How to search for Student Accommodation in Australia?

How to search for Student Accommodation in Australia?

How to search for Student Accommodation in Australia?
Suman Adhikari

Moving to Australia for your studies is an exciting adventure, but finding the right accommodation can be daunting. Given the high cost of living, it's imperative to thoroughly consider your options before deciding on a course of action that fits your lifestyle and budget.

This article will dive into the various types of student accommodation available in Australia, their pros and cons, and tips on searching for them effectively.

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On-Campus Living

For many international students, on-campus accommodation offers the ultimate convenience. Universities and colleges across Australia provide residence halls, primarily catering to international students. While this option might be more expensive than off-campus living, it has many benefits.

Advantages of On-Campus Accommodation

  • Convenient location within the university premises
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Access to facilities like meals, cleaning services, laundry, and sporting amenities
  • Easy to socialize and meet fellow students from diverse backgrounds

Disadvantages of On-Campus Accommodation

  • More expensive than off-campus options
  • Limited availability, so early application is crucial
  • Less independence and privacy compared to off-campus living

Cost of Convenience

On-campus accommodation in Australia typically ranges from AU$ 80 to AU$ 250 (approximately US$60 to US$185) per week. While it may seem steep, the convenience and amenities can make it a worthwhile investment for some students.

Off-Campus Rental Properties

Off-campus rental properties are the way to go for those seeking more independence and affordability. Most students in Australia opt for this option, as it offers greater freedom regarding location, property type, and amenities.

Advantages of Off-Campus Rental Properties

  • More affordable than on-campus accommodation
  • Greater choice in terms of location, property type, and amenities
  • Opportunity to live with like-minded students or locals
  • Increased independence and privacy

Disadvantages of Off-Campus Rental Properties

  • Responsibility for finding a suitable property and housemates
  • Potential for incompatible living situations
  • Additional expenses like utilities, internet, and furniture (if unfurnished)

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Cost of Independence

Off-campus rental properties in Australia typically range from AU$ 80 to AU$ 200 (approximately US$60 to US$150) per week, depending on the location and type of property. Most rental properties are unfurnished, so you'll need to factor in furniture and household essentials costs.

Where to Search for Off-Campus Rental Properties

Finding the perfect off-campus rental property can be a challenge, but there are plenty of resources available to help you in your search:

University student services or housing agencies

Online platforms like Student Housing Australia, Flatmates, Gumtree, and Facebook groups dedicated to student housing in specific cities

Immerse Yourself in Australian Culture with a Homestay

A homestay with a local family could be the perfect option if you want to fully immerse yourself in the Australian lifestyle. This unique experience allows you to live with an Australian family in their household for your studies.

Advantages of Homestay

  • Immersion in Australian culture and lifestyle
  • Meals are often included in the weekly cost
  • Opportunity to practice English and learn about local customs

Disadvantages of Homestay

  • Less social interaction with fellow students
  • Potential cultural differences or lifestyle conflicts
  • Limited privacy and independence compared to other options

Cost of Cultural Immersion

Homestay accommodation in Australia typically ranges from AU$110 to AU$270 (approximately US$80 to US$200) per week, often including meals.

Where to Search for Homestay Opportunities

Various websites and agencies facilitate homestay arrangements for international students. Your university's student services department may also be able to provide recommendations and resources.

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Live Rent-Free as an Au Pair (Nanny)

If you have experience in childcare, consider working as an au pair (nanny) for an Australian family in exchange for free accommodation and food. This option can be a great way to save money while studying in Australia.

Advantages of Being an Au Pair (Nanny)

  • Free or heavily discounted accommodation and meals
  • Immersion in Australian culture and lifestyle
  • Opportunity to earn some income while studying

Disadvantages of Being an Au Pair (Nanny)

  • Commitment to working hours, which may conflict with class schedules
  • Potential for miscommunication or conflicts with the host family
  • Lack of independence and privacy compared to other options

Where to Search for Au Pair Positions

  • Online platforms like Au Pair World,, and GreatAuPair
  • University student services or job boards
  • Local classifieds and community groups

Comparing Your Options: A Quick Overview

To help you make an informed decision, here's a comparison table of the different student accommodation options in Australia:

Accommodation Type

Average Weekly Cost (AU$)




$80 - $250

Convenience, facilities, socialization

More expensive, limited availability

Off-Campus Rental

$80 - $200

More options, independence, affordability

Responsibility of finding suitable property


$110 - $270

Cultural immersion, meals included

Limited privacy, less social interaction

Au Pair (Nanny)

Free (accommodation and meals)

Free accommodation, cultural immersion

Work commitment, lack of independence

No matter which option you choose, finding the right student accommodation in Australia is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable study experience. Take the time to explore all your options, consider your preferences and budget, and don't hesitate to contact your university's student services for further assistance and guidance.


What are the typical costs for on-campus accommodation in Australian universities?

On-campus accommodation usually ranges from AU$ 80 to AU$ 250 (approximately US$60 to US$185) per week. While more expensive than off-campus options, it offers convenience and amenities like furnished rooms, meals, cleaning services, and easy access to university facilities.

How can I find reliable off-campus rental properties in Australia?

There are several resources to search for off-campus rentals, including university housing agencies, online platforms like Student Housing Australia, Flatmates, Gumtree, and Facebook groups dedicated to student housing in specific cities.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of choosing a homestay arrangement?

The main benefits of a homestay are cultural immersion, often including meals, and an opportunity to practice English with a local family. However, you may have less privacy, limited social interaction with other students, and potential cultural differences or lifestyle conflicts.

How can I become a nanny in Australia to save on accommodation costs?

You can search for au pair positions on platforms like Au Pair World,, GreatAuPair, university job boards, and local classifieds. As an au pair, you typically receive free or heavily discounted accommodation and meals in exchange for childcare duties.

What factors should I consider when choosing student accommodation in Australia?

Key factors include your budget, desired level of independence and privacy, proximity to campus, amenities, and facilities provided, as well as opportunities for cultural immersion or socializing with other students. Weigh the pros and cons of each option based on your priorities and lifestyle preferences.

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