Bachelor of nursing in Canada

Bachelor of nursing in Canada

Bachelor of nursing in Canada
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Bachelor of Nursing is a popular course in Canada that both national and international students follow. Practical education in Canada is not a novice concept. As a result, due to the education system that balances the perfect blend of theory and practicality, international students are drawn towards bachelor of nursing courses in Canada. 

Amongst Bachelor of Nursing courses in Canada, BSc in Nursing is among the most renowned and widely accepted courses. Multiple reasons make Canada a perfect spot for a bachelor of Nursing. 

Besides being utterly noble and humanitarian, nursing education and career in Canada are financially and socially rewarding. This blog will take you across every dilemma students will stumble upon when they try to explore the journey of a bachelor of nursing in Canada. 

So, hold on and enjoy!

Takeaways from the “Bachelor of Nursing in Canada”

  • The reasons for studying Bachelor of Nursing in Canada.
  • How to study nursing in Canada?
  • What are the requirements to study Nursing in Canada for international students?
  • How much does a nursing degree cost in Canada?
  • What is the Bachelor of Nursing Programs available in Canada?
  • Can I study Bachelor of Nursing in Canada with TOEFL or IELTS?
  • What is the IELTS Requirement for nursing in Canada?
  • What is the job scope of BSc Nursing in Canada?
  • What is the admission requirement of top universities in Canada for international students?

Why study Bachelor of Nursing in Canada?

  • Canada has some of the best universities, such as the University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia, which offer practical nursing education.
  • Canada is utterly welcoming of international students.
  • Nursing practitioners are some of the highest-paid professionals in Canada. In the Bachelor of Nursing or BSC Nursing competition in Canada, students can make from CA$ 60,000 to more than CA$ 120,000 per annum.
  • You can work anywhere in the world after the competition.
  • There are plenty of variations in Canada so that international students can pick the nursing course of their choice
  • The demand for nursing jobs is increasing in Canada. It is supposed to reach 142,000 in 2035 from 64,000 in 2019.
  • A bachelor of Nursing degree aids in obtaining Canadian PR.

Bachelor of Nursing Courses in Canada

Most Canadian universities and colleges offer this course. Most colleges provide shorter diplomas and certifications in Nursing. However, Some colleges like Humber College also offer a bachelor of nursing.

Bachelor of Nursing Courses in Canada
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science Honours Nursing Program
  • Bachelor of Nursing Science

Eligibility for Bachelor of Nursing in Canada

Getting into Canadian Universities to study nursing degrees requires students to have an excellent academic profile. Overall, getting admission to Canadian universities for nursing is tougher than from Australian Universities for Nursing. 

The eligibility criteria for a bachelor of nursing in Canada differ in each university and course. 

The general eligibility for BSC Nursing in Canada for international students are:

  • Students need to bring at least 65% in class 12 in science (Physics, Chemistry, English and biology are compulsory)
  • Attain a TOEFL score of 90 or equivalent in other English proficiency tests like IELTS (6.5 with no band less than 6 is a minimum IELTS requirement for nursing in Canada) and PTE.
  • Some Canadian Universities also ask students for the CASPer test.

The academic requirement (Intermediate exam grades) can go up or down depending on the university. For instance, the University of Toronto, McMaster University etc, demand at least 75% or equivalent GPA in the intermediate exams. 

On the other hand, the other variations of the Bachelor of Nursing programs in Canada, like BSc Hons, are somewhat easier to get into. Some Canadian Colleges offer admissions for bachelor of nursing programs to international students with much lower academic grades as well. 

Top Universities for BSc Nursing in Canada

These are the Maclean’s University rankings of nursing programs in Canada. 

1. University of Toronto

2. The University of Alberta

3. University of British Columbia

4. McMaster University

5. McGill University

6. University of Calgary

7. Dalhousie University

8. University of Ottawa

9. Queen’s University

10. Western University

11. University of Victoria

12. University of Montreal

13. Memorial University

14. University of Saskatchewan

15. University of New Brunswick

Application Requirements for Bachelor of Nursing in Canada for International Students

International students must demonstrate the documents and records below to get admission to the Bachelor of Nursing program in Canada. 

  • Class 10 result and character certificate
  • Class 12 transcripts and character certificates
  • Statement of Purpose
  • IELTS/ TOEFL or any other asked English proficiency test result
  • SATs are asked
  • Letter of Recommendations if asked

How much does it cost to study Nursing in Canada for international students?

Answering this question with a straight answer couldn’t justify this query. The bachelor of nursing tuition fees in Canada is high at universities like the University of Toronto and McGill University. Other universities, like the University of British Columbia, have comparatively lower tuition fees. 

But, enough talking; the tuition fees for a Bachelor of Nursing in Canada range from CA$ 20,000 to CA$ 60,000 per year. 

Canadian Universities offer scholarships to international students to help them with this cost. 

To add the cherry on top, students can also work 20 hours a week during their academic sessions to help them.

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Scholarships for BSc Nursing in Canada

Canada has provisions for scholarships for international students. These scholarships help international students interested in studying bachelor in nursing in Canada with full or partial tuition fees or even living expenses at times, depending upon the nature of the scholarships. 

Mentioned below are some popular scholarships for international students enrolled in nursing degrees. 

1. Dean’s Global Award of Excellence

2. Aaron Award

3. Aberdeen Hope Community Nursing Award

4. The class of 1966 Nursing Scholarship

5. Alexandra Hirth Award for Excellence in Nursing Research

6. The Lori Scott Nursing Scholarship

7. Canadian Nurses Foundation Awards

8. BN Nursing Scholarship

9. Susan Nelles Scholarship

10. Alice Meredith Jones Memorial Bursary

11. Alice Caplin Scholarship

The public universities in Canada also provide international students with scholarships based on their academic performance and SATs.

Scope of BSc Nursing in Canada

Jobs in Canada after BSc Nursing

BSc Nursing aspirants have excellent job prospects in Canada. The salary of seasoned Nurses after a bachelor's in Canada goes up to CA$150,000 per year. As nurses begin their careers, the basic salary is around CA$ 55,000 annually. All you have to do is give Canadian Registered Nurse Examination conducted by Canadian Nurses Association, get registered and then nothing can stop you from fulfilling your career goals and ambitions.

After completing a Bachelor of Nursing in Canada, the nursing aspirants can kick start their career as: 

1. Forensic Nurse

2. Travel Nurse

3. Community Nurse

4. Aged Care Nursing

5. Surgical Nurse

6. Clinical Nurse Specialist

7. Registered Nurse

8. Psychiatric Nurse

The places to study and pursue a career in Nursing are Toronto, Vancouver, Ontario, Ottawa etc.

What after BSc Nursing Course in Canada?

If the student wishes to continue their education and become specialized in a particular nursing field, Canada is a perfect place to be.

 There are many masters in Nursing programs and specializations for students after a bachelor of Nursing in Canada. Some of these programs are Master of Nursing in Primary Health Care Nurse Practioner, Master of Nursing in Advanced Practice Nursing, MSC in Nursing, Master of Nursing (MN) etc. 

After completing a master of Nursing in Canada, the salary, respect, and demand of nurses will rise. They can hike up their careers as: 

1. Senior Nurse

2. Nursing Supervisor

3. Nursing Manager

4. Nurse Educator

5. Research Nurse

Bachelor of Nursing helps in PR in Canada

Nursing is one of the most recognized education programs and Professions in Canada. Besides being famous for the salary and job outlook, nursing in Canada is also famous for the PR opportunities that it gives birth to.

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