Bachelor of Civil Engineering in Nepal

Bachelor of Civil Engineering in Nepal

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Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University and Purbanchal University offer Bachelor of Civil Engineering in Nepal. There are more than 30 colleges including private and public colleges in Nepal. 

To study BE in Civil Engineering, students need to pass +2 with science (physics , chemistry and maths) or any other requirements set by the university such as entrance examination. The bachelor of civil engineering from Nepal is accredited throughout the world. Because of this, you can also apply abroad for further study or work after completing a bachelor of civil engineering in Nepal. 

Eligibility Criteria to study Bachelor of Civil Engineering in Nepal

The admission requirement to study BEng in CiVIL Engineering is different for the universities offering the program. 

Overall, these are the entry requirements that you need to meet.

  1. Students need to pass Intermediate Level/ +2 in Science with mathematics as a subject with a minimum of 45%. 
  2. Specific for TU institutes- Students need to appear on the IOE Entrance examination and secure a minimum of 40% (which is a passing score). Students need to bring a minimum of 40% to study any engineering at TU run engineering institutes. To study civil engineering at KU, you need to appear and pass on the entrance test conducted by KU.

For Purbanchal University or Pokhara University affiliated colleges as well, students need to meet certain requirements. 

IOE Entrance Examination

The famous IOE entrance examination is taken by more than 10,000 students every year. The exam comprehends 5 sections- Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Engineering Aptitude. 

The test used to be paper-based initially but now it is computer-based. The entrance examination is quite strenuous and students need to prepare both physically and mentally for the exam.

Different institutes like PEA and SEA offer Engineering preparation courses. These courses are 3 months to 1 year long.  These courses cost from NPR 12,000 to NPR 25,000 depending upon the length of the engineering preparation course and institute you choose. 

 BE Civil Engineering Fees Structure

The fee structure of civil engineering in Nepal varies depending on the university offering the program. This is what the tuition fees look like overall unless you have secured a scholarship. 

Civil Engineering Colleges

Approximate Total course fees (NPR)

TU Constituent Campus

2, 80,000/- 

TU affiliated private colleges

10 Lakhs- 15 Lakhs

KU School of Engineering

8 Lakhs

Pokhara University affiliated Colleges

4 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs

Purbanchal University affiliated Colleges

4 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs

School of Engineering, MidWest University

4 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs

Colleges to study Bachelor of Civil Engineering in Nepal

Bachelor of Civil Engineering: TU Affiliated

Government colleges offering Bachelor of Civil Engineering

These are the constituent campuses of TU offering bachelor degrees in civil engineering in Nepal. 

  • Pulchowk Campus- Pulchowk, Lalitpur
  • Thapathali Campus- Thapathali, Kathmandu
  • ERC, Eastern Region Campus
  • WRC, Western Region Campus

List of Private Colleges offering Bachelor of Civil Engineering

  • Advanced College of Engineering and Management
  • Himalayan College of Engineering- Chyasal, Lalitpur
  • Kantipur Engineering College- Dhapakhel, Lalitpur
  • Kathford International College of Engineering and Management- Balkumari, Lalitpur
  • Nepal Engineering College- Changunarayan, Bhaktapur
  • Kathmandu Engineering College- Kalimati, Kathmandu
  • Lalitpur Engineering College- Chakupat, Lalitpur
  • Sagarmatha Engineering College
  • Janakpur Engineering College
  • Khwopa College of Engineering
  • National College of Engineering

Bachelor of Civil Engineering: Purbanchal University Affiliated

  • Kantipur City College
  • Himalayan WhiteHouse International College (College of Management and Technology)
  • Kantipur International College
  • Aryan School of Engineering and Management
  • Hillside College of Engineering
  • Khwopa Engineering College
  • School of Engineering and Technology | Purbanchal University
  • Central Engineering College
  • Nepal Polytechnic Institute
  • Himalayan Institute of Science and Technology
  • Morgan Engineering and Management College
  • Acme Engineering College
  • Eastern College of Engineering

Bachelor of Civil Engineering: Pokhara University Affiliated

  • Nepal College of Information Technology
  • Cosmos College of Management and Technology
  • Everest Engineering College
  • Nepal Engineering College (NEC)
  • Universal Engineering and Science College
  • Ritz College of Engineering and Management
  • School of Engineering | Pokhara University
  • Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy
  • College of Engineering and Management
  • Oxford College of Engineering and Management
  • Rapti Engineering College
  • United Technical College
  • Pokhara Engineering College
  • National Academy of Science and Technology (Dhangadi Engineering College)
  • Lumbini Engineering, Management and Science College

Bachelor of Civil Engineering under KU

  • School of Engineering

Bachelor of Civil Engineering under Mid West University

  • School of Engineering, Mid West University

Bachelor of Civil Engineering Syllabus TU

1st-year syllabus

First semester

Second semester

Engineering Mathematics I  [SH401]

Applied Mechanics [CE451]

Engineering Drawing1 [ME401]

Engineering Mathematics II [SH451]

Engineering Chemistry [SH403]

Engineering Physics [SH452]

Fundamentals of Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer [ME402]

Basic Electronics Engineering [EX451]

Computer Programming [CT401]

Engineering Drawing II [ME451]

Workshop Technology

Basic Electrical Engineering [EE451]

2nd-year syllabus

Third Semester

Fourth Semester

Civil Engineering Materials[CE506]

Hydraulics [CE555]

Engineering Mathematics III [SH501]

Surveying II  [CE554]

Applied Mechanics(Dynamics) [CE503]

Theory of Structure [CE551]

Engineering Geology I [CE503]

Probability & Statistics  [SH552]

Strength of Materials [CE 502]

Engineering Geology [CE553]

Surveying I [CE 504]

Building Drawing [CE556]

Fluid mechanics[CE505]

Soil Mechanics [CE552]

3rd-year syllabus

Fifth Semester

Sixth Semester

Theory of structures ii[CE601]

Design of Steel and Timber Structure [CE651]

Water Supply Engineering[CE605]

Communication English [SH651]

Engineering hydrology[CE606]

Engineering Economics [CE655]

Concrete Technology and masonry structure[CE603]

Building Technology [CE652]

Numerical Methods[ SH603]

Sanitary Engineering [CE656]

Foundation Engineering[CE602]

Transportation Engineering [CE653]

Irrigation and Drainage [CE654]

Survey Camp

4th year syllabus

Seventh Semester

Eighth Semester

Hydropower Engineering [CE704]

Computational Techniques in Civil Engineering

Project Engineering [CE701]

Engineering Professional Practice

Transportation Engineering II [CE703]

Technology Environment and Society

Estimating & Costing [CE705]

Construction Management

Elective I [CE725]

Project (Part II)

Design of RCC Structure [CE702]

Elective II

Elective III

Scope of Civil Engineering in Nepal

The job responsibilities of a Civil Engineer include planning, designing, construction and maintenance of infrastructures such as roads, bridges, tunnels, houses, offices, shopping and residential complexes, water and sanitation systems. 

Therefore, the scope of civil engineering in Nepal extends to environmental, geotechnical, structural, transportation, and water resources components engineering. The job opportunities are found in abundance in both private and public sectors in Nepal for civil engineers. Every year, Nepal government asks for many civil engineers via LOKSEWA. 

The salary for a beginner civil engineer ranges from NPR 20,000 to NPR 50,000 per month. 

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