PCL nursing Bridge course - CTEVT

PCL nursing Bridge course - CTEVT

PCL nursing Bridge course - CTEVT
Rosmit GyawaliWed Apr 27 2022

PCL nursing Bridge course - CTEVT is a program that sets your nursing education career after SEE. Bridge course is intended for students who need effective preparation for 10+2, A-Levels & CTEVT Programmes. 

Nursing has become one of the respected professions in our country and most of the country as well. It is a demanding medical profession chosen by students after their SEE. This course will provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to become competent and responsible nurses who can deliver preventive, curative, and rehabilitative treatments.

PCL nursing is a globally recognized course that intends roles and responsibilities for the welfare of the health of an individual.   

PCL Nursing Course Overview

PCL is termed Proficiency Certificate Level Staff Nurse in Nepal. It is basically a 3-year course designed by CTEVT. The fee structure for PCL nursing is around 4,50,000+. PCL nursing course prepares students for theoretical and practical skills of 10+2 level. Currently, approx 135 colleges under 6 universities have been providing PCL nursing courses in Nepal.

In 2056 BS, the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) launched a nursing proficiency certificate level (PCL) program.  However, with the consent of Tribhuvan University (TU), the Institute of Medicine (IOM), and CTEVT began implementing the TU, IOM PCL nursing curriculum to offer vertical and horizontal access to PCL nursing graduates.

For CTEVT PCL Nursing Entrance, students need to attend exam papers for 3 subjects that include mathematics, English and Science. The entrance exam duration is about 1.5 hours for each subject. Students need to attend 60 marks of written paper. The entrance preparation course takes about 12 weeks of study package. 

The entrance exam usually takes place in Bhadra. Students need to score 45% or equivalent in the SEE examination to be eligible for the entrance exam.

Benefits of Studying PCL Nursing Course:

  • Students pursuing PCL nursing preparation courses benefit from conceptual and fundamental knowledge and skills of the nursing profession. 
  • It creates a strong base for further higher nursing education. 
  • The course prepares students ready for the leadership traits that they can plan and choose their nursing career path wisely without any confusion.

The requirement to Study PCL Nursing?

  • Should have successfully completed SEE
  • Obtain a minimum 2 GPA
  • Obtain at least 45% (Second Division) in SLC to get in the entrance exam
  • Related documents and course materials
  • Experts and counsellors

Why study PCL Nursing bridging courses?

The bridging course is the benchmark for prospering and gaining health-related concepts and guidelines. It simply fills the gap of health methods and practices and learnings.

Some of the important reasons for taking nursing bridging courses are:

  • It covers the gap and helps in course mapping.
  • The course helps in covering all essential competencies required by CTEVT.
  • It helps you move forward with your nursing career.
  • It helps to earn students their associate nursing degree
  • The course allows you to complete your coursework in a reasonable amount of time while still applying your newly acquired skills in the healthcare field.
  • A nursing bridge program is ideal for students who want to pursue from one nursing position to another.
  • It helps you to achieve insight into qualified nursing techniques in lesser time and at a low cost.

Why join the Learnsic for studying PCL Nursing Bridging course?

Learnsic is an online platform that helps students learn and prepare for their tests and exams. Some of the benefits of joining learnsic for Bridging course are:

  • Since the session is live and interactive, students can clear their doubts and queries in the session. 
  • Learnsic offers high-quality study materials
  • It also provides updated daily study information prepared by experts
  • Students can also attain a bridge course certificate without attending physical classes
  • Flexible learning sessions with frequent Q&A sessions as well
  • Through learnsic students can enjoy the knowledge share through different online platforms
  • Also learning through learnsic is comparatively cheaper than physical courses

Scope: PCL Nursing Course

If we talk about today's world, the demand for health workers is very high, especially nurses. This field always has multiple opportunities for the student. On the job prospects side, graduates can work further as registered nurses. 

The nursing field has wide scope and opportunities in Clinics, Hospitals, Health Departments, Nursing Homes, Old Age Homes, orphanages, Medical Departments and so on. There is also high demand for nurses abroad as well. This field has definitely attracted international opportunities for students and future graduates.

Private and public hospitals, community hospitals, and private clinics typically employ staff nurses. Students who wish to work for the government must pass the Loksewa exam. Graduates of this program will be able to work in a wide range of health settings, from local to national to international.

PCL graduates are not considered professionals in the majority of countries. Furthermore, the majority of foreign universities do not validate this program. Students with PCL Nursing must complete a three-year Bachelor of Nursing program. You can travel to developed countries as a bachelor's or BN nurse student. After completing the course in Nepal, you can apply directly for job placement after completing the university degree programme.

You can apply for registration at Nepal Nursing after successfully completing the PCL program.

Therefore, the nursing bridging program is helpful to increase your knowledge and skill set for your path to the next degree. It acts as a medium for you to pursue the next step in your nursing career field. 

After the completion of the course, students will be able to utilise a sound knowledge of their learnings in health settings. They can be well prepared in seeking new knowledge and skill continuously for their personal and professional growth.

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