Agriculture Bridge course - CTEVT

Agriculture Bridge course - CTEVT

Agriculture Bridge course - CTEVT
Rojina Raut

Agriculture Bridge course - CTEVT is a curriculum designed for students to take advanced courses for the first time. An agricultural course is an advanced course developed to teach the technical skills and methods for selecting the correct agricultural practices. 

Some popular agriculture courses are Forestry, Horticulture, Dairy, Fisheries, and Crop Production. If you have hands-on experience in this field, you can build a foundation in this career.

The course has been the subject of interest for the student as it teaches them the best practices for farm and food production. The main motive of this course is to provide students with background knowledge and adapt to the agricultural matter requirements.

Students can apply for admission to agricultural bridging programs through entrance exams held by CTEVT. Candidates who have completed their SEE or 10+2 education can apply for this course. 

Agriculture Course Overview:

The diploma in agriculture has two categories :

  • Plant Science
  • Animal Science

The agricultural program (Plant Science & Animal Science) is designed to produce competent agriculture skilled man force with sufficient knowledge of animal husbandry and techniques of agricultural subject matters.

For an agricultural program, a minimum C in any two subjects among Maths, Science and English and D+ in any one or GPA – 1.6 with an SEE in Technical Stream in related programs is required.

Some of the renowned colleges for agricultural education under  CTEVT are:

  • Jiri Technical School
  • Karnali Technical School
  • Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy
  • Nepal Polytechnic Institute (NPI)
  • Ratna Kumar Bantawa Polytechnic Institute
  • Sailaja Acharya Memorial Polytechnic Institute
  • Seti Technical School
  • Sindhuli Community Technical Institute
  • Uttarpani Technical Schools
  • Andhikhola Polytechnic Institute

CTEVT offers various courses, including agriculture. The entrance preparation or bridge course is created to address the need for growing competencies in related fields. The course takes about 8-10 weeks. A weekly entrance model test is conducted for students to improve and be more prepared for the exams.

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Benefits of studying Agricultural Course

Agriculture has been a crucial and significant part of our economy in a nation like ours. The demand for agricultural technicians and managers is very high. Looking on the bright side, it is also a great career choice nationwide.

Some of the benefits of taking the Agricultural course are:

  • It prepares students to apply for government and private sector jobs.
  • It prepares students to choose from various specialisations like Plant Sciences, Animal Sciences, Food Sciences, and Sustainable Agriculture.
  • Students will be equipped with knowledge of cutting-edge technology and concepts of farming, harvesting, greenhouse, etc.
  • The course will help you explore the methods that will prepare you for the emerging demand in this sector.
  • The subject matter will lead you to understand the new technology associated with farming and agriculture that revolutionised future business operation. 
  • A degree in agriculture gives you the skills and knowledge to work in agricultural sales, agriculture business, food production, and other related fields.

Requirements to study Agriculture:

  • SEE certificate with pass results
  • Registration & Fees
  • Study Materials
  • Handouts
  • Expert Team Professionals
  • Module Papers
  • Assistant for students
  • Lecture & Discussion

Why study Agriculture Bridging Course?

Some of the benefits of taking the Agricultural Bridge course are:

  • The bridge course is necessary to make students familiar with the area of the study 
  • Students can study at the preferred renowned agricultural universities that they want.
  • The other important reason is the bridging course will help you to follow further study lectures and discussions.
  • Provide advanced knowledge in the field of agriculture.
  • Prepare students to clear challenging entrance papers and Mock tests.

Why join the Learnsic for Agriculture Bridging course?

Learnsic is an online platform that helps students learn and prepare for tests and exams. Some of the benefits of joining the learnsic for Bridging course are:

  • Since the session is live and interactive, students can clear their doubts and queries during the session. 
  • Learnsic offers high-quality study materials
  • It also provides updated daily study information prepared by experts
  • Students can also attain a bridge course certificate without attending physical classes
  • Flexible learning sessions with frequent Q&A sessions as well
  • Through learnsic, students can enjoy the knowledge share through different online platforms
  • Also, learning through learnsic is comparatively cheaper than physical courses as it charges about NPR 2000 only.

Scope: Agricultural Course

As witnessed, the agriculture field is vast and provides numerous career opportunities. The demand for related field professionals is high. Some of the specific career professions in this sector can be Horticulturist, Agricultural Inspector, Farm Manager, Agriculture Specialist, Production Manager, Agriculture Officer, Forester, Crop Specialist and so on.

Fresh graduates can earn up to a salary ranging from NPR 10000 - 25000. Whereas experienced graduates can earn even up to lacs. This field rewards an attractive salary package to hardworking graduates. This field provides job opportunities to the agriculture degree holder in these sectors as well:

  • Agro-industry sector
  • Gardening
  • Nursery
  • Services sector
  • Agriculture Corporation

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