Popular Job Sectors in Australia 2023

Popular Job Sectors in Australia 2023

Popular Job Sectors in Australia 2023
Sahil Dahal

By 2023, it is anticipated that Australia will have 550,789 job openings across five major sectors, including the healthcare, education, technical & scientific sectors, and professional services in general, for those who choose to study there. Australia is the second most popular immigration destination after Canada. It's important to research if you're considering studying in Australia but need clarification about the available programs and opportunities for employment. Here's a look at the most popular job sectors in Australia. 

Australia's friendly laws and a demand for skilled workers continue to drive people to the 'island country'. The excellent education system adds to the number by providing an easy pathway for students looking for a 'better life'. For the latter, however, it becomes extremely important to understand the popular job sectors with a steady demand for professionals to facilitate the choice of the suitable courses. The job openings would be available in Australia's government and private sector undertakings.

Popular Job Sectors in Australia

Australia is a popular destination for job seekers from all over the world. The country offers various job opportunities in multiple sectors, making it an attractive destination for professionals looking for a better career. Five main job sectors attract job seekers in Australia: healthcare, construction, education, professional - scientific & technical, and information technology.

These sectors offer both full-time and part-time employment in Australia. Here is a list of the popular job sectors in Australia in 2023.

Popular Job Sectors in Australia


Australia's population is increasing, which has resulted in a growing demand for quality education and educators. This demand is exceptionally high for primary and language teachers. The education industry is expected to see double-digit growth by 2025, making it an excellent sector for job seekers in Australia.

If you have a passion for teaching, Australia is an excellent destination to find a relevant job in the education sector. To secure a career in this industry, having the appropriate qualifications, including specialist training in primary teaching and counselling is essential. Pursuing a Master's in Education can be an excellent option to enhance your career prospects in this sector.

Besides Master's programs, TAFE Institutes offer excellent certificate programs to help you transition into the Australian education sector. It's also worth noting that some Australian universities rank among the world's top universities for Education, making them an excellent option for those seeking a quality education.

So, the education sector in Australia is a promising field for job seekers. With a growing demand for quality education and educators, pursuing a career in this sector can lead to excellent job opportunities. Pursuing relevant qualifications, including a Master's in Education, can enhance your prospects of securing a job in this sector.

Healthcare and Medical

Australia's population is experiencing a baby boom and an ageing population, leading to an increased demand for healthcare and medical professionals. The industry is expected to see positive growth in the coming years. However, forecasts predict a shortage of over 100,000 nurses in Australia by 2050.

Students who aspire to become doctors or provide healthcare services can find excellent job opportunities in Australia. It's important to note that medical programs in Australia can be expensive and typically run for about five years. To plan your studies in Australia, learning about the medical programs' structure, eligibility, exams required, and validity is essential. It's also worth considering pursuing a postgraduate degree in Australia after completing your MBBS.

Construction and Architects

Australia's construction sector will experience a rapid growth rate of about 15% by 2022. The increasing demand for residential and commercial properties, infrastructure development, and population growth drives this growth. As a result, there is a need for skilled professionals, such as plumbers, electricians, and stonemasons, to work on construction projects.

Apart from these professionals, there is also an increasing demand for Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Architects, and Interior Designers. Civil Engineers are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and buildings. On the other hand, Electrical Engineers design, develop and maintain electrical systems and equipment, such as power plants and electrical grids.

Hence, the construction sector in Australia is a thriving industry with a growing demand for skilled professionals, including Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Architects, and Interior Designers. As the industry continues to grow, it presents an excellent opportunity for students interested in studying architecture and related fields to pursue their careers in Australia.

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a field that uses digital technology to process, store and communicate information. It has become a global phenomenon, leading to high demand for IT and Telecommunications professionals. Australia, in particular, has a significant need for qualified individuals in this field, making ICT one of the leading sectors with steady growth.

The ICT industry in Australia is expected to grow at a rate of 12 per cent, indicating a need for fresh talent to accommodate the fast-paced technological changes. Students who aspire to pursue engineering degrees in IT and Communications have abundant opportunities in Australia, with a promising job market.

Computer Networking Professionals are in high demand in Australia, with an enormous percentage increase expected by 2023. Pursuing an MS degree in this field from Australia at this time could be a lucrative career choice.

In summary, ICT is an exciting field with a high demand for qualified professionals, making it a good career choice for those who aspire to pursue an engineering degree in IT and Communications. With Australia's steady growth in the sector and the expected increase in demand for Computer Networking Professionals, pursuing an MS degree in this field from Australia could be a wise investment in one's future career.

Professional Services - Technical & Scientific Area

The Technical and Scientific Area Professional Services industry is the largest in Australia, with over 200,000 professionals currently employed in this field. This industry is expected to generate over 130,000 jobs by 2023, with an annual increase in job offers by more than 13%.

This industry offers a wide range of job opportunities for students with technical degrees. Students need to be proactive in their job search by utilizing job portals and networking to increase their chances of finding the right opportunities.

Technical skills are in high demand in this industry, and students with relevant degrees would be preferred over those with other degree backgrounds. Students can explore various job roles and initiatives, such as engineering, architecture, research and development, and IT consulting services.

So, the Professional Services industry in the Technical and Scientific Area is a massive and growing industry in Australia, offering plenty of job opportunities for students with technical degrees. By utilizing job portals and networking, students can increase their chances of finding the right opportunities and entering this exciting and expanding field.

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