Bachelor of Social Work in Nepal

Bachelor of Social Work in Nepal

Bachelor of Social Work in Nepal
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BSW is a bachelor-level social work course that imparts up-to-date knowledge of fundamental social work theories and methods. Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) in Nepal is a 4-year program first run by TU. 

Also called Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BSW), this course focuses on the contemporary social issues of society like Poverty, Homelessness, social rehabilitation, mental health, education, girl trafficking, Families and youth etc. 

BSW course in Nepal teaches students the basics of sociology, which helps them be social workers by enabling them to analyse social relationships, social stratification, social problems etc. 

This course costs about NPR 2 to 6 Lakhs depending on the college. Initially, the BSW program was 3 years, but a few years back, a 4 years BSW course was implemented. 

Objectives of BSW: 

  • Understanding the basic concepts of social work; principles, methods, and practice.
  • Carry out research to identify the problems faced by the community people and possible solutions to those problems.
  • Developing the ability to identify significant social problems in their context.
  • Managing and utilizing the service system to solve the problem among those affected people.
  • Developing self-awareness about one's capability of responding to problem situations.

Who can study BSW?

After showcasing the eligibility criteria, anyone can apply for a Bachelor of Social Work. The eligibility requirement is that students pass the intermediate or PCL level with at least D+  or 45% in the intermediate level. 

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BSW courses in Nepal

We have listed the details of BSW courses in Nepal for students wondering about BSW 1st year subjects in Nepal. 

First Year

Paper Code No.  Title of Course Full Marks
1 SW 421 Introduction to Social Work 100
2 SW422 Basic Sociology for Social Work 100

Second Year

Paper  Code No.  Title of Course Full Marks
3 SW 423 Basic Psychology for Social Work 100
4 SW 424A A Social Case Work Practice 50
SW 424B Social Work Practice with Groups 50

Third Year

Paper  Code No.  Title of Course Full Marks
5 SW 425 Social Issues and Leadership Development 100
6 SW 410 Social Issues and Leadership Development 100

Fourth Year

Paper  Code No.  Title of Course Full Marks
7 SW 426 Theoretical Ideologies of Social Work 100
8 SW 427 Social Problem, Identifications and 100 Required Interventions 100

BSW Fee Structure in Nepal

The tuition fee for a Bachelor of Social Work in Nepal ranges from NPR 2 Lakhs- 6 Lakhs. Depending upon the college and University (TU/ Purbanchal University/ Kathmandu University), there are scholarships for BSW:

  • Chairman’s Merit Scholarship Award
  • Thames Need-Based Scholarship Award
  • Tribhuvan University Need-Based Scholarship

Admission Process

  • Apply online
  • Pay the application fees
  • Sit on the written test conducted by the college (This is optional and not present with all the colleges)
  • Appear at the interview
  • Accept the offer letter
  • Pay the admission fee

BSW Colleges in Nepal

Students are often worried about the best college for BSW in Nepal

Government Bachelor of Social Work College

These are the best government college of BSW in Nepal. 

  • Patan Multiple Campus
  • Tri- Chandra Multiple Campus
  • Damak Multiple Campus
  • GP Koirala Memorial College
  • Khwopa College

Top Private Colleges affiliated with TU

  • St. Xavier- Maitighar, Kathmandu
  • Premier College- New Baneshwor
  • Kathmandu Model College- Balkumari Lalitpur
  • Thames International College- Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu
  • Goldengate International College- Battisputali, Kathmandu
  • Texas International College- Chabhil, Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu Bernhardt College- Bafal, Kathmandu
  • Nesfield International College- Lagankhel, Lalitpur
  • Trinity International College- Dillibazar, Kathmandu
  • Himalaya College - Koteshwor, Kathmandu
  • Campion College - Kupondole, Lalitpur
  • Universal College
  • Orchid International College

Other BSW Colleges in Nepal are: 

  • St. Xavier College - Affiliated to KU
  • Kadambari Memorial College- Affiliated with Purbanchal University
  • Janata Adarsha Multiple Campus- Affiliated with Purbanhchal University

BSW Evaluation

The Bachelor of Socia Work evaluation is internal (30%) and external (70%).  

The specifics of internal evaluation in BSW are: 

  • Class Attendance (5 marks)
  • Class participation, discussion and presentation (5 marks)
  • Assignment (10 marks)
  • Class test (writing)- 10 marks

The specifics of external examination are: 

  • Regarding theoretical courses, the Controller of Examinations, TU, takes the external exam.
  • For practical subjects and fieldwork, the external evaluation is conducted by the department or/ campus under the coordination of the Department of Social Work TU.

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Scope of BSW in Nepal

BSW graduates can find jobs in governmental as well as non-governmental sectors. This includes various fields of employment such as: 

  • Media sectors: TV, Radio, News Agencies
  • Academic institutions: Schools, colleges and universities.
  • Research Institutions and Consultancies
  • Government Organizations/ INGOs
  • Commercial Institutions
  • Engineering Consultancies
  • Public Service Commission
  • UN agencies

In the social work sector, you get to work on child welfare organizations, ageing services, Human Rights organizations, developmental sectors, Ageing services, criminal justice agencies, nursing homes, women development organizations, substance abuse, counselling centres, state and local governments, disability centres, and other welfare and humanity related sectors.  

After completing a Bachelor of Social Work in Nepal, you can get entry-level jobs in these fields and progress eventually. The starting BSW salary in Nepal falls in the range of NPR 15 to 30 thousand monthly. 

You can also continue your studies and specialize in fields such as: 

  1. Master in Social Work (MSW)
  2. Master in Counselling
  3. Master in Childhood Development
  4. Master of Psychology

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