Bachelor of Film and Video in Canada

Bachelor of Film and Video in Canada

Bachelor of Film and Video in Canada
Ashma Shrestha

With advancements in digital technologies and universities updating the course curriculums, Bachelor's in Film making and video production has been one of the sought-after courses in the recent era. 

The Bachelor of cinematography offers students an enriching experience to gain knowledge and skills in film or video production, workflows, motion graphic designs, editing, and many other employment opportunities.

Bachelor of Film and Video in Canada is a 4-year degree that costs from CAD 20,000 to CAD 40,000 per year.

Students pursuing their bachelor’s degree in film and video can specialize in design, television, movies, and media theory, and the study of ethics and professional practices in related workplaces.

Why study Bachelor of Film and Video in Canada?

  • Canada is one of the best countries to jumpstart a career in the film industry.
  • Canada is the central hub spotting top production companies, world-class movies and animations worldwide.
  • Top-notch universities specialise in filmmaking and are thriving so high in producing industry-ready graduates.
  • According to Motion Picture Association, film and television production volume set the benchmark of $9.32 billion while contributing $12.8bn GDP to the Canadian economy.
  • Not only in Canada but the Labor Bureau Statistics in the US have made projections on a 10% job growth rate by 2029.
  • Students can grab this opportunity to study the bachelor’s program and pursue their careers in the film industry anywhere in the world.
  • Canada does not require ACT/SAT grades for this degree. 

What do we study under Bachelor of Film and Video?

Generally, the course curriculum under Bachelor of Film and Video involves:

  • Study on film history and underlying theories
  • Pre-production planning
  • Scriptwriting
  • Motion graphic designs
  • Audio and video production.

Likewise, some bachelor programs also offer students to choose their specialization in:

  • Motion pictures
  • Cinematography
  • Film studies
  • Television screenwriting
  • Musical productions
  • Graphics illustration
  • Animations

For those aspiring film-making enthusiasts having a dilemma about attending a film school, the theoretical knowledge and hands-on learning practices from the universities can facilitate entering the film industry.

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Top Colleges and Universities for Bachelor of Film and Video in Canada

 There are many film producers or filmmakers like George Lucas (Creator of Star Wars, Indiana Jones), Martin Scorsese, and Kathryn Bigelow, who started their careers with a degree in filmmaking. They have achieved tremendous success in the film industry and have already set industry benchmarks.

 Thus, students seeking this degree can enrol in this course and gain knowledge on pop culture studies, sound design, visual media principles and other film-related studies.

 The following universities in Canada offer:

  • High-quality education with an updated curriculum
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Indoor studios
  • Convertible classroom space
  • Premiere software to facilitate students to become professionals in the film industry.

 The following table presents a quick look into the top colleges in Canada offering Bachelor of Film and Video, program name, acceptance rate, and tuition fees.

College/ University

Program Name

Acceptance rate

Tuition Fee

University of British Columbia

Bachelor of Fine Arts Film Production program



Ryerson University

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film Studies)


$29,945 to $38,457

York University

BFA in Production



Vancouver Film School (VFS)

Bachelor of Arts from Laurier and a diploma from VFS


$53,250 (Production)

$28,250 (Writing)

$30,500 (Acting)

Concordia University

Bachelor of Fine Arts(Film Production)


$35,550 for 45 credits*

Simon Fraser University

Bachelor of Fine Arts(Major in Film)


$45828- $60000

Capilano University

Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts Degree



University of Toronto

Honors Bachelor of Arts (Cinema Studies)



University of Manitoba

Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies



*In Concordia University, the Bachelor of Fine Arts takes 3-4 years to complete the program, which requires 90-120 credits depending on students’ previous academics.

With 15 credits each term, students will have to pay an amount of $11,850 per 15 credits with a total of $35,550 approx. For 45 credits.

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Duration of Bachelor of Film and Video - How many years does it take to study Bachelor of Film and Video in Canada?

