Top 5 Colleges Offering Advertising Courses in India

Top 5 Colleges Offering Advertising Courses in India

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Top 5 Colleges Offering Advertising Courses in India
Sahil Dahal

Advertising serves as a medium for individuals or companies to persuade the public to purchase products or subscribe to their services or ideologies. By studying advertising, individuals can pursue various career paths, such as account planning, creative direction, media planning, copywriting, and more. To secure a job in a leading advertising agency, possessing a degree or diploma from a reputable educational institution is crucial. In India, several top advertising colleges are highly recommended for aspiring professionals.

Colleges Offering Advertising Courses in India

Mass Communication (IIMC)

One of the notable institutions is the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), located in New Delhi. Established in 1965, IIMC has offered a Advertising and Public Relations course since 1981. The program aims to provide fundamental and emerging concepts and principles in advertising and public relations to facilitate better decision-making. IIMC is ranked first among the "Top 10 Mass Communication Colleges in India" by India Today. The course is one year in bilingual mode (English and Hindi), with 77 seats available for the 2020-21 academic year. Additionally, IIMC offers other radio and TV journalism programs, journalism (Hindi and Odia), Indian Information Services, development journalism, and more.

Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC)

Another renowned institution is the Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC) in Mumbai, established in 1969. XIC offers a comprehensive Advertising and Marketing Communications course focusing on practical application-based learning. The program consists of 24 modules, workshops, and a live project, and it grants a diploma upon completion. XIC is ranked seventh among the "Top 10 Mass Communication Colleges in India" by India Today. The course duration is ten months, and the approximate course fee is Rs 2,93,370. XIC also provides diploma and certificate courses in public relations, integrated communication, film production, and more.

Department of Media Studies at Christ (Deemed to be University)

The Department of Media Studies at Christ (Deemed to be University) in Bangalore, established in 1969, offers a postgraduate degree program in Media and Communication Studies. The program aims to build a strong foundation for students and prepare them for leadership roles in the media industry. The university offers internships, opportunities to interact with industry experts, and specialized tracks in multimedia journalism, advertising, and corporate communication. The duration of the program is two years, and the approximate course fee is Rs 2.73 lakh. The Department of Media Studies ranks eighth among India Today's "Top 10 Mass Communication Colleges in India".

Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication

The Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication in Bhopal offers a Master of Arts program in Advertising and Public Relations. Established in 1991, the program helps students transition from a tactical to a strategic and creative approach in the advertising industry. The curriculum is designed in accordance with industry best practices. The university is ranked sixth among the "Top 10 Mass Communication Colleges in India with the Best Value for Money" by India Today. The program lasts two years (four semesters) and opens up career opportunities in copywriting, marketing communication, creative direction, digital media, corporate communication, and more.

University of Mumbai

The University of Mumbai, established in 1865, provides various programs in advertising, including master's degrees in communication and journalism, public relations, and electronic media. Advertising is taught as a comprehensive subject in these programs. Additionally, the university offers courses such as entertainment, media, and advertising; advertising, sales promotion, and sales management; and part-time postgraduate diplomas in advertising and media.

Mudra Institute of Communications

The Mudra Institute of Communications, now known as MICA, located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, offers an AICTE-approved PGDM-C program, equivalent to an MBA, with specializations in marketing research, digital communication management, brand management, media management, and advertising management. MICA also provides various courses, such as postgraduate certificate programs in advertising management and public relations, market research and data analytics, retail management, and a certificate program in digital marketing. They also offer a fellow program in management - communications, a postgraduate diploma in management (communications), and a postgraduate certificate program in crafting creative communications. 

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Can you provide information on the duration of the advertising courses offered by these colleges?

The courses usually range from one-year diploma programs to two-year postgraduate degree programs.

Are there any specific specializations or concentrations within the advertising programs at these colleges?

Some colleges offer specializations like advertising and marketing communications, public relations, multimedia journalism, and advertising and corporate communication.

Could you share details on the career prospects and job opportunities for graduates from these top advertising colleges in India?

Graduates can pursue careers as account planners, creative directors, copywriters, media planners, digital media experts, and more in advertising agencies, marketing firms, media organizations, and corporate communication departments. Their education and practical exposure give them an advantage in the job market.

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