Best bridge course institute in Nepal

Best bridge course institute in Nepal

Best bridge course institute in Nepal
Rosmit Gyawali

Bridge courses are courses designed to prepare students for new courses. The course is taken by the students who have completed their SEE. Bridge courses are classes that provide material from a basic course in order to prepare you for a more advanced course. The course basically helps bridge the gap between the two. It is taken after completing secondary school.

In the context of our country Nepal, a bridge course is a college preparation course with an academic curriculum offered to senior students as a means of preparing for the intellectual demands of university education. In other words, the successful completion of the course plays acts as a basis for admission to colleges in Nepal.

The Bridge course helps students prepare for entrance exams. Admission to reputable institutions is extremely competitive in today's environment. As a result, many colleges conduct entrance exams to determine your eligibility to attend their institution. In many good colleges these days, entrance exams are required.

Benefits of studying Bridge Course

  • Bridge courses are designed to improve basic reading, writing, and mathematical skills, as well as problem-solving, logic, reasoning, and writing skills, in an attempt to eliminate learning gaps.
  • These courses assist in connecting slow learners into mainstream classes to the best of their abilities, who may have fallen behind for various reasons.
  • Its purpose is to help students bridge the gap between SEE and higher studies.
  • Bridge courses help students to choose their specific stream for their future studies.

There are a number of bridge courses instituted around Nepal but the best platform and student choice for bridging the course have always been Learnsic.

Learnsic: Overview

Learnsic is an online coaching platform that enables students of all programs and levels to study and prepare for tests and exams according to their curriculum. The main objective of this platform is to provide a better learning experience with satisfactory results. 

Students can directly communicate with mentors and tutors regarding their courses and learning progress, through the learnsic platform. They can even have live feedback from experts and professionals. 

At Learnsic, live classes follow a daily study plan to keep you focused and organised during your studies. The learnsic offer up-to-date study materials created by subject matter specialists. Learnsic is committed to providing better learning with better results. 

Learnsic Bridging Course Description

After SEE Bridge is a short-term education program that aims to bridge the gap between higher and lower education. The Bridge course is optional for students who have recently completed SEE exams. It is needed for competitive students who wish to get admitted to their top-choice universities.

Learnsic creates bridge courses to satisfy the needs of students pursuing higher education in Science, A level, or CTEVT diploma programs. It offers thorough preparatory courses that help kids gain admission to prestigious Kathmandu science colleges such as St. Xavier, SOS. Budhanilkantha School. It also prepares students to compete for scholarships.

The learnsic bridging course takes about 8-10 weeks. The program takes place in the morning shift, usually, around 6-8 am. It conducts weekly tests. The test includes mock tests and other practice sessions. 

Benefits of Joining Learnsic for Bridging Course

Some of the benefits of joining the learnsic for Bridging course are:

  • Since the session is live and interactive, students can clear their doubts and queries in the session. 
  • Learnsic offers high-quality study materials
  • It also provides updated daily study information prepared by experts
  • Student can also attain bridge course certificate without attending physical classes
  • Flexible learning sessions with frequent Q&A sessions as well
  • Through learnsic student can enjoy the knowledge share through different online platforms
  • Also learning bridge courses through learnsic is comparatively cheaper than physical courses as it charges starting from NPR 1500 only.


Most Importantly:

Through learnsic you can enrol yourself in your desired course. You can even choose your timing preferences for live classes. Students can learn and practise thoroughly with interactive practice live sessions.

Other than that you can take advantage of live lectures with expert faculties on the specific subjects. With the help of your mentor you can review your progress as well as revisit the process of learning. 

Since the study materials, quiz questions and other notes are available in Learnsic, you can simply score better and improve your learning skill as you take the class. 

Requirements to study Learnsic Bridge course

  • Willingness to learn
  • No other prior requirements

Learnsic Platform Offers

  • Learnsic has its own digital studio
  • Teachers and professionals from different reputed colleges
  • Comprehensive Lectures
  • Visual Notes
  • Aid in finding scholarships positions in different colleges

Learnsic Bridge Course: Outcome

Learnsic learning helps students to obtain a position in one of Nepal's prestigious universities and to obtain a scholarship. Furthermore, courses will help them to pursue higher school science/management /A level courses easier.

Bridge Course (+2 & A level Science, CTEVT)


Bridge Course (+2 & A level Management)


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