Professional Year (PY) Program in Australia

Professional Year (PY) Program in Australia

Professional Year (PY) Program in Australia
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The Professional Year Program (PY) is a well-structured program that focuses on the professional development of aspiring learners by providing them with sufficient practical training and introducing them to a future career path. There are 3 variations to this program- 

  1. Accounting Professional Year Program
  2. Engineering Professional Year Program
  3. IT Professional Year Program

An international student who has completed his/her graduation from an Australian university in information technology, accounting, and engineering can apply for this program. 

The Professional Year Program is a 44-week program divided into 12 weeks of internship and 32 weeks of coursework.

 This program offers practical skills and provides international students with natural exposure to the work culture of Australia.

Professional Year Programs (PY) are explicitly planned for students who wish to apply to Australia for permanent residency. 

Through study and work experience, they encourage students to learn industry-specific skills, preparing them for technical careers in the Australian workforce.

Who is eligible for the Professional Year Program?

Professional Year Program in Australia is currently available in accounting, computer science and engineering, or other closely related fields with high demand for skilled graduates. 

To apply for this program, you must hold the-.

  • A Skilled Graduate (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 485) allows you to stay in Australia for 18 months after completing your degree. To be eligible for this visa, you must be under 50 years of age, should have completed an eligible qualification within the last six months as a result of at least two years of study in Australia and possess the skills and qualifications required for a job listed in the Skilled Occupation List.
  • Acquire at least 2 years of engineering, computer science, accounting or a related field from an Australian Educational Institution.
  • You must also prove your English language proficiency, like IELTS/ PTE.
  • You may/must possess a valid skilled assessment from either of the relevant assessing bodies (ICAA, ACS, CPA, EEA and IPA).

Engineering graduates who completed their degree at a recognized institution outside Australia are also eligible to complete a Professional Year Program in engineering. They must apply for a Skilled Recognized Graduate (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 476).

Benefits of the Australian Professional Year Program

  • You will earn valuable work experience in an Australian company through an internship.
  • Improve your understanding of the culture and practices within the Australian workplace.
  • With the successful completion of this program, you get an extra 5 points that will take you one step closer to getting permanent residency in Australia.
  • It makes you familiar with the Australian work environment.
  • Expands your social and professional circles.

The Professional Year Program provides practical job skills and training needed to enhance the career prospects of international students. It is a practical pathway from university to employment, ensuring graduates are job-ready and helping boost their career prospects.

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Professional Year Programs (PYPs)

The professional year programs help international students gain more proficiency in their field. Successful completion of such programs takes the graduates towards PR by increasing the migration points. 

Accounting Professional Year Program

The Accounting Professional Year helps International graduates kick-start their careers. Overseas students who have received at least 2 years of education in Australia can enrol in this program. 

If you are a recent Australian University graduate who studies accounting and is now keen to start a career but is overwhelmed by the competitive workplace environment, Professional Year in Accounting is perfect for you. 

This program encompasses 2 stages: 32 weeks of classroom study and a 12-week internship. 

Aspirants to get work in an approved Australian workplace. This not only leads to professional development but also to getting valuable workplace culture insights and ethics. 

Moreover, for the 465 Visa holders, Accounting PYP paves a path towards PR under the General Skilled Migration (GSM). 

This happens because students earn extra points after completing Professional Year in Accounting (under the GSM points test). 

Approved Australia’s Accounting PYP Providers 

Professional Year Provider in Australia Australian Cities where Accounting Professional Year is available
Australian Technology and Management College (ATMC) Melbourne and Sydney
Indus Institute Brisbane, Toowoomba, Canberra and Hobart
Monash Professional Pathways Melbourne
Navitas Professional Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney
Performance Education Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney
Stanley College Adelaide and Perth







Engineering Professional Year Program

A professional year in Engineering is a bridge between study and a job in Australia for engineering graduates through training and internship placement. 

Engineering Education Australia (EEA) developed this program. 

Fees of a Professional Year in Engineering

  • Monash Professional Pathways: AUD 15,200 (inclusive of tuition fees and enrollment fees)
  • Navitas Professional Year Fees (For Engineering PYP): AUD 15,200 (Tuition fees: 14,950 and Application Fee: 250)

Institute that provides Engineering PYP

Navitas Professional

Navitas Professional offers this program in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, and Sydney. 

32-week career preparation class and 12-week internship in an engineering agency. 

York Institute (Available in Sydney)

32 weeks class/ tuition (comprehends job search skills, simulated workplace training, Australian Work Practice, and leadership) and 12-week work placement. 

Monash College

IT Professional Year Program

This program was built by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) so that international graduates of Information and Communications Technology would acquire some practical skills and fundamental training.

The purpose of this was to prepare International Students for a job in Computer Science. 

The price of a Professional Year in IT ranges from $11,500 to $ 14,000. 

  • QIBA Fees: AUD 11,000 to AUD 11,500
  • Professional Education Fees: AUD 8,500 to AUD 8,850
  • Stanley College Fees for Information Technology PY: AUD 10,030 (Tuition fees: 9,800 and Application Fee: 230)
  • Monash Professional Pathways: AUD 12,175 (Tuition fees: AUD 11,900. Application fees: AUD 275)
  • Navitas Professional Year Fees for IT PYP: AUD 12,300 (Tuition fees: 12,050 and Application Fee: 250)
  • Indus Institute ACS Professional Year Fees:
    • ACS Professional Year- Hobart, Brisbane, Toowoomba: AUD 11,500
    • ACS Professional Year- Canvera: AUD 12,500
  • Australian Technical & Management College (ATMC) Fees: AUD 12,600

Accredited IT Professional Year Providers

  • Queensland International Business Academy
  • Indus Institute
  • Navitas Professional
  • Australian Technical and Management College
  • Education Centre Australia
  • Navitas Professional
  • Performance Education
  • The William Light Institute
  • Academy IT
  • Danford College
  • Monash College Pathways
  • NIT Australia
  • Stanley College

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