Bachelor of Accounting in Australia

Bachelor of Accounting in Australia

Bachelor of Accounting in Australia
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Bachelor of Accounting in Australia is generally a 3-year course popular among management base students. The course is a wise course option for international students.

The Bachelor of Accounting in Australia has an average fee of 20,000 AUD to 80,000 AUD annually. The course fee may differ from college to college and university as a university. A bachelor of accounting is more expensive in universities than in colleges. 

On completing your Bachelor of Accounting course, you may take up jobs in accounting and business. Your average salary would be around 175,000 AUD per annum. Generally, the basic salary after completing a bachelor of accounting or professional accounting in Australia is AUD 55,000 annually. 

Why Study Bachelor of Accounting in Australia?

As already discussed, the Bachelor of Accounting course offers you various prospects and opting for a Bachelor of Accounting course in Australia can give you a successful career:

  • There is always a massive demand for Accounting students in Australia. Jobs are also available in plenty. There are also various Accounting courses for international students in Australia.
  • The accounting sector has also experienced massive growth in Australia. This will make it extremely easy for you to get a job in this field.
  • Accounting degree has countless job opportunities in Australia and overseas, including business advisor, tax manager, management consultant, financial manager, internal auditor, management accountant, product planner, insolvency administrator, financial officer etc.
  • Studying accountancy in Australia, you will be accredited by CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Institute of Public Accountants.

Best Universities for Bachelor of Accounting in Australia

Australia is a perfect place for studying Accounting. 

This is mainly because there are numerous top Accounting Universities for Bachelor of Accounting in Australia. Mentioned below are some of the colleges that have been ranked according to QS World University Rankings 2021: 

QS Ranking 2021 Colleges/ Universities
31 Australian National University
41 University of Melbourne
44 University of New South Wales
47 University of Queensland
55 Monash University
106 University of Adelaide
217 Queensland University
290 Griffith University
- Macquarie University













These universities offer different levels of courses in Accounting, including Bachelors, Master and PhD courses. The BSc in Accounting and Finance in Australia is one of the most popular courses. Many of these colleges also offer online courses to students.

Bachelor of Accounting Courses in Australia

Bachelor of Accounting Courses in Australia Australian University Location Eligibility Criteria
Bachelor of Accounting Monash University Melbourne, Australia

IELTS: 6.5



Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) RMIT University Melbourne, Australia

IELTS: 6.5

TOEFL: 79 

PTE: 58

Bachelor of Business (Professional Accountancy) RMIT University Melbourne Australia IELTS: 6.5
Bachelor of Accounting  La Trobe University Melbourne, Australia



PTE: 50

Bachelor of Accounting  Australian National university Canberra, Australia

IELTS: 6.5


PTE: 64

Bachelor of Business (Accounting) Western Sydney University Sydney, Australia IELTS: 6.5
Bachelor of Accounting Charles Sturt University Albury, Australia



PTE: 50

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) University of Canberra Canberra, Australia



PTE: 50

Bachelor of Business in Accountancy Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, Australia

IELTS: 6.5


























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Bachelor of Accounting in Australia Fees for international students

One question that always comes to the mind of international students is how much fees we must pay. If you are an international student, your cost will also involve pre-arrival costs. This includes application fees, visa charges, travel costs and so on.

The tuition fee may also differ from institute to institute. Below we have mentioned the cost of top bachelor of accounting degrees in Australia. 

We have also mentioned the average tuition fee of some of the affordable Accounting universities and colleges in Australia for international students:

Colleges/ Universities Fees (in AUD) per annum
Australian School of Accounting (ASA) AUD 17,600
Holmes Institute AUD 18,400
Torrens University AUD 23,900
University of New South Wales AUD 44,880
Kent Institute AUD 15,920
University of Melbourne AUD 41,840 to AUD 44,756
The University of Western Australia AUD 39,500
The University of Adelaide AUD 43,000









General Eligibility for Bachelor of Accounting in Australia:

English Proficiency test requirements:

  • You must have a minimum of 6.5 in IELTS with 6 in every individual component. Some colleges also admit students having an IELTS of 6.0.
  • TOEFL-80 with a minimum score of 18 in Speaking and Listening and 20 in Reading and Writing.Academic requirement

Academic Requirements

In order to apply for a Bachelor of Accounting in Australia, you must have at least 50% marks in the qualifying examination. Apart from that, there are various university-specific requirements as well. 

Application Requirements to apply for bachelor of accounting in Australia

To apply for the course, you will have to submit the following documents:

● Academic records and transcripts from the institution that you have previously attended. (Bachelor level and intermediate level)

●      English language proficiency test results in either IELTS or TOEFL

●      Reference letter

●    Statement of purpose explaining why you would want to become a part of a particular institute and your career goals.

●      Updated CV

Scholarships for Bachelor of Accounting in Australia

There are both private and government scholarships available for the students. These scholarships may either be need-based or merit-based.

 A number of specific scholarships are also available for the BSc Accounting and Finance in Australia courses.

So, let us have a look at some of the most popular government and private scholarships:

●      Destination Australian Program

●      Australian Awards

●      Australian National University Scholarship

●      Monash International Scholarship

●      ANU Chancellor’s International University Scholarship

●      Undergraduate International College Scholarship at Macquarie University.

Is Accounting a promising career in Australia?

The Scope of bachelor's degree in Accounting in Australia is quite good. After completing your Bachelor of Accounting in Australia, you can take up the job of a professional Accountant. 

The leading job role of a professional accountant is to perform critical financial estimates for various businesses and organizations across various domains.

Many international students are also opening up their ventures in Australia to boost their careers. The students are also becoming a part of some of the government offices in Australia.

Your salary would be around 175,000 AUD per annum. However, the salary entirely depends on the job role that you have been offered and your years of experience. It also depends on the current market demands. Few famous job roles have been mentioned below:

  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Banker
  • Business analyst
  • Business Consultant
  • Business management
  • Commercialisation manager
  • Finance manager
  • Investment consultant
  • Taxation officer
  • Forensic accountant
  • Fund accountant

These are the potential career 

So, as you can see, the Bachelor of Accounting in Australia is a top-rated course and with time, the popularity of this course is steeply increasing. 

So, if you incline this subject, you can apply for a Bachelor's Degree course in Accounting. Australia also offers Accounting professional year programs to students to help them with jobs and get extra points for PR. 

You will get both full-time and part-time job opportunities. You will also get the opportunity to pursue higher studies and go for a Master of Accounting course after completing your graduation.

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