How to prepare for IISER Entrance Exam

How to prepare for IISER Entrance Exam

How to prepare for IISER Entrance Exam
Kabita Bajgain

Imagine you're on a path to becoming a scientist, discovering new things and understanding the world around us. The Indian Institutes of Science, Education and Research (IISERs) are unique places that teach science and research in a significant way. But, to get into these fantastic institutes, you must pass an IISER Entrance Exam test. Don't worry; we're here to guide you through it!

In this guide, we'll show you step-by-step how to prepare for the IISER Entrance Exam. We'll give you tips, tricks, and advice to ensure you're ready. We've covered everything from understanding the test format to making a study plan and even practising with mock tests.

So, if you're excited about science and want to learn how to do well in the IISER Entrance Exam, keep reading. We'll help you understand everything you need to know and give you the confidence to do your best on the exam. Your journey to becoming a scientist is about to begin, and we're here to help you every step of the way.

Here are some step-by-step tips for preparing when you're short on time and must start studying immediately. Follow these steps to get ready for the IISER Entrance Exam:

Stepwise Preparation for IISER Entrance Exam:

  • Step 1: Understand the Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme.
  • Step 2: Know the prescribed syllabus for your chosen course.
  • Step 3: Gather all the study materials to help you prepare better for the IISER Entrance Exam.
  • Step 4: Create a daily and weekly timetable to manage your study time effectively.
  • Step 5: Practice solving as many question papers as possible, including sample papers, and take mock tests to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

How to Prepare for IISER Entrance Exam:

Getting Familiar with the Exam Pattern:

Start by understanding the IISER Entrance Exam pattern. This includes knowing how long the exam is, what questions will be asked, how the marks are distributed, and whether the questions are multiple-choice or long-answer. Knowing this pattern helps you manage your time better during the actual exam.

Understanding the Marking Scheme:

In addition to the exam pattern, knowing how the marking works is essential. If you need to familiarise yourself with these details, planning your approach when you receive the question paper can be challenging. Understanding the marking scheme helps you prepare more effectively and increases your chances of scoring well.

Knowing the Syllabus:

Your preparation becomes smoother once you have the syllabus for your chosen subjects (Biology, Physics, Mathematics, or Chemistry). To score well, thoroughly cover the topics in the syllabus. Even if you've covered some topics before, reviewing them is essential. Plan your study time by breaking it down into hours, days, and weeks. Hard work is key to success, and knowing which topics require in-depth study and which ones need only basic knowledge (like general studies) is crucial. Use the following tips to help you:

  • Sort topics into easy and difficult categories and focus more on challenging ones.
  • Cover each subject thoroughly and prioritise essential topics.
  • Identify high-weightage topics based on previous years' question papers.

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Using Preparation Books:

Besides your syllabus, buying the necessary books for the IISER Entrance Exam is recommended. Prep books help you test yourself and pinpoint areas where you need improvement. Consider purchasing a few different prep books to get a better grasp of the content. These books provide insights into the syllabus, the questions you might encounter, and more.

Books to Read for IISER Entrance Exam

Candidates can go through the following books, which students use to study for IISER Entrance Exam.




Concepts of Physics Volume I

H.C Verma

Concepts of Physics Volume II

H.C Verma

NCERT Physics Class XI


NCERT Physics Class XII


Fundamentals of Physics

Halliday, Resnik, Walker

Problems in General Physics

I.E Irodov


NCERT Chemistry Class XI


NCERT Chemistry Class XII


Organic Chemistry

Morrison and Boyd

Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JEE

O.P Tandon

Concise Inorganic Chemistry for JEE

J.D Lee

Numerical Chemistry

P Bahadur

Chemical Calculations

R.C Mukherjee


Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics

A Das Gupta

Comprehensive Mathematics JEE Advanced

Tata McGraw Hill

Plane Trigonometry Part 1

SL Loneyx`

Creating a Study Schedule:

Time management is critical for entrance exam preparation. Develop a schedule that outlines how much material you'll cover each day, week, and month. By planning, you can cover all the topics in the entrance exam. Regularly revise the syllabus, attempt practice papers, solve mock tests, and review previous years' question papers to enhance your preparation.

Referring to Past Question Papers:

Reviewing previous years' question papers is a great way to understand what to expect. It helps you become familiar with question patterns and the distribution of marks across sections. This familiarity enhances your confidence and knowledge of which sections carry the most weight.

Solving Sample Papers and Mock Tests:

To identify your weak points and areas where you need improvement, solve sample papers, practice questions, and take mock tests. Address your weaknesses by attempting questions related to those areas. This approach helps you grow and build confidence.

By following these steps, you'll be better prepared to tackle the IISER Entrance Exam, even when you're faced with limited time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About IISER Entrance Exam Preparation:

What should I do if I have limited time to prepare for the IISER Entrance Exam?

If you're short on time, you can still prepare effectively by following these steps. Understand the exam pattern, familiarise yourself with the syllabus, gather study materials, create a timetable, practice solving question papers, and take mock tests to assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Why is it important to understand the IISER Entrance Exam pattern?

Understanding the exam pattern helps you manage your time during the test. You'll know the duration, types of questions, marks distribution, and more. This knowledge allows you to approach the exam strategically and maximise your performance.

How does knowing the marking scheme benefit my preparation?

Being familiar with the marking scheme helps you plan your approach to the exam. It guides you in allocating time to different sections and questions based on their weightage. This understanding ensures that you're not caught off guard during the exam.

Why is it crucial to know the IISER Entrance Exam syllabus?

Knowing the syllabus enables you to organise your study plan effectively. You'll cover the required topics thoroughly and will cover all crucial areas. Reviewing even previously covered topics is essential, as it ensures you're well-prepared for all aspects of the exam.

How can preparation books enhance my IISER Entrance Exam readiness?

Preparation books provide additional resources beyond your syllabus. They help you practice different questions, test your understanding, and identify areas where you need improvement. Using multiple prep books can provide a well-rounded perspective on the exam content.

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