Master of Social Work (MSW) in USA

Master of Social Work (MSW) in USA

Master of Social Work (MSW) in USA
Sahil Dahal

Master of Social Work in the USA trains international students by concentrating on matters like Child and Family Social Work, Community and Social Systems, Healthcare social work, social policy, etc. 

The Master of Social Work is famous in Universities of the USA for its renowned faculties, and international courses work, specialization programs, small classes, modern curricula, job opportunities and international platforms. 

Besides an incredible feeling of giving back to society and mankind, a degree in Social work also helps you to rise professionally. 

Takeaways of Master of Social Work in the USA

  • How do I become a Social Worker in the USA?
  • Master of Social work eligibility Criteria in the USA
  • Social work jobs in the USA for foreigners.
  • MSW Salary in the US
  • Types of Social Work Jobs and Salaries in the USA

Why Study Master of Social Work in the USA

  • Via an MSW degree in the USA, students learn about diversity, human rights, social justice, social policy analysis, human behaviour, health, social work, etcetera.
  • The US Bureau of Labour Statistics has predicted that the demand for social workers will soar by 11% by 2028 in the USA.
  • The master of Social Work program in the USA comes with internships, field experiences, and flexible classes.
  • The USA also offers dual degree options pairing a master of social work with a master of laws, master of public health, master of psychology and so on.
  • The USA offers several financial aids and scholarships to Social work aspirants depending upon their academic profiles and SOP.

Top Universities to study Master of Social Work in the USA

As mentioned above, several Best Social Work Universities exist in the USA. These universities offer variations to the master of social work programs. Where some universities offer a master of science in social work, some universities offer dual master programs, and some might offer both with more variations. 

In the table below, we have mentioned some of the best Universities in the USA to study Master of Social Work and also enlisted the range of tuition fees of these universities.

University Total Course Fees (in USD)
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 42,448- 58,950
Washington University 62, 740- 90,500
Columbia University 70,300- 78,500
University of California 38,436- 48,420
University of North Carolina 42,330- 53,208
University of Washington 89,340- 106,120
University of Texas 53,000- 68,000
Case Western Reserve University 45,524- 60,000
Boston College 55,000- 65,507
University of Pennsylvania 110,958 - 125,600
New York University 72,100- 86,450
Ohio State University 35,000- 50,000











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Cost of Masters in Social Work in the USA

Master of Social Work fees differ depending upon the nature of the program, university and length of the program. In a nutshell, the tuition fee for studying Master in Social Work in the USA ranges from USD 10,000 to USD 48,000 per year for international students. 

Entry Requirements For Master of Social Work in the USA

It would be best to meet the eligibility criteria for admission to the Master of Social Work in the USA. The top Social Work universities have strict entry requirements- High GPA, Work experience in the related field, English language proficiency test, reference letter, etc.

Master of Social Work University Academic Requirements English Requirements
University of California 15 years of an academic course in a relevant field with a minimum of 3.4 GPA

Score 6.5 or higher on (IELTS)

Internet-based test (iBT): Minimum score of 80 or better

iBT Home Edition: Minimum score of 80 or better 

Paper-delivered test: Minimum score of 60 or better

Duolingo English Test (DET): Minimum score of 115 

The University of Texas at Austin

Hold a Bachelor's degree at the undergraduate level with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in any completed graduated work.

GRE might strengthen GPA below 3.0. However, GRE is not mandatory

IELTS: A minimum of 6.5 on the academic examination. 

TOEFL: Minimum 79 on the Internet-based test. 

University of New York

A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum of 60 liberal arts credits and • A solid academic record and demonstrated intellectual capacity for graduate education

 (The average undergraduate GPA is 3.42)

IELTS: A minimum of 6.5 on the academic examination. 

TOEFL: Minimum 79 on the Internet-based test. 

University of Washington

Students need to pass a bachelor from a credited organization in BSW/ BASW. 

Students are expected to have at least 2000 hours of Relevant social service experience. 

IELTS: A minimum of 7.0 in the academic examination. 

The table above is supposed to provide international students with a rough idea of what the academic and English requirements in the universities of the USA look like. For precise information on the entry requirement of the Master of Social Work at the university you are looking for, it’s always recommended to visit the official website and program page for authentic and up-to-date information.

Master of Social Work Scholarships in the USA

  • Full Bright Foreign Student Scholarship Programs
  • Dr Alma S. Adams Scholarship worth USD 5,000 per year.
  • Verne LeMarr Lyons Memorial Scholarship
  • James F. Reveille Scholarship
  • American School Health Association Scholarship
  • Davis- Putter Scholarship fund, which amounts up to USD 15,000
  • James F. Reveille Scholarship of value 3,000
  • Pride Foundation Scholarship
  • Maryland Higher Education Commission Graduate and Professional Scholarship
  • Schepp Foundation Scholarship
  • North Carolina Society for Clinical Social Work Scholarship

Application Requirement for Social Work in the USA

To study Master of Social Work in the USA, you must submit the following documents and complete the personal form. 

  • Official certificates of bachelor's level including transcript, character and provisional certificate.
  • Intermediate-level documents, including character, provisional and transcripts.
  • Statement of Purpose
  • 2-3 Letters of Recommendation, depending upon the University
  • Passport
  • Application fees
  • English Proficiency test results
  • GRE Scores (Not always mandatory)
  • Work experience, if asked

Besides meeting the academic requirement of the university for the social work program, the admit still can’t be ensured to the top universities of the USA for a master of social work.

100,000+ students achieved their study abroad dreams with us.  Start your journey today.

Scope of Master of Social Work in the USA

After completing a Master of Social Work in the USA, international students can make a career in some sectors like school, community health, substance abuse, human services, psychology, sociology etc.

This is a rough average of the salary of Social Workers in the USA. 

Master of Social Work job in the USA Average Salary in USD (per year)
Case Managers 45,000
Substance Abuse Counselling 32,484
Community Health Workers 43,000
Patient Education 48,769
Mental health Care Counsellors 45,000
Group therapy 45,197
School Social Workers 33,000
Patient Counseling 48,673

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