration ISectoral Management Elective II
Concentration IIResearch Project
Concentration III 

Note that, all of the MBM subjects have equal credit hours -each has 3 credit hours- except for the Research Project subject of the fourth semester which has 6 credit hours. 

MBM College in Nepal

Not as many colleges offer MBM courses in Nepal as they offer Master of Business Administration (MBM). Here are some of the colleges offering MBM in Nepal. 

  • Nepal Commerce Campus (NCC)
  • Public Youth Campus
  • Saraswati Multiple Campus
  • Shanker Dev Campus
  • British College

MBM Fee structure in Nepal

The tuition fees of MBM in Nepal is NPR 2,50,000 for regular students. These fees include aL the semester fees, lab costs etc. 

The MBM program of TU has 4 scholarships seats in the total seats of 44. Additionally, the semester topper also receives the 100 per cent tuition fee waiver. 

For the foreign-affiliated MBM College like British College, the tuition fees is around NPR 5 Lakhs for 2 years. 

MBM fees in British College
MBM fees in British College

Source: British College official website

Scope of Master of Business Management in Nepal

The scope of Master of Business Management in Nepal extends to companies and organizations of any nature be it- IT companies, schools and colleges, Banks, Financial firms, Consultancies, Media companies, manufacturing, tourism sectors etc.  

A person with a Master of Business Management degree can earn from NPR 3 Lakhs to 10 8 10 Lakhs per annum.

Some job positions that Master of Business Management aspirants are in are: 

  • Bank Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Finance teacher
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Associate Manager

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