Master of Social Work in Nepal

Master of Social Work in Nepal

Master of Social Work in Nepal
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Social work is a broad and interdisciplinary area that touches areas like economics, education, medicine, politics, psychology, and sociology.  MSW takes students through a detailed briefing of social issues of society like Poverty, Homelessness, social rehabilitation, mental health, education, girl trafficking, Families and youth etc. 

Master of Social Work in Nepal is Offered by Tribhuvan University (TU), Mid West University and Purbanchal University. 

Other courses in Nepal similar to MSW are MA in Rural Development, MA in Conflict and Peace Studies, MA in Population Studies, MA in Population, Gender and Development (MPGD), Master of Development Studies (MDEVS), Master in Sociology,  and so on. 

To study this course, students need to complete BSW in Nepal or other related degrees. Limited colleges in Nepal offer MSW in Nepal. 

This guide will help you explore rare aspects of MSW in Nepal.

Master of Social Work in Nepal: Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants need to pass a Bachelor's degree in social work, social science, humanities or other accepted disciplineS with a minimum of the second division.
  • Institutions could also take the entrance exams to select eligible candidates for the MSW Course.

Master of Social Work Colleges in Nepal

  • Tribhuvan University (TU), Center for Nepal and Asian Studies (CNAS)
  • MSW Colleges affiliated with Purbanchal University
    • St. Xavier College
    • Kadambari Memorial College

Master of Social Work in Nepal: TU Syllabus

This is the course structure of MSW in Nepal in the TU institutions.

First Year subjects:

MSW First Semester

MSW Second Semester

SW501: History and Philosophy of Social Work

SW 561: Social Work with Community

SW 552: Social Case Work

SW 562: Social Action and Social Movements

SW 553: Social Group Work

SW 563: Social Welfare Administration and Management

SW 555: Research Methods in Social Work

SW 564: Socio-cultural Foundations of Human Behavior

SW 556: Intensive Research Camp (IRC)

SW 565: Organization Agency Placement (OAP)

SW 554: Foundation of Human Behavior

Second year:

MSW Third Semester

Fourth Semester

SW 571: Analysis of Social Problems and Policy

SW 581: Nepali Society, Culture and Development

SW 572: Peace Building and Conflict Management

SW 582: Thesis

SW 573-A: Foundation of Mental Health

SW 573-B: Social Work Practice with Children Youth and Family

SW 583-A: Psychosocial Interventions and Referral

SW 583-B: Social Work with Children and Youth

SW 574-A: Psycho-diagnosis and Assessment

SW 574-B: Social Policies and Services for Children, Youth and Family

SW 584-A: Community Mental Health

SW 584-B: Social Work with Elderly

SW 575-A: Disaster Management

SW 575-B: Social Legislation, Policy and Human Rights

SW 585-A: Policy Legislation, Human Rights and Mental Health

SW 585-B: Social Work with the Family

SW 576: RUC

Fee structure of Master of Social Work in Nepal

MSW Fee Structure on TU

Students need to pay NPR 66,000 at the time of admission. Given below are the details of the fee structure of MSW in Nepal. Note, that all the amounts are in Nepali Rupees.

Admission Fee


TU Registration Fee


Tuition Fee (Per semester)


Sports Fee


Library and Laboratory Fee


Exam Fee




A summary of the fees:

Total fee payable 


Extra Tentative Expenses (Compendiums, Fields, and Thesis cost included)


Grand Total Estimated


Scope of Master of Social Work in Nepal

There is a very high demand for social workers- development professionals, development analysts, social leaders and development entrepreneurs- in the overall government system, international organizations, bilateral and multilateral development agencies, NGOs/INGOs, civil societies, social enterprises, etc. 

The MSW Graduates can find fitting jobs in the government and research, officer level and above posts in various NGOs/INGOs and CBOs in Nepal as well international platforms.

Additionally, they are in high demand at UN organizations, including UN Volunteers in the development and humanitarian fields. 

Finally, social workers can also work as development freelancers, consultants and researchers or run their own

projects on social enterprises.

The jobs for individuals with a social work degree are in

  • Media sectors: TV, Radio, News Agencies
  • Academic institutions: Schools, colleges and universities.
  • Research Institutions and Consultancies
  • Government Organizations/ INGOs
  • Commercial Institutions
  • Engineering Consultancies
  • Public Service Commission
  • UN agencies

Social Work jobs in Nepal

Average Salary per month in NPR

Social Worker

18,000- 50,000

Community Health Workers

25,000- 60,000


20,000- 70,000

Mental health Care Counsellors

35,000- 60,000

Group therapy

30,000- 60,000

School Social Workers

17,000- 40,000

Patient Counseling

15,000- 45,000

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