Science Bridging Course for +2 or A-Level

Science Bridging Course for +2 or A-Level

Science Bridging Course for +2 or A-Level
Nisha Shrestha

Bridge courses are basically the courses that are designed for students to connect them with their previous courses. It can be considered as an additional course that shapes their future learnings. It is also a gateway to help students with their entrance papers.

Course Overview: Science Bridging Course for +2 or A-Level

Science course is one of the most popular and preferred courses among the students either in +2 or A levels. It is usually seen that science students take bridge courses more than management students. The subject itself is more challenging and needs more preparation. 

A level course has been designed for students who are looking to do A-Levels of Cambridge. The course is structured in a way so that students can acquire both practical and theoretical knowledge.

The course includes a Fundamental & Entrance Preparation course.

For +2 fundamental courses include Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany and Zoology. Whereas, entrance preparation courses include  Science, Mathematics, English & GK. 

For A-Levels, fundamental courses include Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and General Paper. Whereas, entrance examination courses include Science, Mathematics, English & GK.

The course duration takes about 6 to 10 weeks including a weekly model test every Saturday.

Bridge Course (+2 & A level Science, CTEVT)

Benefits of Study: Science Bridging Course for +2 or A-Level

Students who want to pursue science for their higher studies need revision classes to make their foundation of science background strong. 

  • The most important reason for taking this course is to prepare themselves for getting into some reputed colleges like St. Xavier, Sainik, CCRC, SOS, Budhanilkantha etc.
  • Whereas A-level science courses help students to get into a handful of recognized colleges as there are limited seats available. 
  • The course helps students to get theoretical and practical understanding for intense exam preparation and also for academic progression for A-Level studies. 
  • It also helps students build a foundation for A-Level studies.

Requirements for Science Bridging Course for +2 or A-Level:

  • Must pass SEE
  • Registration Fee
  • Payment
  • Course Book/Materials
  • Model Question for Exam Preparation
  • Revision Classes
  • Educational counsellors

Why? Science Bridging Course for +2 or A-Level

Bridge courses can be considered as a fundamental gateway to provide students with information about the subjects they preferred for their further studies. As already mentioned earlier, bridge courses help students to prepare for the entrance examination and help them get into various reputed colleges. While the prime reason is it helps them bridge the curriculum gap between SEE and higher studies.

For Example, if students have finished their SEE and are seeking higher studies in a specific stream like Science, a bridge course will definitely educate them about their queries. Also, it will instruct them about the courses that they have chosen.

The bridge course comes into play where students don’t need to examine the whole college for their study model. The course will ensure saving students time and energy. 

Why join Learnsic for  Science Bridging Course for +2 or A-Level

Learnsic is an online platform that helps students learn and prepare for their tests and exams. Some of the benefits of joining learnsic for Bridging course are:

  • Since the session is live and interactive, students can clear their doubts and queries during the session. 
  • Learnsic offers high-quality study materials
  • It also provides updated daily study information prepared by experts
  • Students can also attain a bridge course certificate without attending physical classes
  • Flexible learning sessions with frequent Q&A sessions as well
  • Through learnsic students can enjoy the knowledge share through different online platforms
  • Also learning through learnsic is comparatively cheaper than physical courses as it charges about NPR 1500 only.

Scope of Science Bridge Course

Bridge course plays an important role in the time after SEE since it diminishes the gap between higher studies and SEE. The course is applied to make sure that students don't get lost. It is a necessity for upgrading for degree programs be it plus 2 or A-Levels.

The science course emphasises all aspects of learning that are practical as well as theoretical. Besides that, it also touches on other aspects like listening, reading, writing and understanding of the fundamental concept of science and their related courses for A-Level and higher studies.

Through this course students can prepare their mindset for choosing the right course of science stream i.e; Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Forensic Science and whatnot. 

One of the major scope advantages of learning science bridge courses is that you can have an associate +2, A-level, Bachelor's Degree and even earn your postgraduate degree in the related course field. Additionally, it also allows you to gain accurate knowledge and skills in an associate degree.

Other than that, choosing science as your preferred stream will open up several opportunities for students in future. Upon completing the course they can opt for Pharmacists, Dentists, Doctors, Engineers, Computer experts, Designers and so on.

To Conclude:

In order to successfully complete the higher education and A-Levels course, bridging courses is a must in today's education era. Such a curriculum should be developed to bridge the gap between SEE and higher education. The course comes out as a great opportunity and helps for the students who are confused and lost about their further education plans.

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