Yukon University

    Yukon University
    Established on: 1988

    Yukon University traces its history to the founding in 1963 of the Whitehorse Vocational and Technical Training Centre (soon after renamed the Yukon Vocation and Training Centre), located on the banks of the Yukon River in downtown Whitehorse.

    College status was granted in the spring of 1983 when the Yukon Vocational and Technical Training Centre became Yukon College, and in 1988 the Whitehorse campus moved from downtown to its current location, 2km up the hill. In the spring of 2020, Yukon College was granted university status, and all thirteen campuses were renamed Yukon University.

    The main campus in Whitehorse was officially opened with a potlatch in October 1988, at which the institution was given to the people of the Yukon. First Nations people of the territory were represented by Mrs. Angela Sidney and Mr. George Dawson.

    Yukon University (formerly Yukon College) is a public university in the Canadian part of the Yukon. The university's main campus is based in Whitehorse, although the institution operates 12 campuses throughout the territory.

    The university confers bachelor's degrees, diplomas, certificates, trades and vocational training, and adult primary education.

    The institution is currently the only university based in northern Canada.


    The institution traces its origins to the Whitehorse Vocational and Technical Training Centre, established in 1963; later renamed the Yukon Vocational and Training Centre in 1965. The institution operated as a post-secondary education centre, providing vocational training for its students.

    During the 1980s, the institution was reorganized as a college. The institution operated as Yukon College until the institution was reorganized into a university in 2020, the first in any of Canada's northern territories.


    Shared values and northern identity shape Yukon University. Committed to being a welcoming, collegial, and innovative learning community that promotes lifelong learning.

    Yukon benefits the North, Canada, and the world by creating, preserving, and communicating knowledge through our teaching, research, and scholarship.

    Northern identity

    Innovation and discovery

    Inclusiveness and diversity

    Leadership and accountability

    Integrity and academic freedom

    Health and wellness

    Achievement and academic excellence


    Yukon University honors the cultures and heritage of Yukon First Nations and values the contributions of traditional knowledge and Indigenous worldviews while embracing change, opportunity, and discovery to cultivate a collaborative learning environment that is learner-centered.

    Faculties and Departments at Yukon College

    The departments and faculties at Yukon College are

    Centers & Institutes at Yukon College

    Indigenous Self-Determination Institutes

    Yukon Research Center

    Center for Northern Innovation in Mining

    Northern Institute of Social Justice

    University highlights

    University Type


    Established Year


    No of Students


    Number of Courses


    Tuition Fees for International Students Yearly

    13,000 CAD


    September, January, and May.

    Main intakes

    The main intakes are in September, January, and May.


    Yukon Leadership Ambassador Award

    • Eligibility: Be registered as a full-time student at Yukon University
    • Range: 500CAD

    Application Process/ documents needed for admission

    Academic Documents (For Bachelor)

    • SLC Mark sheet
    • School Leaving Certificate
    • SLC Character Certificate
    • Transcript of 12th-grade
    • Individual Mark sheet of 12th-grade
    • Character Certificate of 12th-grade
    • Provisional Certificate of 12th-grade
    • Migration Certificate of 12th-grade

    Academic Documents (For Masters)

    • Transcript of Bachelor's Degree and 12th-grade
    • Individual Mark sheets of Bachelor's Degree and 12th-grade
    • Character Certificate of Bachelor Degree and 12th-grade
    • Provisional Certificate of Bachelor Degree and 12th-grade
    • Migration Certificate of Bachelor Degree and 12th-grade
    • IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scores
    • Passport
    • Experience letter
    • Statement of Purpose
    • 2-3 LORs 
    • GRE/GMAT Scores
    • Application Fees
    • Proof of Scholarships - If any
    • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
    • College Recommendation (if a current student)

    Language Requirement


    Minimum Score requirement(Bachelor Degree)

    Minimum Score requirement(Diploma)

    Minimum Score requirement (Culinary art)

    TOFEL Requirements




    IELTS Requirements 









    Q. Can I work as a student in Canada?

    Yes, International students in Canada can work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) during school terms.

    Q. Does Yukon University offer financial aid to International Students?

    Yes, Yukon University offers scholarships to international students. You can find details about scholarships in our scholarship section.

    Q. Does the university offer any accommodation?

    Yes, the university does provide accommodation. Yukon University offers accommodation options if you want to live and study on campus. The cost is around 3500 CAD per year.

    Q. Which are the other top Universities in Canada?

    University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia are the top 3 universities in Canada.

    Q.  What are the COVID guidelines of Yukon University?

    Ans. All the candidates visiting the university campus must prove they are fully vaccinated. Moreover, sanitization stalls are installed at every nook and corner of the campus building. Additionally, the university prefers online classes to reduce the spread of COVID-19 further.

    Q. What should I do following the application submission?

    You may start planning for what you'll do if accepted as soon as you've submitted your application! Examining the Canadian territory of the Yukon residences and housing alternatives, financial aid programs, and student services at this time is highly recommended.


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