Temporary Graduate 485 Visa Australia

Temporary Graduate 485 Visa Australia

Temporary Graduate 485 Visa Australia
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International students who have completed at least two years of full-time study in Australia may apply for a temporary visa under category 485. After completing your degree in Australia, you can apply for a temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) that will allow you to stay in the country continuously and do much more. Depending on the circumstances, its duration can range from 18 months to four years.

Subclass 485 is a temporary graduate visa for international students who have recently graduated from an academic program and possess the qualifications and abilities appropriate for employment in Australia.

Subclass 485 student visa holders are guaranteed the right to remain in Australia for additional work or study after completing their current program of study. For an application to be submitted, various prerequisites must be met. 

Understanding the benefits of registering for and gaining access to this particular visa subclass can be aided by getting in touch with the appropriate and knowledgeable agent helping in migrating.

Visa Offers

  • You can remain in Australia for the typical 18 months.
  • The visa has been temporarily extended to 24 months after the visa is issued, starting on December 1, 2021.
  • You can travel, work, or study in Australia during your visit.
  • While the visa is active, you can leave and return to Australia as often.
  • When you enroll, you can list family members in your application. Family members who apply for the visa must conform to their standards for morality and fitness.

Cost of Visa

  • For the primary visa applicant, a visa costs about AUD1,730.
  • Any family member who submits a visa application with you must also pay a fee.
  • Subsequent entries must pay the entire visa application fee.
  • Health exams, police records, and biometrics may incur additional charges you must pay while applying for the visa.

Duration of Visa

  • This is just a short-term visa. Australia typically allows visitors to stay for 18 months.
  • For visas issued starting on December 1, 2021, the stay length will be momentarily extended from 18 to 24 months.
  • Passport holders from Hong Kong and the British National Territories may stay for up to 5 years.
  • Multiple entries are permitted with the visa. As long as the visa is in effect, you can enter and exit Australia as often as you choose.
  • On the day we issue the visa, it becomes valid.

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Forms of Temporary Graduate 485 Visa

You can apply for a temporary graduate visa in three categories. Let's start by talking about them briefly, along with the features.

Graduate Work Stream Visa

This visa grants you the right to enter, remain, and work inside Australia for study or employment. This temporary visa program in Australia targets graduates with in-demand skills and certifications.


  • The applicant must be pursuing a qualification in one of the occupations on the Australian Skills List.
  • On this particular visa route, you can bring along any dependents.

Post Study Work Stream Visa

To qualify for this visa, applicants must have graduated from an internationally recognized Australian educational institution within the past 6 months. It's the ticket to temporary work, study, and remain in Australia. Applicants who meet the requirements can receive a visa for two to four years.


  • With this visa, you can invite immediate relatives to join you in Australia.
  • You must have completed a degree program that CRICOS recognizes.

Second Post-Study Work Stream Visa

People who already possess a first temporary graduate visa in the post-study stream and who have graduated from any Australian Institute or any Australian University located in a regional area are eligible to apply for this visa. With this visa, you can temporarily live, learn, and earn in Australia.


  • With this visa route, like any other visa stream, you can call your parents who live in Australia.
  • Your duration on this visa stream can be no longer than two years. However, this is conditional on meeting specific restrictions.
    These are as follows: 
  • The region where the school is located from which you graduated led to the issuance of your temporary graduate visa (in a post-study stream).
  • The geographic region where you can remain while possessing a temporary graduate visa and a post-study work stream visa.

Basic Requirements of a Temporary Graduate Visa

You must prove that you meet all qualifying conditions for a temporary graduate visa. These include:

  • You must be younger than 50 to apply for this visa.
  • You must have a valid passport obtained from an acceptable country.
  • You must have had an Australian student visa within six months.
  • You must have recently graduated from a program registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).
  • Once registered in one visa stream, you will not be able to switch to another, even if you are granted a nomination under a different visa category.
  • When applying for your visa, you must include supporting documentation.
  • You must provide evidence of health insurance while you apply.
  • When you apply, you must specify your occupation; otherwise, authorities cannot complete your visa request. Once you've used it, you can't modify your profession.
  • If you or any families owe money to the Australian Government, you must have returned it or made arrangements to do so.

Checklist: Temporary Graduate 485 Visa

The candidate must review their 485 visa checklist before applying to ensure a successful application. The following are the requirements for obtaining a 485 visa to enroll in a full-time program in Australia with CRICOS approval:

  • Any person eligible to hold a visa can obtain the Temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485. The applicant must have completed a course on CRICOS's recognized provider list. Coursework must have lasted longer than two years.
  • The visa's validity duration ranges from 18 to 24 months, depending on the applicant's occupation and other factors.
  • The applicant must provide the customs official with the necessary documentation, including a passport photo, the biodata page from their passport, and proof of identity documents like a birth certificate.

English Requirements

To qualify for a Graduate Visa 485, students must show sufficient English language proficiency by passing one of the exams listed below. Below are the required scores and starting point to apply for a Subclass 485 Visa:

English Test

Overall Score









CAE (Cambridge English Advanced)


Process of visa application

  • Start these visa application procedures as soon as your academic institution confirms you have completed your course.
  • Offer documentation of your education, credentials, skill evaluation, identification, and relationships. Additionally, you'll have to supply documentation for your family members.
  • For this visa, you must register online.
  • When your application and supporting documents have been received, authorities will notify you. View the actions you can and must take after applying.
  • The authorities will inform you of their decision on your visa application. Also note if they reject your application, they will not reimburse the visa application fee.

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