Top 10 Universities for MS in Canada

Top 10 Universities for MS in Canada

Top 10 Universities for MS in Canada
Sailesh Sitaula

In the global arena, Canada boasts some of the finest universities for pursuing a Master's degree, offering exceptional research opportunities. This fact serves as one of the driving forces behind students who incline research-based programs, choosing to pursue their Master's degrees at some of the leading Canadian universities. The top universities in Canada for Master's programs provide many exciting courses for students interested in Computer Science, Architecture, Business Analytics, and more.

This article aims to provide an overview of each of these esteemed universities in Canada offering Master's programs while also presenting a list of the top 10 universities in the country for future reference.

Why Consider Pursuing a Master's Degree in Canada?

If you are contemplating whether enrolling in a Canadian university for a Master's degree is the right choice for you, let us help you analyze the benefits:

Globally Recognized Degrees: The top universities in Canada for Master's degrees offer widely recognised degrees, opening up numerous global opportunities.

Gateway to the US: Canada is often called the 'Backdoor to the US,' as studying at the top Canadian universities for Master's degrees can provide a pathway to work there.

Strong Industry Connections: Canadian universities place significant importance on recruitment from top multinational corporations (MNCs) and private employers, enhancing your chances of securing desirable job prospects.

Inclusive and Welcoming Environment: Canadian campuses foster inclusivity and provide a welcoming environment, making it an ideal destination for international students to pursue their studies.

Post-Study Work Visas and PR Opportunities: After completing their Master's degrees, international students in Canada enjoy good post-study work visas and opportunities for permanent residency, making it a highly attractive study-abroad destination.

Top Universities in Canada for Master's Programs

According to the QS World Ranking, Canada is home to 28 of the top universities in the world. These universities offer excellent faculty, advanced research facilities, and beautiful campuses, making Canada an appealing choice for international students. Among these institutions, the top 10 universities for Master's programs in Canada are:

Top Universities in Canada for Master's Programs

University of Toronto

Founded in 1827 as King's College, the University of Toronto is a prestigious public research university that attracts brilliant minds worldwide. It offers various graduate courses, including Commerce, Computer Science, and Architectural Studies. With its exceptional research facilities, the University of Toronto consistently ranks among the best universities in Canada for Master's programs.

Country Ranking: 1

QS World Ranking: 26

Type: Public Research University

Location: Toronto

Popular Programs: Masters in Accounting and Finance, Masters in Applied Science, Master of Architecture, Master of Engineering, Master of Health Science

Average Tuition Fee: CAD 30,000 - 60,000

McGill University

Established in 1821, McGill University is renowned for providing an excellent platform for higher education. It has a rich history of experiments and inventions, with 145 students receiving the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. Research is a vital component of McGill's curriculum, and it offers a wide range of Master's programs in fields such as Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Business Administration, and Medical and Health Sciences.

Country Ranking: 2

QS World Ranking: 27

Type: Public Research University

Location: Quebec

Popular Programs: Masters in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Medical and Health Sciences, Masters of Education, Masters in Interfaculty Studies

Average Tuition Fee: CAD 23,000 and above

University of British Columbia

Consistently ranked among the top 20 universities worldwide for innovative research programs, the University of British Columbia is a highly sought-after institution for international students. It provides a supportive environment for students from around the globe and helps shape their ideas into actionable initiatives.

Country Ranking: 3

QS World Ranking: 46

Type: Public Research University

Location: Vancouver

Popular Programs: Master of Business Analytics, Master of Management, Master of Computer Science, Masters of Sustainable Management, Master of Archival Studies

Average Tuition Fee: CAD 23,500

University of Montreal

Founded in 1878, the University of Montreal is a prominent French university with a strong reputation for teaching and research. It offers a wide array of Master's programs in both French and English, providing opportunities for internships and research-based career paths.

