Bachelor of Law (BA. LLB and LLB) in Nepal

Bachelor of Law (BA. LLB and LLB) in Nepal

Bachelor of Law (BA. LLB and LLB) in Nepal
Karuna Karki

The faculty of Law in TU was established as Institute of Law in 1959 and renamed as Faculty of Law in 1974. Tribhuvan University, Purbanchal University and Kathmandu University offer the best Bachelor of law program via some top law colleges in Nepal.  

As of now, there is 2 bachelor of law courses in Nepal. They are: 

  • LL. B (Bachelor of Laws)

LL. B is a 3-year long course that is offered by the private and constituent campuses of TU. This course is offered by 6 constituent campuses of TU and one private affiliated college. Nepal Law Campus is an institute with the most LLB admissions in Nepal. 

  • Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws (BA LLB)

Counting both affiliated colleges and the TU Constituent campus, a total of 280 students are admitted each year in TU BA LLB program. There are also seats reserved for this program based on merit, 53 seats to be precise. The reservations seats are: 

  • Women: 11
  • Indigenous Nationalities-8
  • Madhesi-8
  • Dalit-5
  • People with Disabilities-5
  • People from backward area-3
  • Muslim-3
  • Tharu-5
  • Others-5 

Eligibility for BA LLB 

  • Students should have passed 10+2 intermediate degree or its equivalent of at least two years duration in any discipline with a minimum GPA of 2.0 and minimum ‘C’ grade in all subjects
  • For the BA LLB program in TU institutes, students need to appear and qualify at the entrance examination conducted by TU. Likewise, for the BA LLB Program of KU, students need to qualify at the Kathmandu University Law School Admission Test (KULSAT).

BA LLB Entrance Syllabus Nepal

You need to present certain documents to apply for the Entrance examination of BA LLB. These documents are: 

  • PP Size photo 
  • Photocopy of Citizenship or other equivalent certificates
  • Students need to pass intermediate level/ +2 (any stream) with a minimum of 50%. 
  • Students need to appear on the entrance examination conducted by TU and qualify for the Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Law Programme.
  • Photocopy of S.L.C Mark sheet and character Certificate
  • Photocopy of Transcript, Character certificate and provisional certificate for 10+2 or equivalent level
  • Photocopy of Class 11 Mark sheet and +2 Examination's Admit Card (If +2 examination result is not published)

The entrance examination to select the eligible candidates for the BA LLB program is 100 Marks. 

Type of QuestionsNumber of QuestionMark divisionTime duration
Objective Questions303030 Minutes

Subjective Questions

a. Long answer question

b. Short answer questions

1 Long question

3 Short Questions 

1* 20= 20

3*10= 30

2.5 hours
Creative Writing120

The contents for the BA LLB Entrance exam are: 

  1. Introduction to Law and Kinds of Law
  2. Importance and role of Law in a Society
  3. Sources of Law
  4. General Introduction to Rights and Duties 
  5. Person: Kinds of Person (Legal and Natural Person)
  6. General Introduction to Constitution
  7. Fundamental Rights under the Constitution of Nepal

For the KU conducted entrance examination, students need to appear on a written test (which is of 100 marks) and interview (Which is of 20 marks). The written test consists of an English question worth 70 points and General Knowledge worth 30 points. 

Eligibility for LLB

Students who hold a bachelor degree in any discipline with atleast 45% are eligible for a Bachelor of Law (LLB). Note that students need to pass or appear on any entrance examination for LLB. 

