How to prepare for IIFT exam in 3 months

How to prepare for IIFT exam in 3 months

How to prepare for IIFT exam in 3 months
Rojina Raut

Cracking the IIFT exam 2024 is possible in three months if you focus on critical topics and practices a good number of sample questions. You must only work on practice questions and mock tests if you are simultaneously preparing for other MBA entrance exams such as CAT, GMAT or NMAT. IIFT 2024 exam will be held in the third week of December 2023, and you start the exam preparation even in September 2023; you can crack it with high scores. 

All you need to do is make a  study plan keeping in mind the syllabus of the IIFT exam. Apart from English, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, and Quantitative Ability, you must also prepare for the General Awareness section. However, since the topics and study material are common for IIFT and other entrance exams such as CAT and XAT, it is easy to prepare. In this article, we have discussed the IIFT preparation plan for three months.

How to Get Ready for the IIFT Exam in Three Months

Adequate preparation is essential for success in the IIFT exam. Doing thorough practice with previous year IIFT question papers is crucial to becoming well-acquainted with the exam's format and difficulty level.

IIFT Pattern 2024: Key Highlights

IIFT Exam Pattern



  • Section 1: Quantitative Aptitude
  • Section 2: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension
  • Section 3: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning
  • Section 4: General Awareness

Mode of examination


Total number of questions


Marks per question

  • 3 marks for each right question in Sections 1, 2 and 3.
  • 1.5 marks for each right answer in Section 4

Negative marking


Total marks


Let's delve into a comprehensive strategy on how to prepare for the IIFT exam within a three-month timeframe:

IIFT Exam Preparation 2024: Phase 1

Begin by obtaining the most recent IIFT exam syllabus for 2024. Identify your strengths and areas of weakness within the syllabus. Create a list of these topics, prioritising the challenging ones. Gradually progress from tougher subjects to less challenging ones and ultimately to those you find more accessible. Allocate more study time to complex topics while revisiting simpler ones. Your sectional scores will contribute to your overall IIFT performance.

Recommended Actions:

Utilise mobile applications designed for MBA exam preparation. These apps offer structured study plans and assistance, enabling you to study on the go and maximise your daily study hours.

Participate in online study groups on YouTube, Facebook, and Quora. Collaborate with fellow aspirants and MBA mentors, facilitating knowledge exchange, group studies, and mutual learning. Given your time constraints, immediate information sharing is invaluable for comprehensive syllabus coverage.

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IIFT Exam Preparation 2024: Phase 2

Once you've covered the IIFT syllabus and gained confidence, transition to practising mock tests, engaging in mock tests and reviewing previous year's IIFT question papers will help you gauge your preparation level and mastery of each topic.

The primary goal of working through past IIFT questions and mock tests is to enhance your speed and accuracy for the actual exam. Considering the IIFT exam's two hours and the inclusion of 110 questions, you have slightly over a minute for each question. Therefore, participating in speed-oriented practice is vital before the actual exam.

Recommended Actions:

Complete a minimum of 25-30 mock test series, alongside solving previous years' IIFT question papers, over a month. Include diverse, complex, challenging, straightforward, time-consuming, and perplexing questions to ensure readiness for any unexpected elements in the IIFT 2024 exam.

Regularly evaluate your performance after each mock test. If your initial performance could be more satisfactory, remain persistent and continue practising. Over time, your performance will improve. With each mock test, strive to enhance your speed and precision.

IIFT Preparation 2024: Phase 3

Allocate a minimum of 15-20 days for comprehensive revision, as the syllabus of the IIFT exam is extensive, and you wouldn't want to draw a blank on any question during the actual exam.

Recommended Actions:

Thoroughly review challenging subjects twice, encompassing questions, theorems, concepts, formulas, tricks, and shortcuts. Dedicate sufficient time to each section while conducting your revision.

Conclude your revision a day before the IIFT 2024 exam, allowing yourself the opportunity to unwind and relax before the significant day.

Pre-plan your approach for the IIFT exam day. Strategies for how you will manage the 2-hour duration of the exam. It's not obligatory to answer every question, so determine the number of questions you aim to solve to achieve a competitive score.

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How can I effectively prepare for the IIFT exam in a three-month timeframe?

The key is to focus on essential topics, practice with previous year IIFT question papers, and engage in mock tests for assessment.

What's the significance of practising the previous year's IIFT question papers?

Working with the previous year's questions helps familiarise you with the exam's format and difficulty level, aiding in better preparation.

What's the recommended approach for studying during Phase 1 of IIFT preparation?

Begin by identifying your strong and weak subjects from the syllabus. Prioritise challenging topics and gradually move towards easier ones, allocating more time to the difficult ones.

How can mobile apps help with IIFT preparation?

Mobile apps offer structured preparation plans and on-the-go studying options, allowing you to maximise your study hours throughout the day.

Why is it beneficial to join online study groups during Phase 1?

Online study groups provide platforms to interact with fellow aspirants and mentors, facilitating knowledge exchange, group study, and quick query resolution.

What's the importance of Phase 2 in IIFT preparation?

During Phase 2, practising mock tests and reviewing previous years' IIFT question papers help improve speed, accuracy, and overall readiness for the exam.

How many mock tests should I attempt during Phase 2?

Aim for at least 25-30 mock test series, including a diverse range of question types, to prepare for the different challenges in the IIFT exam.

What's the significance of revising more challenging topics during Phase 3?

Revision of challenging subjects twice, including critical elements like questions, theorems, concepts, formulas, tricks, and shortcuts, ensures a firm grasp.

How should I plan the day before the IIFT exam?

Conclude your revision a day before the exam to relax your mind. It's essential to be well-rested and composed for the exam day.

Is it necessary to answer all questions during the IIFT exam?

No, it's not mandatory to answer every question. Before the exam, decide how many questions you'll aim to solve to achieve a competitive score within the given time frame.

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