Master of Information Technology in Australia

Master of Information Technology in Australia

Master of Information Technology in Australia
Bibek PoudelFri Jul 02 2021

Do you hold an undergraduate degree in IT or other relevant courses, and are keen to specialize and enhance your skills with a master degree in Information Technology? Australia is the place to be! 

Master of Information Technology (MIT) in Australia is a dream for most international students seeking a career in the IT field. There are some of the best universities for masters of information technology in Australia. 

Australian universities offer the best IT courses of around 2 years. You may choose to specialize in a variety of fields in IT such as cloud computing, cyber/network security, IT management, data science etcetera.  

This guide will help students with information on some of the best IT universities in Australia, the average cost of studying master of IT in Australian Universities, IT jobs in Australia, Information Technology scholarships for international students in Australia and more. 

Why Study Masters of Information Technology in Australian Universities?

Australia has been a hot spot for international students thanks to the world-class universities, worldwide revered degrees, safety, job opportunities and PR prospects.

The prospects of IT has grown significantly in recent years in Australia. These are some common reasons to study Masters of IT in Australia

  • Having a master degree in information technology equip you with a wide range of specializations and skills required to achieve your IT career goals.
  • You have opportunities to contribute to significant real-world projects thereby enhancing your knowledge and practical skills.
  • Most universities offer two intakes every year allowing you to apply without any loss of time.
  • Once you have completed your masters in information technology from Australian universities, you are eligible to stay and work in Australia for up to two years (three years for master by research)
  • IT is also regarded as a significant pathway to Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia.
  • Most of the institutions offering masters of information technology in Australia are accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). ACS ensures quality in education and global recognition of the degree acquired.
  • Australia Universities are less competitive (considerable entry requirements) than Canadian and US universities without compromising on the quality of education they serve.
  • Students with an undergraduate degree in the IT sector or with a graduate certificate of IT or graduate diploma of IT can study master of IT in Australia.
  • You will have plenty of specializations to pick from.
  • You can pursue a career in Australia or go to Canada, the USA, UK after completing the Master of IT.
  • Interesting is that some universities even offer courses for those holding an undergraduate degree in any field of study other than IT (QUT).
  • Seasoned IT graduates can earn a 6 figure salary per year.

Best Universities for Master of IT in Australia 

Australia has some of the top universities for Master of information technology. 

The best IT programs offered by Australian universities help students build skill sets and prepare themselves for the competitive job market.

As ranked by QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020 on Computer Science, Australia has 23 of the top 601 universities in the world. 

Similarly, THE global rankings 2021 on computer science has listed high ranking universities and colleges for studying information technology in Australia. 

Australian UniversitiesTHE Ranking 2021
University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney54
University of Melbourne64
Australian National University (ANU)65
University of Sydney70
University of Technology, Sydney75
University of Technology Sydney83
University of Adelaide98
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)101-125
University of Queensland126-150
Griffith University151-175
Deakin University201-250
University of New Castle201-250
RMIT University201-250
La Trobe University201-250

Most of these universities offer a two-year program while some, such as Monash University, have 1.5 years master degree in information technology. Meanwhile, if you have obtained a bachelor degree with honours you can even opt for a one-year master degree program.

Given your interest and available courses, you may decide which would be the best university for a Master of information technology in Australia for you.

Whichever programs you enrol into, you can expect a technology-driven learning environment that enhances your technical analytical and interpersonal skills.

Best Masters of IT course in Australia for International Student

Courses on Master of IT offered by Australian universities are designed for students from an IT or relevant background. Those students with an undergraduate degree in IT or those with a graduate certificate or graduate diploma of IT too can have a choice from Master of information technology subjects in Australia. 

Master of information and communication technology, master of information systems, master of business information technology, master of applied information technology are some of the popular information technology programs for master degrees in Australia for international students.

Likewise, these programs mostly incorporate 16 subjects (12 in some cases) including core and elective subjects. You will have a range of choices on subjects such as:

• Database system

• ICT project management

• IT ethics

• IT fundamentals

• Data and knowledge engineering

• Dark web

• Cloud computing

• App development

• Data mining and visualization

• Network security and cryptography

• Information security

• IT risk management

• Digital forensic

• Data analysis and so on

Master of IT programs in Australia also provides you with options to gain single or multiple specializations. Specialization leads through choices of core and elective subjects you make. 

A Bachelor of information technology course in Australia, master degree courses are too accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). ACS accreditation means that the courses in Information Technology meet the professional standards and ensure quality and content. 

Furthermore, ACS accreditation is widely recognised by employers in the IT industry, both within and outside the country. Therefore the global recognition of your obtained degree would be a significant benefit of studying master of information technology in Australia. 

Master of information technology tuition fees in Australia

Apart from preparation and living cost, tuition fees is one of the major concerns for every international student aiming to study in any foreign country. 

Listed below is the tentative master of information technology fees in Australia to study in the particular university or college of your choice. 

Note that, majority of MIT courses in Australia are 2 years long. However, there are certain universities like Deakin University which offer 1.5-year masters in IT in Australia. 

Cost of studying Master of Information Technology in Australia
Cost of studying Master of Information Technology in Australia


The tuition fee structure above mentioned depends on the program and course you prefer. 