BA LLB Syllabus

BA LLB First Year
Course Code No.Course TitleNature of CourseFull marksPeriod /Year
PS. 351Political ScienceCompulsory100125
So. An 352Sociology and AnthropologyCompulsory100125
Hist. 353HistoryCompulsory100125
L. Eng.354Legal EnglishCompulsory100125
L. Nep.355Legal NepaliCompulsory100125
Eng. 356English (in Lieu of Legal Nepali for Foreigner)Elective(for Foreigner in Lieu of L. Nep. 355)100125
Law 357Legal MethodCompulsory100125
Law 358Comparative Law and Nepalese Legal SystemCompulsory100125
S.Eng359Seminar in EnglishNon-Credit  
BA LLB Second Year
Course Code No.Course TitleNature of CourseFull marksPeriod /Year
PS. 375International Relation and DiplomacyCompulsory100125
Eco 376EconomicsCompulsory100125
SW 377Social WorkCompulsory100125
Law 378JurisprudenceCompulsory100125
Law 379Constitutional LawCompulsory100125
Law 380Procedural LawCompulsory100125
Any Two
Law 381Media LawOptional5062
Law 382Fiscal LawOptional5062
Law 383International Trade lawOptional5062
Law 384Equity and TortsOptional5062
Law 385Law and Social WelfareOptional5062
BA LLB Third Year
Course Code No.Course TitleNature of CourseFull marksPeriod/Year
Law 451Criminal LawCompulsory100125
Law 452Public International LawCompulsory100125
Law 453Law of ContractCompulsory100125
Law 454Property LawCompulsory100125
Law 455Method of Legal Research and writingCompulsory5062
Law 456Law of EvidenceCompulsory5062
Law 457Clinical Law-I Alternative Dispute ResolutionCompulsory5062
Law 458Seminar -1Compulsory5062
Any Two
Law 459Election LawOptional5062
Law 460International Air and Space LawOptional5062
Law 461Refugee lawOptional5062
Law 462Gender and Inclusive JusticeOptional5062
Law 463Law, Poverty and DevelopmentOptional5062
BA LLB Fourth Year
Course Code No.Course TitleNature of CourseFull marksPeriod/Year
Law 551Administrative lawCompulsory100125
Law 552Family LawCompulsory100125
Law 553environmentalCompulsory100125
Law 554Criminology and PenologyCompulsory5062
Law 555Taxation LawCompulsory5062
Law 556Labour LawCompulsory5062
Law 557Moot court, Pre-trial Preparation and Participation in TrialCompulsory5062
Law 558Clinical Law-II Litigation AdvocacyCompulsory5062
Law 559Seminar -IICompulsory5062
Any Two
Law 560Socio-Economic CrimeOptional5062
Law 561Forensic scienceOptional5062
Law562Law of the Sea & International RiverOptional5062
Law 563Private International LawOptional5062
Law 564Law of InsuranceOptional5062
BA LLB Fifth Year
Course Code No.Course TitleNature of CourseFull marksPeriod /Year
Law 581International Institution and Human RightsCompulsory100125
Law 582Company and Corporation LawCompulsory100125
Law 553Juvenile DelinquencyCompulsory5062
Law 584Interpretation of StatutesCompulsory5062
Law 585Law of Banking and Negotiable InstrumentsCompulsory5062
Law 586Professional Ethics and Lawyering SkillsCompulsory5062
Law 587Clinical Law-III Project WorkCompulsory5062
Law 588Seminar IIICompulsory5062
Law 589DissertationCompulsory100125
Law 590VictimologyOptional5062
Law 591Forensic medicineOptional5062
Law592Intellectual Property LawOptional5062
Law 593Cyber LawOptional5062
Law 594Population LawOptional5062
Law 595International Humanitarian LawOptional5062

Bachelor of Law Syllabus in Nepal

LLB is a 3-year course. The syllabus for LLB in Nepal is mentioned below. 

LLB First Year
Course Code No.Course TitleNature of CourseFull MarksPeriod /Year
Law 321JurisprudenceCompulsory 125
Law 322Procedural LawCompulsory 125
Law 323Constitutional LawCompulsory 125
Law 324Comparative Law and Nepalese Legal SystemCompulsory 125
Law 325Law of ContractCompulsory5062
Any Two
Law 326Family LawOptional5062
Law 327Media LawOptional5062
Law 328Administrative LawOptional5062
Law 329TaxationOptional5062
Law 330Fiscal LawOptional5062
Law 331International Trade LawOptional5062
Law 332Equity and TortsOptional5062
Law 333Child Rights and Juvenile JusticeOptional5062
LLB Second Year
Course Code No.Course TitleNature of CourseFull MarksPeriod /Year
Law 421Criminal LawCompulsory 125
Law 422Public International LawCompulsory 125
Law 423Property LawCompulsory 125
Law 424Methods of Legal Research and WritingCompulsory5062
Law 425Moot Court, Pre-Trial Preparations and Participation in TrialCompulsory5062
Law 426Evidence LawCompulsory5062
Any Two
Law 427Labour LawOptional5062
Law 428Election LawOptional5062
Law 429International Air and Space LawOptional5062
Law 430Environmental LawOptional5062
Law 431Refugee LawOptional5062
Law 432CriminologyOptional5062
Law 433Gender and Inclusive JusticeOptional5062
Law 434Law of InsuranceOptional50 
LLB Third Year
Course Code No.Course TitleNature of CourseFull MarksPeriod /Year
Law 521International Institutions and Human RightsCompulsory 125
Law 522Interpretation of StatutesCompulsory5062
Law 523Professional Ethics and Lawyering SkillsCompulsory5062
Law 524Company and Corporation LawCompulsory5062
Law 525Project Work/ InternshipCompulsory5062
Any Two
Law 526Law of the Sea and International RiversOptional5062
Law 527Law of Banking and Negotiable InstrumentsOptional5062
Law 528Private International LawOptional5062
Law 529Intellectual Property LawOptional5062
Law 530Population LawOptional5062
Law 531VictimologyOptional5062
Law 532Clinical LawOptional5062
Law 533Cyber LawOptional5062