The course duration in Bachelor of Film and Video lasts for four years, throughout which the universities in Canada enrich students’ technical skills, project management skills, creative skills, and judgement skills.

The filmmaking course will foster emerging talents in Motion Picture Arts, Digital Visual Effects (VFX), 2D and 3D animations/development, costuming, documentary, and independent filmmaking.

Admission Process for Bachelor of Film and Video in Canada

To enrol in the bachelor of film and video, students must complete foundation courses in math, social studies, humanities, and natural sciences. Below is the list of requirements to enrol in the degree in Canada.



Admission Requirements

  1. IELTS/TOEFL or any other proof of English Proficiency.

Minimum scores:

TOEFL: 83, 560

IELTS: 6.5 Overall

CAEL: 70

PTE : 56

  1. A minimum of 60% in the intermediate or +2 level.

Documents required for Film Making

  1. Official Transcripts of previous academics.
  2. 2-3 Letters of recommendation.
  3. A clear Statement of Purpose.
  4. Resume.
  5. English version of native-language Transcripts.
  6. Evaluation of transcripts by an accredited agency.

*Some universities may seek the scores in Many universities in previous academic performance and location.

Bachelor of Film and Video Scholarship Opportunities in Canada

 Numerous internal and external scholarship opportunities exist for international students applying for undergraduate degrees in Canada.

To increase their chances of getting a high amount of scholarships in Canada, students should have the following:

  • Excellent academic history
  • Community involvement
  • Leadership activities
  • Special achievements
  • Proof and demonstration of financial need.

Due to the worldwide pandemic, some universities have even increased the value of their scholarship for the needy ones.




University of British Columbia

International Student Scholarship, Undergraduate Theatre Awards

Amounts valued from $2,500 – $5,000

Ryerson University

Guaranteed and Renewable Scholarships

Based on Academics, Amounts valued from $4000-$16000

York University

York Entrance Scholarships and awards; International Students scholarship

$1000-$2000; $5000-$10,000

Vancouver Film School (VFS)

Top Excellence in Media Scholarship; Second Excellence in Media Scholarship

$7000-$15000; $5000- $10000

Simon Fraser University

SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship

Outstanding academic achievement, Valued up to $120,000

Capilano University

CapU Scholarships, Bursaries, & Awards

Based on academics, financial need and remarkable achievements

University of Toronto

Scholarships and Grants

Based on merit, financial need, community engagement, leadership and athletic performance

University of Manitoba

International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarships

Based on previous academic grades, valued at up to $3000.


100,000+ students achieved their study abroad dreams with us.  Start your journey today.

Scope and Salary Range of Bachelor of Film and Video in Canada

The scope of filmmaking has increased exponentially with companies trying to build their solid digital media presence. The social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have significantly changed how short films or videos are watched. 

Platforms like Youtube, Tiktok and Instagram have been considered the most lucrative platforms in filmmaking these days.

The increasing popularity of streaming shows, on-demand videos and movies, and commercials lead to a massive surge in demand for filmmaking. 

With easy internet access, a growing number of social media users, business accounts, and influencers, companies are hiring graduates with bachelor’s degrees in film and video.

Those holding a degree in filmmaking are securing high-paying positions in the following sectors.

  • Advertising
  • Journalism
  • Broadcasting
  • Public relations
  • Video productions
  • Filmmaking 

In the US, the average salary of producers and directors is $76,400 per annum, followed by video editors making up to $61,000 annually.

The average salary in the film industry, as per in Canada, is listed below.


Average Salary (Per annum)

Film Maker


Film/Video Editor


Production designer


Concept artist


Advertising art director


Television/film/Video Producer


Art Director


Visual Effects Artist


Sound Designer


Costume Designer




Camera Operator


If you’re in a dilemma of making film-making your career, this is the right degree for you. If you believe you’re creative and innovative in filmmaking, the bachelor’s degree will refine your skills and knowledge to have a competitive edge in the market.

Holding this degree will enable students to qualify for entry-level positions in the film, advertisement and entertainment industries and indulge in the future of cinema.

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