Moreover, the institutions as well make periodic changes to the fee structure owing to various circumstances. 

Therefore, an authentic validation should be made by visiting their official websites or via direct communication.

Scholarships for masters in information technology in Australia

Once you have done all the research on the IT courses, fees and universities, you may realise that the master of IT in Australia is not a minor jerk to your finances. 

To your relief, there are numerous Master of information technology scholarships for international students in Australia. Scholarships are provided by the Australian government, universities and other private and public organizations. 

Some of the general and specific scholarships for international students to study masters of IT in Australia are:

1. Melbourne Mobility Awards

2. ANU Emergency Postgraduate Accommodation Bursary 

3. Eynesbury College High Achiever Progression Scholarship in Australia 

4. University President's Scholarship in Australia

5. Griffith University Remarkable Scholarships

6. VU Covid-19 International Scholarship

7. Monash International Merit Scholarship

8. UTS Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship

9. RMIT Future Leader Scholarship

10. Deakin University-Destination Australia Scholarship

11. International Alumni Scholarship

12. UTS- International Research Scholarship

Scholarships vary with their terms and conditions and the types of bursaries they provide. While some offer a substantial bulk payment, some may provide only tuition fees or living allowances or even help you with travel, technologies or research.

To conclude, all scholarships aim to make your life comfortable while you live and study in Australia.

General Eligibility for Masters in Information Technology in Australia

The admission process for international students in all Australian universities is almost common. However, universities have specific eligibility requirements for international students depending on the course and program they decide to enrol into.

 To get enrolled on the master of IT in Australia, students must have:

The academic requirement to study master of IT in Australia for International students

  • Students need to pass atleast 3 years of a bachelors degree in IT or related stream (Bachelors in Computer Engineering, Bachelors in Electronics and communication engineering and so on).
  • Top Master of IT Colleges in Australia requires the students to pass bachelor degree or equivalent board with a minimum of 65% (some even look for more than 70%).
  • Nevertheless, there are some universities that accept 60% in bachelor’s as well.

IELTS Requirement to study IT in Australia for International Students

English language Proficiency test score acceptable as for MIT in Australia university is 

  • TOEFL-80 with a minimum of 20 in Reading and Writing & 18 in Speaking and Listening.
  • Likewise, the IELTS requirement is 6.5 overall with 6 in each IELTS Band.
  • The PTE requirement is -64, with at least 55 in each section.

Apply for master of IT in Australia

In order to apply for a Master of IT in Australia, you will be required to prepare and submit some academic and financial documents. If you find preparing those documents a tedious job, you may even seek guidance from reliable education consultants nearby. 

Nevertheless, prior to submitting an admission application, you must be aware of the program duration, study cost, academic requirement and syllabus of the program you have chosen to study. 

For the application, you will have to present the following documents:

  • Copy Citizenship ID card
  • 10th Marksheet and character certificate
  • 12th Marksheet, transcript, and character certificate.
  • 3/4 years bachelor's degree transcript, provisional certificate and character certificate
  • LOR (Letter of Recommendation)- not mandatory
  • SOP(Statement of Purpose): Should perfectly showcase your aims, why you chose the course and university, your experiences and projects.
  • Certificate of award or scholarship (if sponsored from home country)
  • Proof of finances to bear the tuition fee
  • Experience letter if any
  • Copy of Passport.
  • IELTS/ TOEFL iBT/PTE score proof

Job opportunities after master in IT in Australia

Once you complete your studies and start a career, you will realize that the time and money you invested to obtain the master's degree in IT in Australia is worth it. 

It is because masters in information technology salaries in Australia and other countries are quite alluring. 

Gaining a masters degree in information technology will bring in opportunities for various junior and senior positions in your desired field such as:

  • Software developer
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Cloud engineer
  • Digital forensic analyst
  • IT manager
  • Data/System analyst
  • Project manager
  • Data and knowledge engineer
  • Security system manager
  • Technology consultant

On average, a person with a master of information technology in Australia can earn somewhere between AUD 40,000 to 70,000per year. Likewise, if you have a specific specialization, you can make an annual income of AUD 85,000 up to 150,000. 

It should, however, be kept in mind that jobs and salaries adhere to your specialization and demand in the industry. 

Masters in IT for PR in Australia

As mentioned earlier, a Master of information technology subjects in Australia also opens up and increases your PR prospects in Australia. 

Australia has introduced the provisions of the Professional Year Program which help students gain Permanent Residency in Australia. However, this is not the only way to do so.

Students with a master of information and communications technology are considered eligible to take on an IT Professional Year Program (PYP) through the ACS. This program also helps you get extra 5 points bringing you a step closer to PR in Australia. 

Under the IT PYP, international students will be able to gain work experiences at the real workplace at the end of their study. On successful completion of a PYP, you will be eligible to apply for PR under the Skilled Occupation List. 

On another note, after the completion of a master degree, students get a work permit of up to 2 years in Australia. IT graduates can utilize this opportunity to find a job in the IT sector. This will secure both work permits and PR prospects for international students. 

If you opt to live and study in regional Universities in Australia for a master in IT, you might get an additional up to 2 years of work permit. Additionally, you will also get 5 points to help you with Australian PR.  


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