Country Ranking: 8

World Ranking: 111

Type: Public Research University

Location: Quebec

Popular Programs: Masters in Actuarial Studies, Masters in International Law, Masters in Political Science, Masters in Cinema Studies

University of Alberta

Situated in one of Canada's most picturesque cities, the University of Alberta, established in 1908, is renowned for its conventional teaching methods. The campus embraces a diverse student body, providing global exposure. Equipped with top-notch infrastructure across its five campuses, the university emphasizes research to prepare students for future challenges.

Country Ranking: 5

QS World Ranking: 126

Type: Public Research University

Location: Alberta

Popular Programs: Master of Business Administration, Masters in Sociology, Masters in Physical Therapy, Masters in Political Science, Masters in Public Health

Average Tuition Fee: CAD 9,000 and above per year

McMaster University

Founded in 1887, McMaster University is a research-intensive institution well-known for its science, arts, communications, and management graduate programs. Students can select their preferred location with four regional campuses based on personal preferences.

Country Ranking: 6

QS World Ranking: 140

Type: Public Research University

Location: Ontario

Popular Programs: Masters in Astrobiology, Masters of Chemical Engineering, Masters of Communications Management, Masters of Economic Policy

Average Tuition Fee: CAD 13,500 - 43,500 per year

University of Waterloo

Established in 1956, the University of Waterloo invests in cutting-edge research and boasts excellent faculty. It offers popular arts, sciences, business management, environmental studies, and engineering courses.

Country Ranking: 7

QS World Ranking: 149

Type: Public Research University

Location: Ontario

Popular Programs: Masters in Actuarial Science, Masters in Anthropology, Masters in Biology, Master of Engineering, Masters in Economics

Average Tuition Fee: CAD 20,000 - 45,000 per year

Western University

The University of Western Ontario, located in London, Ontario, is a public research university. Its main campus spans 455 hectares of land, characterized by residential neighbourhoods and the picturesque Thames River. The university operates twelve academic faculties and schools.

Country Ranking: 7

QS World Ranking: 170

Type: Public Research University

Location: London, Ontario

Popular Programs: Masters in Business Administration, Master of Biology, Master of Architecture, Master of Computer Engineering

Average Tuition Fee: CAD 20,000-30,000 per year

University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa, also known as uOttawa or U of O, is a bilingual public research university in Ottawa, Ontario. Its main campus is situated in the heart of Ottawa's Downtown Core, adjacent to the residential neighbourhood of Sandy Hill and the Rideau Canal. Pursuing a Master's degree at uOttawa opens doors to enhanced career opportunities.

Country Ranking: 9

World Ranking: 230

Type: Public Research University

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Popular Programs: Masters in Communication, Masters in Literature, Masters in Biology and Chemistry, Masters in Computer Science, Masters of Business Analytics

Average Tuition Fee: CAD 6,000-20,000 per year

University of Calgary

Established in 1908, the University of Calgary is one of the best universities in Canada for MS. It is known for its dedicated faculty and commitment to shaping the future of its students. The university provides students with life skills, social responsibility, and professional development opportunities for a successful career.

Country Ranking: 10

QS World Ranking: 235

Type: Public Research University

Location: Calgary

Popular Programs: Masters in Anthropology, Masters of Biomedical Engineering, Masters of Data Science and Analytics

Average Tuition Fee: CAD 15,000 per year

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How to Choose Among the Top Universities in Canada for Masters?

Deciding to pursue international education requires careful consideration. To choose the university and program that best suits your needs, follow these steps:

  • Shortlist desired Masters's universities in Canada based on subjects, rankings, and geographic location.
  • Check the eligibility criteria for your desired programs on the official websites of the universities.
  • Review the structure and timeline of the courses.
  • Evaluate the research infrastructure, accommodation, and hostel facilities on campus.
  • Complete the application process for your chosen university.
  • Once you have determined the university that aligns with your requirements, fill out the admission form and visa application as early as possible.

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