NCA College of Management

    NCA College of Management
    Established on: 2004.0

    NCA College of Management was established in 2004 A.D. It is located at Ekta Marga, Kathmandu, which is the perfect site to achieve professional and academic objectives because of its convenient and serene setting.

    NCA College of Management is a premier ACCA & Management institution in Nepal. Instead of being goal-oriented, it is student-oriented. The institution is the first ACCA college to open in Nepal since 2004 and is an official partner of ACCA Global. A group of forward-thinking educators founded NCA College of Management, intending to advance the professional program.

    NCA College of Management is a privately-owned college committed to putting students on the path to a much more fulfilling profession. Thus, NCA has a team of teachers with both professional training and industry experience.

    This college provides a bachelor's program in ACCA/FIA for all levels. Other value-added programs offered by NCA include a Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) in collaboration with Tribhuvan University (TU),  Kathmandu Merryland College, International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS), and a Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR).

    Gold-medal-winning staff, simplified learning materials, cutting-edge technology, and organized programs make up the NCA College of Management's teaching philosophy, which aims to provide our students with a valuable education. Each test preparation course is designed using a centered methodology, allowing students to participate in lectures, exam preparation sessions, and revision classes.

    Aims to promote students' long-term careers Providing degrees that are worldwide recognized, offering preferential immigration status to countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, and others, and charging reasonable rates are just a few of the main attributes that NCA College of Management provides.  The World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Asian Development Bank (ADB), United Nations (UN), Chaudhary Group (CG), Dabur Nepal, and many more notable institutions have employed its alumni as professionals thus far.


    By carefully analyzing the present facts and incorporating them into the existing educational system, NCA College of Management aims to gain the capacity to anticipate future trends.

    NCA College of Management has succeeded thus far and will keep growing to become Nepal's top ACCA management school.


    NCA's sole mission is to develop professional leaders worldwide by;

    • Creating a friendly learning atmosphere, equipping people with information, and inspiring enthusiasm.
    • Presenting chances for open access to those with disabilities.
    • Offering creative, career-focused programs.
    • Providing the ideal mix of academic knowledge, real-world experience, and training for ambitious people looking to enhance their careers.
    • Promoting the most significant ethical, professional, and governmental standards.
    • Developing professionals who will contribute to the development of the economy.

    Why choose an ACCA degree?

    There are several reasons to choose an ACCA profession. Here are some of the key justifications for choosing ACCA.

    • Build a better career

    To guarantee that credentials can help you acquire the knowledge, judgment, and opinions needed in the workplace and contribute the most value to the firm you are engaged in, ACCA collaborates with business leaders throughout the globe. In conclusion, ACCA is a respected certification that companies find highly attractive.

    Your CV will be enhanced, and your opportunities for the professional growth you desire now and in the future will increase if you acquire your ACCA. If you wish to achieve advanced strategic leadership, you need ACCA certifications.

    • Versatility

    Tax, law, audit, professional, business research, and ethical concerns are covered by the ACCA curriculum, financial reporting, and financial planning, including managerial accounting. This certificate aims to give students a broad variety of skills and competencies. The ACCA certification can assist you in developing the technical and managerial abilities needed to be an accountant. The business language is accounting and finance. With various finance courses, students may also understand the role of finance and management and financial accounting systems.

    ACCA certification guarantees that participants get all the knowledge and skills necessary to perform various tasks and work for multiple firms.

    • Flexibility for professionals

    Exams for the ACCA is offered twice annually in June and December. Following registration, you will have ten years to take the test. You can skip the test and retake it if you cannot complete it all at once. Additionally, no coaching course is necessary. The ACCA certification is, therefore, quite flexible for both employees and students.

    • Global job Opportunities

    The ACCA credential is recognized globally. So, if you complete the test, you may work wherever you choose without restriction.

    • Cost-effectiveness

    An extremely cost-effective option to increase knowledge and skills is to earn an ACCA certificate. Members acquire specialized skills in accounting and finance and crucial managerial abilities in strategic planning and organizational leadership. Technical and managerial skills raise the members' career aspirations.

    • Continuous professional growth

    Throughout their life; ACCA members are required to advance their professional abilities. It will keep ACCA members' knowledge and abilities current. To stay current with information and abilities, they must continue studying. Because of this, ACCA members may operate in a dynamic environment.

    College Highlights 

    University Type

    Private Institution

    Established Year

    2004 A.D.

    Number of Courses

    2 bachelor's level courses. ACCA, BBS.

    Tuition Fees

    2-6 Lakhs depending on the course



    Main Intakes

    The main intake for ACCA programs provided at this college under the affiliation of ACCA Global occurs in September.


    Scholarship opportunities are announced by NCA College of Management for qualified students. The ACCA scholarship is open to students who have finished their plus two (Science/Management), A-level or are awaiting their results.

    Documents required for Admission

    • A passport, a license, a birth certificate, or another form of identification
    • Official translations must be prepared and signed by a professional translator who is qualified to do so for any documents that are not written in English.
    • When applying to study for our ACCA certification, you must supply documentation proving that you match the minimal entrance criteria.
    • Make sure to fill out the Admission and Licensing Committee form if any of the conditions specified in the bye-law apply to you (for instance, if you have received a caution or conviction or have been penalized by another professional or regulatory organization).


    Is it challenging to study ACCA?

    What gives the ACCA degree its distinction is the fact that the tests are difficult and demanding. Employers know the dedication and seriousness required of students to earn the qualification.

    Can I do ACCA in a year?

    Suppose you gain the necessary work experience while studying. In that case, the Certified Accounting Technician qualification and the ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business (RQF Level 4) might be accomplished in a year.

    Does ACCA expire?

    Any Strategic Professionals exam results that are seven years old or older will expire once your 10-year time limit is up, and you will have to retake them.

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