Top Coaching Institutes for Law Entrance Exams in India

Top Coaching Institutes for Law Entrance Exams in India

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Top Coaching Institutes for Law Entrance Exams in India
Indira Kunwar

Are you in pursuit of the finest law entrance coaching institutes in India? Look no further, as we present a comprehensive list of the country's top coaching institutes catering to law entrance exams. These institutes offer exceptional counselling tailored to aspiring law students' needs. Year after year, countless candidates aim for top ranks in national/state-level law entrance exams, making the quest for the best coaching institutes a paramount concern.

While coaching can be essential for many candidates, it may not be necessary for everyone. Some students prefer a structured schedule with a teacher guiding them, while others opt for a more self-directed approach. They create their personalized study schedule without relying on external assistance. Choosing the ideal institute can be daunting, especially with new institutions opening regularly. The pressure mounts when observing friends enrolling in prestigious law entrance coaching institutes.

Here are some of the most popular law entrance exams in India:

Common Law Admission Test (C.L.A.T.): C.L.A.T. is one of India's most sought-after law entrance exams. It is conducted rotationally by 22 National Law Universities (N.L.U.s) for admission to their undergraduate and postgraduate law programs. This highly competitive exam assesses candidates on subjects such as English, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Legal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, and Mathematics (for some programs). C.L.A.T. scores are accepted by other renowned law schools and universities as well. With a rigorous selection process, C.L.A.T. paves the way for students to secure seats in some of the country's most prestigious law institutions.

Law School Admission Test (LSAT India): LSAT India is an important entrance exam for law aspirants seeking admission to various law The Law School Admission Council, U.S.A. design the testission Council, U.S.A. LSAT India assesses candidates' analytical, logical, and critical reasoning skills. Unlike C.L.A.T., LSAT India does not test students' knowledge of current affairs or legal matters. Instead, it focuses on evaluating their reasoning abilities. Many reputed law schools consider LSAT India scores for admissions.

All India Law Entrance Test (A.I.L.E.T.): A.I.L.E.T. is conducted by the National Law University, Delhi (N.L.U. Delhi) for admissions to its undergraduate and postgraduate law programs. It is a national-level exam and is known for its challenging nature. A.I.L.E.T. evaluates candidates on subjects such as English, General Knowledge, Legal Aptitude, Reasoning, and Elementary Mathematics. N.L.U. Delhi is one of the leading law schools in India, and securing admission through A.I.L.E.T. is highly prestigious.

All India Bar Exam (A.I.B.E.): The All India Bar Exam is conducted by the Bar Council of India (BCI) for law graduates who wish to practice law in India. It is not an entrance exam for law colleges but a qualifying exam for law practitioners. A.I.B.E. assesses candidates' knowledge of law and legal practices to ensure they meet the required standards for practising law in the country.

Symbiosis Entrance Test (S.E.T.): S.E.T. is conducted by Symbiosis International University for admission to its undergraduate law programs. It is an essential exam for candidates aspiring to join the law courses offered by Symbiosis Law Schools in Pune, Noida, and Hyderabad. The test evaluates students on Logical Reasoning, Legal Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, General Knowledge, and English.

Central Universities Common Entrance Test (C.U.C.E.E.): C.U.C.E.E. is conducted for admission to various law programs offered by Central Universities across India. Each participating university may have its selection process and eligibility criteria, but C.U.C.E.E. is the common entrance test for law courses.

U.P.E.S. Law Studies Aptitude Test (U.L.S.A.T.): U.L.S.A.T. is conducted by the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (U.P.E.S.) for admission to its law programs. U.P.E.S. offers specialized courses in energy law, corporate law, and intellectual property rights. U.L.S.A.T. assesses candidates' aptitude for law and their understanding of legal matters.

MHT CET: MHT CET is the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test conducted by the State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra, for admission to various law programs in the state's colleges and universities. It is the state-level law entrance exam for Maharashtra.

Top Coaching Institutes for Law Entrance Exams in India

Law entrance exams are highly competitive, and aspirants seek the best coaching institutes to excel in these tests. Some of the top coaching institutes in India offer comprehensive preparation for law entrance exams.

Coaching institutes for Law

Career Launcher

Career Launcher is a renowned coaching institute for law entrance exams, highly regarded by students across India. With its multiple centres spread throughout the country, Career Launcher adopts a student-focused approach, significantly improving teaching methodologies each year to ensure optimal success for its candidates.

Programs Offered: Career Launcher provides a wide range of programs to cater to the diverse needs of law aspirants. These include:

Classroom Coaching: Career Launcher's classroom coaching sessions offer comprehensive guidance from experienced faculty and interactive learning environments.

