Where to find an Internship in Australia?

Where to find an Internship in Australia?

Where to find an Internship in Australia?
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Internship in Australia,

Internships are one of the most effective pathways to land a professional job for career enhancement. Being an international student, it might be a challenge to find the perfect job without gaining core experiences – this is where internship experiences come in handy to build career-orientated solid resumes.

Internship opportunities in Australia could be paid or unpaid, part-time, full time or contractual – this depends on the nature of the job and the advertising company. 

Depending on their everyday workload, interest, and location, these could also be face-face (physical) or virtual internships, which the potential intern would have to choose from. It would mostly be your decision on what type of internship you would be willing to apply for.

Many organizations and companies offer internships in Australia. A list of the best possible internship opportunities has been highlighted below:

1. Internships and Career Websites

Australian Internships and career websites such as Seek, Indeed, Jora Local, and Grad Connection are some popular ones. Once you successfully create an account on these sites, you can manually filter those internships inclined towards your area of interest to narrow down your options as per your feasibility. 

One of the essential requirements to succeed in an internship would be a good-quality resume to be uploaded along with the application. Please refer to standard formats that are acceptable as a part of Australian professional standards.

2. Universities Post Study Internship Programs

One of the most exciting internships offered by numerous universities to its recent graduates is the “Post Study Internship” Program. 

University staff contacts its fresh graduates and places the student for an internship at their host companies for a certain amount of deposit. The deposit usually gets refunded back, once the intern completes their tenure.

3. Directly approaching Companies

One of the most effective methods to grab an internship is to approach any particular company of your interest directly. All company's websites have a “Contact Us” or “Careers” page. You can personally send an email of interest for any “Potential Internship Opportunities” to the management (in most cases Human Resources). 

Please keep in mind to look into the company and grab as many details as possible to tailor your resume to the company's nature. Surprisingly, many interns land a part-time or full-time job once selected.

4. Networking/Word of Mouth

The world of Networking has taken over the modern era. Networking plays a crucial role in not only gaining professional skills but also equally contributing towards the development of your interpersonal skills. 

Once your network with individuals from different backgrounds, likes, and interests, it opens pathways for you to dive into more significant aspects of your career. Especially in a country like Australia, people like to stay connected with one another, and it is much easier and more comfortable to make acquaintances in a professional field; this is where you can grab the opportunity to learn more about and grab any potential freelance work. 

There are countless ways to do this through either networking or word of mouth. LinkedIn is one of the effective methods to network with professionals from different fields. Another way to the network would be through Meetup Groups. These meetup groups are free gatherings to build your social skills; never to know, you might land an internship or even a job!

5. Recruitment Agencies

Even though most recruitment agencies target applicants for paid employment, some also look after internships. You can find countless online recruitment agencies to narrow to specific agencies catering to internships. 

These companies act as a third party connecting applicants with internship companies. Important to note is that these agencies might charge a specific fee for their services; hence, you must choose the right career path before consulting them.

Once you have decided on your interest and career area, the next step would be to choose available options and apply. You would want to focus on your internship application the same way when applying for a job since both methods provide the same result – work experience.

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