Private Universities in Germany: Top 10 Private Universities In Germany

Private Universities in Germany: Top 10 Private Universities In Germany

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Private Universities in Germany: Top 10 Private Universities In Germany
Ashma Shrestha

Germany's emphasis on practical education and outstanding research capabilities make it a desirable place to study. When considering pursuing your Master's in technical education overseas, Germany is one of the top nations to consider. After all, some of the leading technical universities in the world are located there.

In Germany, private universities typically provide higher degree programs like PhD, doctorate, MBA, MA, etc. Private colleges ensure that they offer all the courses important to the industry, even though their course offerings may not always be as varied as those of public universities. 

In addition, several private colleges demand that their faculty collaborate on projects with businesses and submit a certain number of research articles yearly.

More than 400,000 foreign students are enrolled in higher education in the state. There is no numerous provision at the majority of private universities in Germany. Based on other eligibility requirements, this may improve one's chances of being accepted into study programs. 

Private universities in Germany provide more courses taught in English. It can be convenient for international students to study in English without learning German.

Germany has many well-known public and private universities that provide the best educational options for foreign students. Germany's private institutions are not terrible, but its public universities are the most sought-after due to their reputation abroad and accessibility. 

Private institutions claim they are worth their price despite charging somewhat higher tuition. So let's learn everything we can about private universities in Germany in this post and present you with a list of the finest private institutions in Germany.

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Benefits of enrolling in private universities in Germany

There are certain benefits to attending a private university, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Private colleges offer better chances of admission because they do not have as strict admission standards and do not adhere to the countless conditions standards.
  • Private institutions limit their class numbers to 10–30 individuals to give each student enough one-on-one time with the professor and space to ask questions.
  • They provide all English-only programs, which is advantageous for overseas students.
  • Comparing private universities in Germany to those in the USA, Canada, and Australia, private universities in Germany are relatively reasonably priced.
  • Private institutions typically have cutting-edge campuses and first-rate facilities.
  • Many private institutions have partnerships with businesses that help students find internships while taking the course and jobs afterwards.
  • Private colleges hire professors with a wealth of practical experience in their fields and a strong background in their areas, which will help maintain the current and valuable curriculum.

Difference between Private and public universities

While the majority of students in Germany look up to public institutions, private universities also offer their fair share of benefits and opportunities. Despite being more compact, they do not compromise on educational standards.

Look at the main distinctions between German public and private universities:


Public Universities

Private Universities



Relatively Small


State governments

Tuition, gifts, and endowment funds.

Mode of Instruction

German, English

Mostly English

Target Student

Public institutions enrol students from various demographic groups, most local because the tuition is affordable.

Due to their high tuition costs, private institutions typically draw students from many geographic places worldwide.

Tuition Fees

Minimal or no fees

Comparatively high fees than the public universities


Regionally accredited

Nationally accredited


Good infrastructure, comfortable and affordable stay

Excellent infrastructure, comfort, with luxury.

Entry Requirements

Certificates of the recent qualifying exam, language proficiency certificate, valid ID, passport, and visa. 

Credentials of the final qualifying exam, language proficiency certificate, valid ID, passport, and visa.

Admission Requirements for private universities in Germany

Undergraduate Degree

  • +2 qualification certifications.
  • All academic and co-curricular transcripts.
  • IELTS/TOEFL scores on a student's CV.
  • Confirmation of age and recent passport-sized photos.
  • An admissions test may be required.

Graduate Degree

  • Bachelor's program qualification certificates
  • Transcripts of all academic and co-curricular activities
  • CV/Resume of a Student
  • TOEFL/IELTS scores
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Work Experience is a plus if you have a letter of recommendation.
  • Proof of age
  • An entrance Exam may be necessary if you have a recent passport-size photograph.

List of top private universities in Germany

Several private institutions in Germany provide various courses to provide students with knowledge and hands-on experience. We have selected some of the most well-known private universities in Germany.

IU International University of Applied Sciences

IU International University of Applied Sciences is a private university that has received state approval. Campuses are located in Berlin and Bad Honnef. The university also provides a variety of online study options. Organizations like the German Accreditation Council and FIBAA have recognized and accredited IU.

IU has around 85,000 students and 600+ faculty and staff members.

Popular Programs

  • B.A. – Business Administration 
  • B.Sc. – Computer Science 
  • B.A. – Hospitality Management 
  • M.Sc. – Data Science 
  • M.A. – Marketing Management 
  • MBA – Engineering Management 
  • MBA – Supply Chain Management 

Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI)

If you want to reside and study in a dynamic and vibrant city, the Berlin School of Business and Innovation is the place to be. BSBI is a private university in Germany located in the heart of Berlin. 

Its goal is to prepare students for the global world, and it provides 15 different types of degree courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It adheres to a hybrid culture and employs online and offline instruction modalities.

Popular Programs

  • B.Sc. (Hons) Business and Management
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Global MBA
  • M.Sc. Finance & Investment
  • M.Sc. in International Health Management

Cologne Business School

CBS International Business School is a state-accredited private applied sciences institution. The institution provides approved bachelor's, master's, and MBA degrees in business and allied fields. 

Full-time, part-time, and dual-mode courses are available. CBS promotes a diverse environment, with more than 30% of foreign students arriving from 75+ countries.

Popular Programs

  • Business Psychology (B.Sc.)
  • Finance & Management (B.Sc.)
  • International Business (B.A.) with specialization
  • Digital Marketing (M.A.)
  • Digital Transformation Management (M.A.)
  • Global Finance (M.Sc.)
  • Tourism & Sustainable Management (M.A.)
  • HRM & Leadership (M.A.)
  • International Business IB (M.A.)
  • IB Entrepreneurship (M.A.)

GISMA Business School

GISMA Business School is one of Germany's best-known private universities for overseas students. It was formed to bridge the gap between learners and the corporate world. As a student, you will gain firsthand information from industry specialists. This assists in shaping pupils into future leaders in all parts of life. 

GISMA has collaborations with numerous prestigious colleges all around the world. They have established a knowledge chain and exchange to deliver their students the most outstanding possible education.

Popular Programs

  • B.Sc. International Business Management
  • B.Sc. Data Science, AI & Digital Businesses
  • Global MBA
  • M.Sc. International Marketing
  • M.Sc. Strategic Business Management

ISM International School of Management

ISM International School of Management has been involved in German education for 30 years. The institution has established a network of about 190 prestigious partner universities. ISM education is hands-on, with students working on projects in well-known corporations. 

Business and management majors are available at the university. There are bachelor's, master's, and MBA programs offered. In partnership with partner universities, ISM also offers PhD and DBA programs.

Popular Programs

  • B.Sc. International Management
  • B.Sc. Finance & Management
  • B.Sc. Information Systems
  • M.Sc. Finance
  • M.Sc. Business Intelligence & Data Science
  • M.A. Luxury, Fashion & Sales Management
  • MBA General Management 

Munich Business School

Munich was established in 1991. The institution aspires to be the ideal university for internationally minded individuals, assisting them in their personal growth. With over 600 students enrolled in the university's programs. Over 70 countries are represented among the international students at the university.

FIBAA and the Council of Science and Humanities recognize Munich Business School. MBS is also a member of international organizations such as AACSB, PRME, EMBA Consortium, The Munich Innovation Ecosystem, and others.

Popular Programs

  • Bachelor of International Business
  • Master of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Master of Sports Business and Communication
  • Master of International Marketing and Brand Management
  • MBA in General Management
  • Doctor of Business Administration

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