How to Become a News Anchor?

How to Become a News Anchor?

How to Become a News Anchor?
Binay Poudel

For those who want to make a difference in the world by distributing information, making people more informed, and making the world a better place, News Anchor is a perfect job.

There could be some passionate young minds here who want to make it big as News anchors but don’t know how to get started. 

For those students or people wondering “How to Become a News Anchor?”, please keep reading. 

What is a News Anchor?

A News Anchor presents authentic news/stories to the public, performs interviews and conveys their ideas via different mediums. News Anchor can work on various channels such as the web, social media, TV News, Radio etc. 

What are the role and responsibilities of a News Anchor? 

  • Researching new stories and pitching them stories to supervisors. 
  • Interviewing Guests,
  • Attending press conferences and asking questions that the audience would like to know. 
  • Research local, national and international current events to develop current events on different scales. 
  • Work and build stories on breaking news. 
  • Building contacts and connections with people on different lines to maintain the flow of information and news. 
  • Prepare, edit and revise scripts before delivering them on air.
  • Creating and effectively uploading new content. 
  • Working closely with the team, including content editors, video editors, photographers, and other news anchors. 
  • Participate in social media sites. 

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How to Become a News Anchor?: Qualifications

1. Comfortable in front of the camera

An element of show business that comes with the job of a news anchor - not only must you feel comfortable in front of the camera, but you must also connect with the audience so that people want to see you rather than your competition. 

2. Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills

A newscaster must have communication skills, that is, be able to express ideas clearly, and have content editing and quality control skills.

Likewise, they must have other interpersonal skills; for example, they must know how to work in a team to help develop daily programs.

3. Attentive and Quick Witted

News anchors also need to think quickly. While many presenters read scripts from a teleprompter or notes at their desk, the information can also be conveyed aurally. 

If there is breaking news, a producer can spontaneously send the information to a presenter. 

The presenter must be able to absorb the information they enter and then convey that information to the audience clearly and concisely.

4. Able to Handle Pressure

A television news anchor must be able to remain calm during a time of crisis. Sometimes that crisis is a bad news story. Other times, it involves some technical problems in the air that the anchor has to solve.

Sometimes a computer may crash, and the news anchor may not have to break news information. In such a case, the best news anchor will think of something without ever looking panicky. 

5. Ability to accept criticism

It can be the most challenging aspect of the job that news anchors must accept. Some viewers will not like you. Female presenters will be criticized for their hairstyle and wardrobe or considered too aggressive.

Male presenters may be criticized for their appearance or clothing. But any presenter who is seen as a bit rude in public will get the whole city talking. A television news anchor must develop tough skin to realize that you can't always please everyone.

6. Willing to work long hours

A news anchor is a reporter, journalist, editor, interviewer, and celebrity. Your television station will use it to increase viewership and revenue. A newscaster cannot wait for 9 to 5 hours of work.

7. Other skills

  • Analytical thinking skills. 
  • Articulate speaking skills
  • Taking no sides
  • Technical skills
  • Research skills
  • Reporting
  • Interviewing
  • Stellar writing skills

Steps to Becoming a Sucess News Anchor

Get a degree in journalism (Not always mandatory, but it gives you a great headstart).




  • Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism
  • Bachelor in Journalism
  • Bachelor in Media Studies
  • B. A. (Hons.) in Mass Media
  • BA in Mass Communication and Journalism
  • Bachelor of Science in Media, Culture, and Communication
  • Media and Communications (BA)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies


  • Journalism, Media And Communications (MA)
  • Master of Advanced Journalism
  • MSc Media and Communications
  • Master of Arts in Media, Culture, and Communication
  • Master of Screen Studies
  • MA in Mass Communication
  • Master of Digital Communication
  • Master of Media and Communication
  • Master in Journalism
  • Master of Media Practice and Industry
  • Master of Science in Journalism

Decide the field you want to work on

There are several sub-sectors of news anchoring, such as journalism, production, advertising, sports news anchoring, marketing, broadcasting, etc. 

First, research your options and which field intrigues you the most. 

After deciding where your true passion lies, you can work on gaining skills to make you stand out from the competition. 

Acquire the necessary skill sets.

Acquiring the necessary skills is another significant step, Depending on the areas you want to work in. For instance, you must acquire camera-friendly skills to become a television presenter or news anchor. 

Apply for the job- big or small.

You won’t grow in your careers unless you apply the skills and theoretical knowledge in real-world applications. To apply for a job- big or small- and work towards sharpening your expertise in a practical environment.

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Employment areas

  • Investigative journalism
  • Watchdog journalism
  • Online journalism
  • Magazines
  • Broadcast journalism
  • Opinion journalism
  • Sports journalism
  • Trade journalism
  • Entertainment journalism
  • Political journalism

Job titles

  • Broadcast Journalist
  • Television News Anchor
  • Digital News Host/ Anchor
  • Live News Anchor
  • Sports News Anchor
  • Multi-media Journalist

Salary of a News Anchor

News Anchors' salaries vary greatly depending on the country you are working in and whether or not you work in local news or are a web host.

 For example, according to the US Bureau of Statistics, a news anchor at a Phoenix television station makes between $ 30,000 and $ 35,000.

 The job offers enormous scope and opens paths for aspiring individuals who want to work in this field. 

Below we have presented the average annual salary of a news anchor in some countries.


Annual Average Salary of News Anchor


1,100,000 NPR


1,72,644 INR


131,650 AUD


127,385 RM


5 453 543 KZT


271,230 CNY


109,378 TRY


102,778 SGD


1,743,474 TWD


64,114 USD


74,191 GBP

Pros and Cons of Becoming a News Anchor

Advantages of Becoming a News Anchor

  • You can make a difference in people’s life. 
  • You will get to meet and interview new people, so the job never gets banal. 
  • You can earn both name and fame. 
  • You will have the ability to change people’s perceptions. 
  • You will get to travel. 
  • You can work on national and international projects.

Disadvantages of Becoming a News Anchor

  • You might have to face a lot of harsh criticism. 
  • You might have to work in dangerous or unwelcoming territory. 
  • You or your family members might get threatened just because of your job. 
  • You will become a public figure, and people can make memes of you on social media. 
  • There’s high competition in the metropolitan areas. 
  • Besides excellent analytical skills, you also need good communication and people skills. 

How to Become a News Anchor?: FAQs

  • Do I need a Journalism or Mass Communication degree to become a News Anchor?

Though it is a commonly asked requirement, you can be a news Anchor without a degree in journalism also, as long as you have the passion and other skills needed for news presenters, 

  • How to get a job quickly as a news anchor?

Aspiring presenters must practice a lot on the camera front. Before looking for a job as a presenter, complete an internship at a local station (if it gives you some airtime) or study communications at university. When you get an opportunity while you are learning, you can make a sample tape of yourself and send it to numerous TV stations.

Once you make the tape, start looking for work or an internship at a local TV station. There are also countless opportunities to air on various cable news channels.

  • What skills does News Anchor need? 

News Anchors need excellent communication skills, spontaneity, patience, the ability to handle pressure and criticism, analytical power, confidence, and camera friendliness. 

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