Cheapest Professional Year Course Provider

Cheapest Professional Year Course Provider

Cheapest Professional Year Course Provider
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Australia offers 3 Professional Year Program (PYP) programs- Information Technology, Accounting and Engineering. The professional year program offers students an amalgamation of coursework and internship in each of the above-mentioned fields. 

Consequently, this program offers students a much-needed networking opportunity and a place to apply what they have learned. Because of this, PYPs are a huge deal among overseas students. 

There are over 10 PYP providers in Australia. No wonder, students seek out the best as well as affordable professional program providers. 

This article is going to illuminate readers on the cheapest Professional Year Course Providers in Australia. 

Overall, the fees of PY Programs differ depending upon the institute and facilities they offer location and nature of the course. 

For instance, the Professional Year Program in Accounting is the cheapest PY Course, Professional Year Program in IT is in the middle and the Professional Year Program in Engineering is the most expensive.

Students can either make the full payment during the application or pay over the mentioned instalments as prescribed by the provider. Obviously, making full payment in application costs you less than making a payment over instalments. 

Benefits of Professional Year Programs

Professional year Programs were created to help international students in Australia in several levels.

These are the reasons why you should undertake PYP in Australia. 

  • Provides you with an opportunity to implement the theoretical concepts of what you have studied in a real workplace environment.
  • Offers you an internship that can open the door to lucrative employment opportunities. 
  • Help you get a solid grasp of the work culture, business culture and environment of Australia. 
  • Helps you in networking with like-minded people of your career areas. 
  • Provides students with a competitive edge over other international students due to additional skill and networking. 
  • Provides you with additional 5 points, thus bringing you one step close to getting a Permanent Residency in Australia. 
  • PY Program providers offer students with one to one career consultation on successful completion of PYP. 
  • Providers will arrange internships with suitable employers so students need not source their own internships. 

Eligibility Criteria

Now that you know the advantages of undertaking a PYP in Australia, let’s look at the eligibility criteria that you need to fulfil in order to qualify to get enrolled in PY Programs in Australia.  

  • Students need to complete a minimum of a Bachelor's or Master's degree in relevant areas (relevant to the Professional Year Program they are applying for) from an Australian Tertiary institution. Additionally, students need to demonstrate a minimum of 2 years if full-time study in Australia. 
  • Applicants need to hold a valid passport and visa allowing them full study and work rights as they pursue PYP Programs in Australia. 
  • Applicants need to have a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 in Academic or General IELTS. 
  • If needed, applicants need to undertake a pre-enrolment interview with the authorised provider to ensure course suitability and viability

Cheapest Professional Year Course Provider: Accounting PY

Before diving into the details of the cheapest accounting professional year program provider in Australia, first, let’s see what this program is all about. 

Accounting PYP is a 44-week accounting program, consisting of a 32-week classroom and 12-week internship placement. This course duration is determined by the Department of Home Affairs. 

This professional year program is for accounting graduates. 

These are the approved Accounting  PYP Providers: 



Accountants Resource Centre (ARC)

Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney

Australian Technology and Management (ATMC)

Melbourne and Sydney

Education Centre of Australia (ECA)

Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

Indus Institute

Brisbane, Toowoomba, Canberra and Hobart

Monash Professional Pathways


Navitas Professional

Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

Performance Education

Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

Stanley College

Adelaide and Perth

TOP Education


With these many Accounting PYP Providers, students are bound to have confusion on which provider to pick. One of the factors students often consider is the cost of the program. 

Cheapest Accounting Professional Year Program Fee is from $3,800

Cheapest Professional Year Course Provider: Information Technology PY (ACS PYP)

Australian Computer Society (ACS) offers IT Professional Year Program to international students who have obtained an ICT degree from Australia. 

This program offers students with valuable work experience by completing an ICT internship, as a result, it's quite popular amongst overseas students. 

Before picking from the many ACS Professional Year Providers, students often consider the money and the perks given by each institute. 

If you want to undertake this course and are looking for ACS PYP with lower fees, here they are!

This program is offered by institutes in Australia namely- QIBA, Indus Institute, Navitas Professional, Australian Technical and Management College, Education Centre Australia, Performance Education, The William Light Institute, Academy IT, Danford College, Monash College Pathways, NIT Australia, Stanley College

Cheapest IT Professional Year Program Fee is from $6,999

Cheapest Professional Year Course Provider: Engineering PY

The EEA/ Engineering Education Australia developed the Engineering Professional Year Program. The course is 44 weeks long and it educated students via classroom training (32 weeks long) and industry placement (12 weeks full time). 

The internship is unpaid.

This program is offered by 3 institutes in Australia namely- Navitas Professional, Monash College and York Institute

Cheapest Engineering Professional Year Program fee is from $14,700

Apply Now for a guaranteed discounted price

For details information visit: Professional Year (PY) Program in Australia

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