How to Prepare for IISER Aptitude Test in 30 Days

How to Prepare for IISER Aptitude Test in 30 Days

How to Prepare for IISER Aptitude Test in 30 Days
Bijay Poudel

Getting ready for an important test can be challenging, especially when you have a limited time frame. Suppose you aim to join the BS-MS program at IISERs (fancy short for Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research). In that case, the IISER Aptitude Test is your ticket to get there. With the test date not far away, you might wonder: Can I prepare for this test in just 30 days?

Don't worry! This guide is here to help. It's like a map showing how to prepare for the IISER Aptitude Test in these 30 days. Whether starting from scratch or needing a little boost, this guide has tips and a plan to help you prepare.

We're going to walk through each step together. We'll cover everything from understanding the test to managing your time wisely. So, let's begin our journey to success in the next 30 days.

How to Get Ready for the IISER Aptitude Test: A Comprehensive Guide

Preparing for an important test can be exciting and challenging, especially when you have a time limit. Suppose you're gearing up for the IISER (Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research) Aptitude Test. 

In that case, you might wonder how to efficiently use your time in 30 days to get the best results. Fret not because this guide provides you with a clear roadmap to success.

Understanding the IISER Aptitude Test:

First, it's essential to know that preparing for the IISER Aptitude Test isn't drastically different from preparing for exams like JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) or NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). While JEE and NEET focus on subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) or Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB), the IISER Aptitude Test covers all four subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology.

Creating Your Study Plan:

To kickstart your IISER Aptitude Test preparation, construct a well-organized study timetable that allocates time for all four subjects. Utilise both NCERT textbooks and coaching modules to enhance your understanding. Solving previous years' question papers can give you a taste of what to expect in the exam. It's crucial to grasp the paper pattern and marking scheme to ensure thorough preparation.

Crafting an Effective Preparation Strategy:

The path to success lies in understanding the concepts thoroughly. The IISER Aptitude Test focuses on applying ideas and concepts to solve problems rather than mere memorisation. When practising questions, if you encounter unfamiliar concepts, take the time to study and understand them before attempting to solve the question.

Mastering Problem-Solving:

Developing a habit of problem-solving is essential. The more problems you tackle, the more you become acquainted with strategies for choosing the correct formulas during tests and exams. A helpful tip is visualising the question by breaking down the information, drawing diagrams, and noting what needs to be found. Starting with more straightforward questions before tackling difficult ones can boost your confidence.

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Subject-Specific Tips:

  • Physics: Focus on grasping concepts and practising problems. Physics requires logical thinking and the application of mathematical principles.
  • Chemistry: For Organic Chemistry, understand and revise concepts repeatedly. Write summaries of key points and practice problems for each topic. Physical Chemistry benefits from practising problems and understanding formulae.
  • Mathematics: Prioritize practice and become familiar with shortcuts and theorems. Visualisation skills are crucial for understanding graphs and solving IQ-based problems.
  • Biology: Use NCERT Biology to remember diagrams and their labels and practice MCQs. Note-taking, flowcharts, and shortcuts can aid learning.

Combining IISER Preparation with JEE/NEET:

For JEE aspirants, preparation in Math, Physics, and Chemistry can contribute to your IISER Aptitude Test readiness. NEET aspirants can focus on Biology from NCERT and strengthen their Math skills by solving previous year's IAT papers.

Syllabus, Books, and Beyond:

Check the detailed IISER Aptitude Test syllabus for 2024 and use recommended JEE/NEET study materials for preparation.

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Is it worth preparing for the IISER entrance exam? What advantages does it offer?

Preparing for the IISER entrance exam and successfully clearing it holds immense benefits. Beyond securing admission in renowned IISER institutes situated in Pune, Bhopal, Kolkata, Mohali, Berhampur, Thiruvananthapuram, Tirupati, and IISc Bangalore, it also renders you eligible for the INSPIRE scholarship throughout your academic journey.

What JEE rank is necessary for IISER admission?

For IISER admission, a candidate must secure a JEE Advanced rank within the top 15,000.

Can NEET rank grant admission to IISER?

No, NEET rank is not considered for IISER admission. You must clear either the IISER aptitude test or JEE Advanced to qualify for IISER admission.

What score is considered reasonable in the IISER aptitude test?

The IISER aptitude test's cut-off alters annually. Previously, a score in the range of 100-110 was considered favourable for the older IISER pattern. However, with the new IAT (IISER Aptitude Test) exam pattern and marking scheme, it's advisable to aim for a minimum of 150 marks out of 240 in the IISER entrance exam.

Can the IISER Aptitude Test be cracked without coaching?

Securing success in the IISER aptitude test without coaching can be challenging. Generally, coaching tailored for JEE or NEET proves beneficial for IAT preparation. Engaging in a brief crash course for IAT can acquaint you with essential concepts and problem-solving techniques vital for cracking the IISER aptitude test. JEE aspirants can consider Biology classes or self-study based on NCERT. NEET aspirants might find additional Math classes beneficial for IISER aptitude test readiness.

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