BA LLB Fees in Nepal

This is the tuition fees for the Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Law for the TU constituent campus for the batch of 2075 and 2076 is listed below. 

SemesterFees (NPR)
6th 29,600
Grand Total335,600

 Note that, this fee doesn’t encompass TU Registration and examination fees. Additionally, the tuition fees might increase every 2 years by 5% for new admissions. 

Overall, the BA LLB costs from NPR 3 Lakhs to NPR 4.5 Lakhs.

Fee Structure of LLB in Nepal

The fee for LLB in Nepal ranges from NPR 2 Lakhs to 4 Lakhs for the total course. 

List of LLB Colleges in Nepal

  • Hari Ketan Multiple Campus: Private college affiliated to Tribhuvan University
  • Mahendra Multiple Campus, Nepalgunj: Constituent Campus of TU
  • Nepal Law Campus: Constituent Campus of TU
  • Prithvi Narayan Campus: Constituent Campus of TU
  • Butwal Multiple Campus: Constituent Campus of Tribhuvan University
  • Mahendra Bindeshwari Multiple Campus: Constituent Campus of Tribhuvan University
  • Mahendra Multiple Campus: Constituent Campus of Tribhuvan University

List of BA LLB Colleges in Nepal

BA LLB offered by TU IS 5-year program. There are only 2 constituent campuses of TU and one affiliated college that offer this course. NALC is the first private law college in Nepal affiliated with Tribhuvan University. 

Name of CollegeLocationNatureNumber of Seats
Nepal Law CampusKathmanduConstituent Campus70
Prithivi Narayan Multiple CampusPokhara105
National Law CollegeLalitpurPrivate College105

Other BA LLB Colleges in Nepal include: 

  • Kathmandu University School of Law (Kathmandu University): Bachelor of Business Management and Bachelor of Law- 44 seats each year
  • Chakrabati Habi Educational Academy (College of Law)- Affiliated to Purbanchal University
  • Bright Vision College- Affiliated to Purbanchal University
  • Kathmandu School of Law- Affiliated to Purbanchal University
  • Mid-Western University, School of Law (the BA LLB Program offered is Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Legislative Law  )
  • Lumbini Buddhist University

Click here to know about the best Law Colleges in Nepal. 

Scope and Career Aspects

Law course has always been on demand. There is a career opportunity for law students in

Job areas like: 

  • Bank
  • District Office
  • Corporate Groups
  • News
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Notary Public
  • Investigation Police
  • Businesses
  • Court
  • Law firms
  • Government agencies

Depending upon expertise, law aspirants can make from NPR 15,000 to NPR 40,000 per month at the initial stages. However, with time, the salary is bound to increase and they can earn more than NPR 1 Lakhs per month. 

Law Jobs in NepalSalary per month in NPR
Law Expert50,000 to 1 Lakhs
Attorney30,000 to 1 Lakh
Assistant Advocate General20,000 to 40,000
Judicial Magistrate40,000 to 80,000
Reporter15,000 to 50,000
Court Reporter21,000 to 54,000
Anchor Person40,000 to 1 Lakhs
Legal Advisor35,000 to 70,000
Attorney General40,000 to 1 Lakh
District and Sessions Judge35,000 to 70,000

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