Online Classes: The institute also offers live online classes that replicate the classroom experience, allowing students from different locations to participate.

Test Series: Career Launcher's test series helps students assess their progress and identify areas for improvement.

Study Material: The institute provides high-quality study material to cover the entire syllabus effectively.

Flagship Program - L.S.T. Express: One of Career Launchers' most popular classroom programs is the L.S.T. Express. It offers features like interactive classroom sessions, the All India Test Series, and 24X7 online support. The course spans over 150+ hours, ensuring comprehensive law entrance exam curriculum coverage.

I.M.S. India

I.M.S. India is a leading coaching institute that prepares students for various law entrance exams, including C.L.A.T., A.I.L.E.T., S.E.T., MH C.E.T., and LSAT India. The institute emphasizes empowering students with self-awareness to help them devise the most effective strategies to crack the entrance exams successfully.

Programs Offered: I.M.S. India offers a diverse set of programs to cater to the needs and preferences of aspirants:

Classroom Coaching: I.M.S. India's classroom coaching provides students in-depth subject knowledge and guidance from experienced faculty.

Correspondence Courses: I.M.S. offers correspondence courses for students who prefer self-paced learning.

Test Series: The institute provides comprehensive tests to familiarize students with the exam pattern and assess their performance.

T.I.M.E. (Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd.)

T.I.M.E. is a reputed test-prep institute with a prominent presence across India. Besides other entrance exams, T.I.M.E. offers coaching for C.L.A.T., equipping students with the skills and knowledge required to excel.

Programs Offered: T.I.M.E. offers three types of programs for law entrance exams:

Classroom Programs: T.I.M.E.'s classroom programs provide regular interaction with faculty and a structured learning environment.

Distance Learning/Online Course: The institute offers distance learning courses for students who prefer flexible learning.

Online Test Series: T.I.M.E. provides comprehensive online test series to help students assess their progress and performance.


TopRankers is renowned for its comprehensive coaching methods, systematically dividing the preparation into chapters and topics for effective learning. They offer a range of programs designed to suit the diverse needs of law aspirants.

Programs Offered: Some of the key programs offered by TopRankers include:

  • C.L.A.T. Gold Steup Batch
  • C.L.A.T. Gold 2 Years
  • C.L.A.T. Gold Bootcamp Programme

These programs provide live online classes, doubt-clearing sessions, mock tests, and personalized training to ensure holistic preparation for the law entrance exams.


LegalEdge, based in Bhopal, is a popular coaching institute dedicated to preparing students for law entrance exams. The institute adopts a pedagogical teaching approach and offers comprehensive study material to provide a competitive yet friendly learning environment.

Programs Offered: LegalEdge offers various programs to cater to the needs of law aspirants:

Regular Classroom Coaching: The institute provides regular classroom coaching sessions to ensure in-depth subject knowledge and doubt resolution.

Current Affairs Magazine - MonthLE: LegalEdge publishes a monthly magazine called MonthLE, which keeps students updated with current affairs.

Clear Exam Institute

The Clear Exam Institute in Nirman Vihar offers coaching for various entrance exams, including law, I.I.T., medical, and management. The institute prioritizes high-quality education and provides regular practice exams to effectively prepare students for their respective exams.

Yuvan Law Institute

Founded in 2019 and situated in Jaipur, Yuvan Law Institute prepares students for competitive exams like R.J.S., J.L.O., APP, N.E.T., and C.L.A.T. The institute boasts a team of highly qualified professors dedicated to providing top-notch education.


Clatapult, situated in Bidhannagar, Kolkata, is a premier coaching facility for C.L.A.T. preparation. The institute offers module books, 400 hours of instruction, sample papers, daily worksheets, and highly qualified instructors to assist students in their preparation.

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Sriram Law Academy

Based in Chennai, Sriram Law Academy provides various programs for law aspirants, including:

  • Sriram Advantage
  • Test Series
  • Success Mantra
  • Targetedge
  • Achiever
  • Online Mock Tests
  • Power
  • Expert
  • Rapid programs

These programs cater to different needs and budgets, offering students a range of options for comprehensive preparation.

Pathfinder Education Services

Pathfinder Education Services offers classroom and online preparation for C.L.A.T., C.A.T., B.B.A., and banking examinations. With centres in Trichy and Bhopal, the institute provides students with comprehensive coaching, test-taking strategies, and exam analysis.

Each of these top coaching institutes plays a significant role in helping students achieve their dream of cracking law entrance exams in India. By offering comprehensive study material, expert guidance, and effective test series, these institutes equip aspirants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their exams. Aspiring law students can choose from these renowned coaching centres to enhance their chances of success and secure a bright future in the legal field.

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