MBA Healthcare Management UK

MBA Healthcare Management UK

MBA Healthcare Management UK
Prashant Thapa

Are you interested in pursuing a career in healthcare management? Do you aspire to be a leader in the healthcare industry and make a difference in people's lives? If yes, an MBA in Healthcare Management from a reputed UK university could be your right choice. In this blog, we will provide an overview of the top universities in the UK offering MBA Healthcare Management programs, the admission requirements, and the scholarships available for international students. So, read on to learn more about the exciting opportunities when you study in the UK in the healthcare management field.

Why Study MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK?

  • World-Class Education: UK universities offer world-class education with experienced faculty members and state-of-the-art facilities.
  • High Demand for Healthcare Management Professionals: With the growing healthcare industry in the UK, there is a high demand for qualified healthcare management professionals.
  • Diverse Career Opportunities: After completing the MBA in healthcare management, you can work as a healthcare manager, public health educator, biostatistician, health administrator, medical practice manager, facility manager, and more.
  • Personal and Professional Growth: Studying in the UK can help you develop a global perspective and build strong communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills.
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid: Many UK universities offer scholarships and financial aid to international students to help them pursue their education.
  • Networking Opportunities: The UK has a vast network of healthcare industry professionals, and studying here can help you build connections and expand your professional network.
  • Vibrant Student Life: UK universities offer a vibrant student life with numerous clubs, societies, and events, allowing you to make friends and have a fulfilling student experience.
  • Access to Healthcare Innovations: The UK has a reputation for being at the forefront of healthcare innovations and research, giving you access to cutting-edge technology and practices.
  • Immersive Cultural Experience: Studying in the UK can give you an immersive cultural experience, allowing you to explore the country's rich history, arts, and culture.

Course Details for MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK

An MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK is a postgraduate degree program designed for individuals who wish to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. The program is typically two years long and covers various topics related to healthcare management, including healthcare systems, economics, finance, marketing, strategy, operations, and leadership.

The UK's MBA in Healthcare Management course curriculum is designed to give students an in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry and its challenges. Students will develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills to manage complex healthcare organisations. They will also learn about the latest healthcare technologies and trends, healthcare policies and regulations, and healthcare ethics.

The program typically includes coursework, case studies, group projects, and internships to provide students with practical experience. Many universities in the UK also offer opportunities for students to participate in research projects related to healthcare management.

Upon completing the program, graduates can pursue various career paths in healthcare management, such as hospital administration, healthcare consulting, healthcare policy, healthcare marketing, and healthcare finance.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

Admission requirements for an MBA in a healthcare management program may differ slightly depending on the college or university in the UK. However, there are some standard eligibility criteria that applicants must meet, including:

  • A minimum of 55-75% in a 2:1 undergraduate degree or 2:2 degree with at least three years of work experience
  • A score of 7-7.5 bands in the IELTS English Language Proficiency Test
  • A GRE score of 300-320 or a GMAT score of 600.

Top Universities for MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK

Some leading UK universities for MBA in Healthcare Management are ranked based on their QS World Rankings. The UK is home to some of the world's top institutions, with many universities ranking globally.

College/ University

Primary Intake

The University of Edinburgh


King’s College London


University of Warwick


University of Southampton


University of Glasgow


University of Leeds


Scholarships for MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management in the UK for International Students

For international students seeking an MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management in the UK, various scholarship opportunities are available to help ease the financial burden. The UK government offers these scholarships to encourage students to pursue higher education in healthcare management. Below are some popular scholarships for Indian students interested in pursuing an MSC or MBA in healthcare management in UK universities: 


Type of Funding Offered

Chevening Scholarship


Commonwealth Scholarship


Rhodes Scholarship


Vidal Health Scholarship


Living Costs in the UK for international students

As an international student, it is essential to consider the living costs when planning to study in the UK. The cost of living may vary depending on the city or region you choose to study. Here is a breakdown of the estimated living expenses in the UK:

  • Accommodation: The accommodation cost can vary based on the location, accommodation type, and whether you live on or off campus. On-campus accommodation can cost anywhere from £80 to £250 per week, while off-campus housing can range from £150 to £400 per week.
  • Food: The cost of food can vary based on your eating habits and whether you cook at home or eat out. On average, students may spend around £30 to £50 per week on groceries.
  • Transportation: The cost of transportation can vary based on your location and mode of transportation. Students can get a discounted student travel card or bus pass, which can cost around £40 to £60 per month.
  • Personal expenses: These may include laundry, toiletries, clothing, entertainment, and other miscellaneous expenses. This can range from £50 to £100 per month.

Jobs Prospects after Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management in the UK

Graduates with a master's degree in healthcare management from the UK have high job prospects. Here are some job opportunities available in the UK after completing a master's in healthcare management:

  1. Health Administrator: A health administrator manages a hospital's or healthcare facility's administrative aspects. The responsibilities include managing staff, budgeting, policy-making, and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  2. Public Health Educator: A public health educator creates and implements educational programs that promote healthy habits and lifestyle changes in a community or population.
  3. Facility Manager: A facility manager ensures that healthcare facilities function efficiently and effectively. They are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the facility, including equipment, supplies, and staff management.
  4. Healthcare Manager: A healthcare manager oversees the operations of a healthcare organisation, including financial management, staff management, and policy implementation.
  5. Medical Practice Manager: A medical practice manager oversees the day-to-day operations of medical practice. This includes managing staff, handling patient relations, and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  6. Biostatistician: Biostatisticians apply statistical analysis to healthcare data to understand health trends and make data-driven decisions.

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What are the typical salaries for healthcare managers?

Experienced healthcare managers in the UK typically earn an average salary of approximately £85,000 - £90,000 per annum. New healthcare management graduates' average starting salary may be around £27,000.

What are the eligibility requirements for studying MBA in healthcare management in the UK?

To be eligible for an MBA in healthcare management in the UK, students need at least a 55% - 75% score in a 2:1 undergraduate degree. Alternatively, students with a 2:2 undergraduate degree and 5 years of work experience may also be considered for admission to a UK college for healthcare management studies.

Are there job opportunities after completing a Master's in healthcare management in the UK?

Yes, there are ample job prospects for graduates of a Master's in healthcare management in the UK. Career options may include roles such as health administrator, public health educator, facility manager, healthcare manager, medical practice manager, biostatistician, and more.

Which healthcare courses are in demand in the UK?

The UK is a sought-after destination for international students pursuing healthcare courses. Some of the in-demand healthcare courses in the UK include nutrition, nursing, clinical research, mental health, occupational therapy, health informatics, physiotherapy, and healthcare management.

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