Seneca College

    Seneca College
    Established on: 1967

    Seneca College is a public collage in Greater Toronto. Founded in 1967, Seneca College provides student-focused instruction in a warm and supportive atmosphere. 

    Seneca provides over 300 programs and 500 career options to help you achieve your objectives. Seneca can assist you in preparing for a job or furthering your education.

    Seneca's range of credentials and flexible learning options allow you to choose your study path and learn in a way that works for you. College career-focused programs integrate hands-on learning inside and outside the classroom. 

    Students will work on real projects in advanced college labs, acquire practical skills and valuable connections, and graduate job-ready; students will have the specialized skills and experience employers want.

    Seneca delivers a high-quality program at the degree, diploma, certificate, and graduate certificate levels, as well as a variety of transfer opportunities that allow you to use your credits to transfer into another Seneca program or pursue additional education at one of our partner universities.

    Students' educational and personal needs are grown through excellent teaching, real-world research, close collaboration with professors and instructors, and a wide range of recreational and extracurricular activities.

    Seneca College is also offering online classes. Allowing students to take courses online gives education more flexibility and gives them the chance to get respectable credentials.


    Seneca was founded in 1967 as part of a provincial commitment to building an Ontario-wide network of institutions of applied arts and technology that would provide career-oriented diploma and certificate courses and continuing education programs to communities across the province.

    As technology transformed the nature of employment and the provincial economy, the province responded to the growing demand for sophisticated applied learning. General education was a crucial component of higher education, and the breadth of courses is still included in all programs.

    Colleges were granted the right to provide baccalaureate degrees in 2001. Seneca is one of just five institutions in the country that can provide up to 15% of its program activities at the degree level.


    Seneca's ideals begin with a focus on student achievement in all parts of operations, both inside and beyond the classroom. While this may appear simple and is a starting point widely shared throughout the education system at all levels, Seneca confirms that being student-centered and focused on the success of students and graduates is at the heart of Seneca's principles.

    Respect, Excellence, Innovating, Community, and Diversity are essential values at college.

    University Ranking

    Seneca College is one of Canada's finest public institutions. The QS World University Rankings for 2022 are placed in 1572.

    University highlights

    University Type


    Established Year


    No of Students


    Number of Courses


    Tuition Fees for International Students Yearly

    3000-18000 CAD


    September, January, and May.

    Main intakes

    The main intakes are in September, January, and May.


    Diploma-to-Degree Scholarship

    • Value: 2500 CAD
    • Eligibility: Must have an incoming GPA of 75% or 3.3 GPA and above

    Renewable Degree Scholarships

    • Value: 2000-4000 CAD
    • Eligibility: Students enrolled in any of Seneca’s degree programs can qualify for a renewable scholarship based on their Grade 12 grades or grades from another postsecondary program.

    Seneca Renewable Entrance Scholarship of Merit:

    • Value: 500-1000 CAD
    • Eligibility: Based on a yearly GPA, students must maintain full-time status to be eligible. If your GPA drops below 3.0, you will no longer be eligible for the award.

    Application Process/ documents needed for admission

    Academic Documents (For Bachelor)

    • SLC Mark sheet
    • School Leaving Certificate
    • SLC Character Certificate
    • Transcript of 12th-grade
    • Individual Mark sheet of 12th-grade
    • Character Certificate of 12th-grade
    • Provisional Certificate of 12th-grade
    • Migration Certificate of 12th-grade

    Academic Documents (For Masters)

    • Transcript of Bachelor's Degree and 12th grade
    • Individual Mark sheets of Bachelor's Degree and 12th grade
    • Character Certificate of Bachelor's Degree and 12th grade
    • Provisional Certificate of Bachelor Degree and 12th-grade
    • Migration Certificate of Bachelor Degree and 12th-grade
    1. IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scores
    2. Passport
    3. Experience letter
    4. Statement of Purpose
    5. 2-3 LORs 
    6. GRE/GMAT Scores
    7. Application Fees
    8. Proof of Scholarships - If any
    9. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
    10. College Recommendation (if a current student)

    Language Requirement


    Minimum Score requirement(Degree)

    Minimum Score requirement(Graduate Certificate)

    Minimum Score requirement(Certificate, Diploma, or Advanced Diploma)

    TOFEL Requirements

    84 (no sub-score less than 21)

    88 (no sub-score less than 22)

    80 (no sub-score fewer than 20)

    IELTS Requirements 

    A total of 6.5 (minimum 6.0 in each band) 

    A total of 6.5 (minimum 6.0 in each band) 

    A total of 6.0 (minimum 5.5 in each band)






    Q. Can I work as a student in Canada?

    Yes, International students in Canada can work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) during school terms.

    Q. Does Seneca College offer financial aid to International Students?

    Yes, Seneca College offers scholarships to international students. You can find details about scholarships in our scholarship section.

    Q. What are the different intakes at Seneca College?

    Generally, September, January, and May are the time when intakes occur.

    Q. Do I have to meet language requirements?

    Yes, the applicant must satisfy the language criteria mentioned above in the language requirements section. 

    Q. Can college guarantee me a job after I graduate?

    Unfortunately, no college can guarantee you a job. Still, Seneca College helps you find a hands-on internship at related enterprises, network with industry professionals, and provide continuous placement service to provide you with the best opportunities for rewarding careers in the industry.


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