Overseer Bridge course - CTEVT

Overseer Bridge course - CTEVT

Overseer Bridge course - CTEVT
Santosh Dhamala

Overseer Bridge course - CTEVT is a program that makes you pre-ready for your ideal career path. Overseer is an engineering course developed to prepare skilled human resources for the construction sector. It covers the area of construction sites, irrigation and bridge sectors. 

The Overseer bridge course bridges the study gap between Diploma and +2/SEE.The main objective of designing this course is to produce manpower in the field of construction and infrastructure development. 

It is a program that aims to prepare students to become competent engineers in the area of construction technology, water supply, irrigation sectors and other bridge construction trials. The course emphasises 20% of theory classes and 80% of practical classes to establish competencies and technical knowledge in this overseer field.

Overseer Course Overview:

Overseer is a 3-year course consisting of 6-semester courses of 6 months each semester under CTEVT. Around 108 colleges in Nepal offer this course with more than 1800 students enrolled every year.

Eligibility to enter the overseer program are:

  • SEE Pass
  • Pass entrance examination conducted by CTEVT
  • Documents like Citizenship, SEE certificate & Character certificate
  • Students will be selected as per the enrollment policy of CTEVT
  • Selection will be based on a merit list

Some of the renowned colleges for overseeing under the CTEVT board are:

  • Pokhara Engineering College
  • Karnali Technical School
  • Pokhara Technical School
  • Khwopa Polytechnic Institute
  • Nepal Polytechnic Institute
  • Oxford Advanced College
  • Kashyap Institute of Engineering & Technology (KIET)
  • Korea Nepal Institute of Technology (KNIT)
  • Manmohan Memorial Polytechnic (MMP)
  • Balaju School of Engineering & Technology 

Talking about the bridge course for overseers, it takes about approx 6 - 8 weeks of the duration of class to get prepared for the entrance examination. The fee structure for the course is around about 8,500.

The bridge course covers the subject matters including English, Mathematics and mostly the Logical reasoning or GK part. Generally, regular tests are held of 50 marks and weekly tests are conducted of 100 marks for revisions. Also, 100 marks of the MOCK test are conducted in colleges as well. 

Benefits of Studying Overseer Course:

Some of the benefits of taking the overseer course are:

  • Produce a basic competent workforce that provides technical and sound knowledge of the civil engineering course for further degree studies and job prospects.
  • It helps students understand the terms and conditions of the engineering prospects in Nepal and abroad.
  • Create opportunities for further studies in the engineering field.

Requirements to study Overseer:

  • Should pass SEE or +2  with passed certificate
  • Registration and fees
  • Course materials
  • Audio Visual Slides
  • Experts and professionals
  • Lecture & Discussion

Why study Overseer Bridging Course?

  • Allows you to choose a technical course for further study of civil engineering.
  • Fills the course gap and opens doors for your further studies and careers.
  • Prepare students for choosing an efficient engineering course in future.
  • Prepare students for appearing in the MOCK test and CTEVT exam for overseer.
  • Provide basic knowledge in the field of civil engineering.
  • Prepare students well for the entrance exam and try to get a scholarship to a top university in the country.
  • Assist in meeting the demand of required Civil Engineering concepts and methods.
  • Help in getting students in preferred reputed civil engineering colleges.

Why join the Learnsic for studying Overseer Bridging course?

Learnsic is an online platform that helps students learn and prepare for their tests and exams. Some of the benefits of joining learnsic for Bridging course are:

  • Since the session is live and interactive, students can clear their doubts and queries in the session. 
  • Learnsic offers high-quality study materials
  • It also provides updated daily study information prepared by experts
  • Students can also attain a bridge course certificate without attending physical classes
  • Flexible learning sessions with frequent Q&A sessions as well
  • Through learnsic students can enjoy the knowledge share through different online platforms
  • Also learning bridge courses through learnsic is comparatively cheaper than physical courses as it charges about NPR 2000 only.

Scope: Overseer Course

Firstly, the overseer is a well-known and popular engineering discipline. Overseer is a course developed with practice and skill-oriented training for engineering. The course focuses on industry-related engineering knowledge. It provides scientific and engineering skills, and communication skills along with computing and mathematical analysis techniques.

Talking about its educational and career prospects, it covers all the essential elements of engineering. That includes Automobile Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering & Electronic Engineering.

Studying this course provides various scopes and job opportunities.  They can start their career as mechanical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers and whatnot. Since Nepal is a developing nation, the demand for overseers in development projects is very high.

Upon completing this course, the graduates will be eligible to supervise, estimate and forecast various civil engineering projects. Employees as Overseers can earn about an average of 15lakhs annually. Experienced graduates can earn up to NPR 50,000 per month.

Overseer is a technical course designed to provide skilful engineers with training in a short period of time. There is a wide range of opportunities in development sectors after graduating in this field. 

Therefore, it is a wise decision to take a bridging course to map your career path in the engineering field and shape up your career accordingly. If you don't want to spend your four years in college then overseer might be the course for you to choose.

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